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  2. gbenjo

    Ovation boarding

    No..nothing to do with the Ovation..these check in times are given as a guide and most guests are checked in and on board ( give or take a hundred and fifty or so) by 3pm so once again, if you want to, pick a time that suits you and try that . A lot of times the lines are a bit longer around midday and depending on the day really early is often good. You will not be sent away unless there is some " unforeseen" delay.
  3. faerievert

    Eurodam, Feb 28, 2019 - Maui - help, please?

    We're doing the Eurodam Hawaii cruise Feb 3. My itinerary: Kona -- Big Island Air airplane tour -- taking a taxi or rideshare from cruise port to airport Tip: Plane tours, where available, cost less than helicopters and far have more generous weight restrictions. My husband would have had to pay 1 1/2 to 2x the price for an already crazy expensive helicopter tour. I'd rather take the longer plane tour anyway! Honolulu -- Hawaii Food tours -- picking up across the street from the cruise port Note: The Arizona platform is closed for renovations until at least March and who knows what else will/won't be open with the shutdown. I couldn't deal with the stress of planning around that so we're skipping the WWII stuff entirely in favor of a food tour (will try to do the military history site-seeing when we return in the future for a SCUBA trip). Nawiliwili -- Airventures Hawaii Biplane tour -- picking up across the street from the cruise port. Yes, you can do an open cockpit biplane tour with old-timey aviator leather cap & goggles!! This is a birthday treat for my husband. Lahaina -- EXC/HAL tours because nothing I wanted to do fit with the amount of buffer I like to give tender ports Hilo -- Kamaaina Custom Tours private van tour -- picking up inside the port Tip: Full day private tours at Hilo (and probably all the ports, but I didn't look) cost less than the EXC small group options, and there are several great private tour companies available! We picked this one because he was most amenable to my itinerary customization requests. If you talk to folks on your roll call, it's likely some would be willing to share costs on a private small group tour.
  4. CoolOne56

    Hotel 1/2 way

    I hope this helps. The best city between OKC and Galveston, TX to meet is Dallas, Texas which is about 38 miles from the exact midpoint. The town that marks the exact halfway point is actually Alma, Texas . The closest zip code to the midpoint is 75105 . The exact latitude and longitude coordinates are 32° 16' 44" N and 96° 31' 44" W .
  5. AlanF65

    Booked direct - mistake?

    As long as you didn't pay in full and the cruise was booked in the last 60 days you can move it to big box or any TA. you can also use http://rccl.force.com/directtransfers/DTTRoyal to do it online, this is where the big discount warehouse TA sent me, they couldn't initiate it.
  6. mdchachi

    Stateroom 8138 or 8738

    I'm assuming they are talking about Breakaway / Breakaway Plus class. I'm interested in Encore specifically but that ship isn't out yet.
  7. faerievert

    Fashion Changes Over 46 Cruises

    I've seen a big difference even in the last 10 years. My husband's formal wear took more than half a suitcase our first cruise (especially since we had no idea laundry was an option). This coming sailing he doesn't even plan to bring a jacket! I still look forward to being far more dressy than I am at home for vast the majority of the trip.
  8. ceilidh1

    photo package changes

    I'm still thinking (hoping) that this is just a bad interpretation of the policies by the current photography crew on Grand. There have been no similar reports from other ships and I would imagine that is this change were rolling out fleetwide we would have heard about it!
  9. tgmtgm

    Post CRUISE LINE Single Supplement/Solo Bargains HERE

    Celebrity is currently offering solo Infinite Veranda staterooms on the inaugural sailing of the Apex April 5th 2020 for $2929 all in with choice of two perks. I’ve booked mine- get em while they’re hot! 😎
  10. Visigoth

    Stateroom 8138 or 8738

    Which ship are we talking about?
  11. bksunbuddies

    Spa Room and Thalassotherapy Pool

    If we would have known that spa facilities were not included in the extra cost, we also would not have chosen a spa cabin. Why spend extra for the room and another $200+ Per person to use the spa facilities?? Very misleading! I know that the purchase of “spa catagory stateroom” on some ships; including Carnival, NCL, and Celebrity (Aquaclass staterooms), also includes the use of the spa pool and facilities since one pays extra for a spa cabin. The location is good and it is too late to change cabins. It was my mistake for assuming that HAL represented spa rooms like other cruise lines that specify a spa stateroom catagory. I do hope my posting will make others aware that spa privledges are not included and it is going to cost you more. At least we will get to use the spa one day as a perk for achieving ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ on HAL.
  12. mahdnc

    Celebrity Website

    No. I've had no problems with it today. But the Cruise Critic boards have been causing me fits today!
  13. doubled

