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  2. Find it hard to believe the ED's and CD's don't meet periodically and discuss things, etc. Why would the CB be going "rogue" from the other ships like this I wonder? Entertainment should have adjusted to realities of new dine times.
  3. The Jones act does not prohibit shipping from China to Hawaii on a non-USA ship no more than it prohibits the ships going to California from China. What the act prohibits is the shipping of goods between two USA ports on a non-USA ship. China to Hawaii is not between two USA ports.
  4. Sorry but you have taken my words out off context. You do not need to be medically train to see if a guest uses a wheelchair; scooter; walker or walking stick. You seem to have missed the part in my original comment where I wrote 'Things like that.' Meaning that the ships crew could check if the passenger has filled out a special needs form. I'm sorry if posters have taken my comment out of context or if I have not listed all the way the cruise line could validate if non disable people are in a accessible cabin. It was never my intention to cause offence.
  5. Bought one a few years ago. There is (was) a link on the Cunard site to "Partners". Delivery for a Super King was about 3 weeks. They are one sided, but extremely comfortable, but not cheap! At some point, we will buy another.
  6. I do not like the direction HAL is going. I have been cruising since 2007, and especially in the past 5 years, each time we sail I notice something has disappeared. This summer it was fresh flowers in the dining room which had disappeared, and the dining room stewards were so busy we barely had time for a chat. It may each time be small changes, but these add up over the years and a real decline in the experience happens. Most importantly the trend towards larger ships, which will impact the itineraries, is a concern to our family. I really don’t understand why HAL wants to focus on 20-30 year olds, if this is the case. I am a 4 star mariner and at 55 hope to have a good 15-20 years of cruising left! You would think that HAL would want to keep this business as we will have the money and time to cruise in the coming years. We are loyal customers but as the smaller ships get fewer, and the quality less, this will change. At the mariners lunch, we hear the speech about HAL being proud to have the most loyal customers of any cruise line. However, I feel we are not as valued as we should be. Head office seems to have stopped listening to us. If they keep going in this direction they will throw away a loyal customer base that will be hard to replace.
  7. Nobody knows except maybe at Princess. Some new movies replace some older ones around the start of each month.
  8. Hello neenee61 - how did you go with the Skyroam? I am also looking at it currently for a cruise and interested to hear your experience - have also read very mixed reviews (which is giving me a headache!) so would be good to hear from someone who has used it for a cruise - I know it won't work out to sea. I have been using MiFi devices for several years now and have had mixed results and lots of frustration when SIM cards don't work.
  9. As others have said given the number of people and the volume of suitcases I too would go with super shuttle. Keith
  10. You're very welcome...It's easy as you'll see when you get there...We ask to be dropped off in town on the return if you have time (no price difference) rather than back at the taxi stand. We like to walk through town before heading back to the ship and opt to pay (independently) the small one way fee for the water taxi.. Enjoy what ever works best for you !!
  11. You can get off and on as much as you want but you might end up in some very long lines if other ships are embarking that day. We've been through this scenario before. Keith
  12. Seating in the baggage area so wait for her there.
  13. In my working life I audited chemical analytical data for accuracy and regulatory compliance and , I swear those reports were less complex than the new Milestone program!!! Gaaakkk!! ~Nancy
  14. If you go to the AT&T website it will show you where the $10.00 passport service is available. I say this because it is not available from all countries so if you go that route you will be charged more if the country is not on the list. I print out a copy for my use. I cruise a lot and have AT&T and where they provide service by and large I have not had issues. If you had issues in the Baltic I am thinking you have some type of issue with your phone. Keith
  15. Play Tridominoes with someone or by yourself.
  16. After Wednesday’s dinner we did some play in the casino but weren’t having much luck. Back in the cabin after that we found a couple invitations from Voyagers Club as well as our chocolate ship gifts. These are very well intended but not practical. Mike tried eating his yesterday not realizing it was solid chocolate not hollow. He got about 10% through it and gave up. I’m just going to leave mine in the cabin as I can’t be worrying about it getting crushed in my bags during transit and I don’t like solid chunks of chocolate anyways.
  17. Select Change and see what is out there. Only time you need cancel is if you were changing from 1-way to round-trip or vice-versa. Or, if changing route I suppose.
  18. Does the explorations café still serve pastries and snacks?
  19. Wondering how much I should tip the guy that puts my bag into the hold of the plane and how do I get the money to him. Tipping is is getting out of hand. Isn’t the whole purpose of his job to take your bag and put it on a cart? That’s what he gets paid for, right? Why do we feel we have to tip him for doing that, it takes literally 30 seconds to do. I get tipping a waiter that has spent an hour or two personally looking after you and making sure your have an enjoyable meal but a guy that puts your bag on a cart.......
  20. Short answer you can’t book in advance with a package. We have a package and will go book our times as soon as we board. Yes it will be difficult getting peak time bookings as they seem to hold these back for those paying full price.
  21. Yes on the TV you can get the Bridge Cam, it is from the bridge and the view is straight over the bow. Have been on the Sun many times and used it. Here is a link to the Sun Bridge cam https://www.princess.com/bridgecams/?shipCode=SP Also it should be noted on the Sun Princess Deck 11 & Deck 10 you have two open deck areas that run under the Bridge, most people do not know about them so almost never used. Located at the end of the passenger hallways. Was on Deck 10 for a sail out from Sydney, while deck 14 was packed deck 10 had only 4 guest using this area.
  22. The first show we went to I did see a sign for that on one side but they were letting anyone go in either line just to speed things along. And yes, we were offered the escort from YC, but it didn’t make sense for us to go all the way from the casino back to YC to be escorted back to the theatre which is next to the casino.
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