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UPDATED 07/08/21: If You Are Having Issues With Logging in or Out or Reading Roll Calls (which require being Logged In to Access)

This announcement is no longer active

CC Help Jenn

My team has made some changes that we believe will solve the varying degrees of log in / log out issues some of us have been experiencing.  This is not easy for us to test since many of us had not had the issue or only had it intermittently.  


If you are still experiencing any of the issues:

  • Being logged out either randomly or repeatedly
  • Not being able to log out
  • Not able to log in
  • Not staying logged in as you navigate the site, particularly to Roll Calls


The first thing to be done is to delete our Cruise Critic cookies.  The issue was with a specific cookie we used to keep you logged in - and we have made a change to that cookie.  When you log back in we will set a new log in cookie and this should alleviate the problems.


I know many of you have cleared cookies in the past and know how, but just in case this site goes over the way to do so in multiple browsers:  Clear Cookies for One Site


After you clear our cookies and log back in - I would be grateful if you could report back to this help topic or send me an email (help@cruisecritic.com) to let me know if your issues are resolved.


Thank you for your help and patience








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