    Pre purchasing casino credit

    It is nice to get the extra $ thought the promo. However, none of it counts toward your Blue Chip Club. I understand the extra that you receive not counting but your original investment should count. Was told their system could not do it.
  14. Corkage is charged when you bring the bottles on board. When you embark, you can bring one bottle per person. At all subsequent ports, they check you when you reboard. Sometimes there is no staff there and sometimes they are more aggressive in checking. If you are on a HAL wine tour, the limit is higher.
  15. We were booked on the Oasis March 31 sailing that was cancelled. We finally got moved to the Allure leaving the same day in a GTY balcony. We made final payment, but they overcharged us. Rather than refund us the overage, they refunded the entire amount 2 weeks later and then recharged the credit card, again for the overage. This happened twice. I the meantime we were assigned a cabin. I was told, by RCCL through my TA, that there was nothing to worry about with the strange billing practices and have bought dining and beverage packages. For the past 2 days, my reservation number doesn't work and the RCCL website says reservation not found, I cannot access Cruise Planner, and my cabin is back to GTY. I was advised to call sometime later this week to get a supervisor to look into it since they were unable to figure it out when my TA called several times this weekend, no one can access my booking information. Has anyone had this happen before? Nothing has been refunded to me in the past few days, but this whole Oasis to Allure thing has been one huge mess. I've seen Royal's IT be terrible, but is their accounting/billing/reservation dept this bad too?
  16. Dapple Destinations TV

    What are your favorite Cruise Vlogs ?

    Hello, everyone. I am new here. We have just started a new travel channel on YouTube, and I would love to get some feedback on it. We have sort of a Travel Reality Show, and I am going to try to post a link to part 2 of the adventure where we board the Norwegian Breakaway to begin touring the Baltic Sea. Would love some feedback.
  17. Coralc

    Booked direct - mistake?

    You can transfer your booking to another travel agent within 60 days of booking direct with the cruise line. Make sure that you will receive the same perks with the travel agent for a transferred reservation that you would receive for a new booking. And you probably should remove the big box store name from your post while you can still edit. Mentioning travel agent names is not allowed on Cruise Critic.
  18. Merion_Mom

    Sleeping arrangement Dilemma

    You don't owe an explanation to anyone who has posted. (I had to bite my tongue very hard not to use the word "idiots" in that sentence. 😡) Here is another thread that talks about the sofabed and has pictures. It looks like I was wrong - NOT trundle-y. That may only be Harmony and Symphony.
  19. smarks


    Hi fellow cruisers, I have a cruise booked on the Aurora for May 13, 2019 to the Baltics. I have never crossed the pond so this is all a new experience for me. I am a nibbler. I eat all day long especially at night. I am also a night owl. I sleep very little. Being new to P&O, I would like to know about food venues and the operating times. I have late dining but will be hungry within a few hrs. of eating. Is there anything open after 10:00 PM? Pizza, deli, buffet? Can I order from room service? How about drink stations for tea or water. Is there a cost after a certain time? I would appreciate any help and if you think of something I may need to know, please throw that in also. Thanks everybody for your help. Sandra
  20. Visigoth

    Hotel room for January 26th ?

    It's about a 30 minute drive in from the airport to the Julia Street Terminal if there are no traffic problems. Always like to get a bit closer to the port in case there is a problem. The Hyatt Regency on Loyola has rooms under $200 for that night and it is less than a 10 minute Taxi or Uber ride to the cruise terminal. You can get an even better rate on Hot Wire or Price Line.
  21. possum52

    Refund of on board credit

    Good to hear! Is that 6-7 weeks? We were home on the 21st Nov and our OBC refund cheque arrived on 3 weeks later. Leigh
  22. Feathercrest

    Viva Vino

    YES.....the table was set up inside one of the rooms...maybe the Headliners Comedy Club......ask...it"s definitely still there!
  23. sryan

    Breakaway Haven Bartenders

    His name is Kumar and he was amazing!
  24. OzKiwiJJ

    Mediterranean cruise

    A balcony is nice but not necessary as Med cruises tend to be very port intensive. We did have a balcony on the Med cruise we did on Royal Princess as we were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary so wanted to be able to have the special Balcony Dinner that Princess does so well. However if you don't have a balcony make sure you are on deck for sailaway if you go to Kotor. There is plenty of choice as to cruise lines. Choose by itinerary, and take note of the times the ship will be in port. Some lines have shorter port stops than others. We enjoyed our Princess cruise. We did a 21 night cruise and the deciding factor between the Princess cruise and a similar Celebrity cruise came down to Princess having launderettes for guest use. Barcelona is a lovely port to embark at. Do try to spend a few days there before/after your cruise to see the sights. La Sagrada Famiglia is stunning.
  25. You have specified a country (Germany) that really does not have a lot of cruise ports. Like many countries in Europe, Germany is best enjoyed on a land trip (we prefer to simply rent a car). A River cruise is certainly a much better option then any Ocean Cruise...but river boats are not well suited for children/teens. When our DD was 9, we took her on her first European trip. Although she had been cruising since age 5, we realized that a European cruise was not the ideal thing for a child. So we flew into Frankfort and ultimately spent our first night in a small time on the Rhine (Assmanhausen). We then used a combination of boats and trains to move up the Rhine to Cologne, over the Amsterdam, and then down to Paris for a few glorious days. Then we trained over to Switzerland for a few days before heading back to Germany and home. Now, having over forty years of extensive travel experience we would probably opt to lease or rent a car for a few weeks since that would give us the maximum flexibility. Hank
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