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  2. When I was a gas board apprentice at Stepney,there was a bloke whose sole job was to look after and change the mantels on the gas lights on Tower bridge.
  3. Just the opposite. I booked my summer excursion because of the fear of it being sold out if we must take a Princess Tour. I will cancel the cruise if I am not allowed to walk around town by myself. No sense in going then. Thanks to caribill and others for their help on another thread. It was easy!
  4. Vaccine Injury Compensation Program For most drugs—actually, every type of drug other than vaccines—the manufacturer can be legally liable for harm that results from a product it sells. Vaccines are produced by privately held pharmaceutical companies, but they have a unique arrangement with the U.S. government: When a person reports harm that could feasibly be related to a vaccine, a government program—not a pharmaceutical company—pays compensation. DON
  5. Our best afternoon tea experience was on the Diamond Princess in 2012.It was our 2nd cruise,the first being in 2007.We saw tea being advertised in the MDR so went in for a cuppa,lol.Waiters in tails and white gloves,a string quartet playing and an amazing selection of everything.A superb unexpected experience.Cheers,Brian.
  6. The steps of the Philadelphia museum where they filmed Sylvester Stallone in Rocky
  7. The false talking points about that 6% statistic were debunked a month ago. https://www.factcheck.org/2020/09/cdc-did-not-admit-only-6-of-recorded-deaths-from-covid-19/
  8. As I said in an earlier post, the only way to see several areas in Australia, is to fly from 'A' to 'B', then 'B' to 'C' etc.
  9. I had a dream cruise for last May cancelled - huge disappointment. I've been reading a lot and reading between the lines and decided to go ahead and book the same cruise for *next* May. I'm not going to be dreaming about it until February when the full payment is due and when I have a better idea of what is going to happen to cruising next summer.
  10. Yes, we were fully reimbursed 2 or 3 weeks after I submitted the "Change Fee Reimbursement Form" to HAL Guest Relations in Seattle. We requested hotel meals of $386.71 (actual meal cost rather than just per diem), hotel laundry of $41.12, a flight from Taipei to Hong Kong for $206.78 (we planned to disembark in Taiwan when the ship said it wouldn't return to Hong Kong) and $1150.20 for the cancelled Bangkok to Seattle flight. They paid in full to the penny. I also asked for reimbursement of 6 bottles of an 8 bottle wine package but noted that if they didn't want to reimburse it they could just credit my next cruise with 6 bottles of wine and they replied that they would do that. We mailed in the form on 5 March with a return receipt requested so I would be sure they had it. I also included receipts for each of the expenses (except the wine) with the form. We had booked a back to back to back (42 days) and we also received reimbursement for the 3 cruises and about $3300. in future cruise credits. I am surprised that a passenger has not yet been reimbursed.
  11. Have a good friend in Minneapolis who is a mortician. He made two comments that are relevant. He told me to look at the number of deaths by month - he reminded me I need to not use the 3 most recent months as death certificates often do not get filed for months - and see how there are thousands of additional deaths in 2020 without any explanation except COVID. He also noted that many death certificates that he receives have NOTHING listed as the cause. He would contact the physician to ask. This year he was too busy and doctors did not return calls so he gave up. Those certificates with causation almost always listed several. On a personal note we camped for 2 months in the Rocky Mountains. Many people we met reported that they or friends were very ill with terrible flu like symptoms in January and February. The flu here was mild this winter. I have no explanation.
  12. I just booked today and I am so looking forward to some sense of normalcy. Will be traveling with my husband and our 11 year old daughter. We will be celebrating her birthday as well as our anniversary.
  13. It looks like Royal Caribbean is swapping Quantum for radiance next season.
  14. Always a useful reminder of just how huge Australia is...
  15. Right. Maybe some of those who think cruising should remain closed down simply because “it is just optional frivolity” should give up their toys—boats, tv, new car, electronics—optional non necessities. It would protect all those workers who could then stay home. Based on previous experience, I must issue a sarcasm alert here.
  16. Where is this famous stairway? Why is it famous? Why was I teased when I went there? (nothing to do with Picasso?)
  17. St Osyth? Has she been back lately? How it's changed. Jaywick's an interesting place too.
  18. I did try Lager many years ago it had a bear on the front of the pump so I thought it must be good, how wrong was I
  19. oh if Docker123 is right .....was the event ?? the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics, where the USA achieved its 4-3 “Miracle on Ice” victory over the favored Soviet Union.
  20. Correct, It was where the 'Miracle on Ice' occurred in 1980 winter Olympics. We were there in 2015 (Today 5 years ago) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracle_on_Ice
  21. So....Trump says cruising after October31... He over rules the CDC.. Doesn't mean it's right, but that is the latest . https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/09/trump-admin-overrules-cdc-director-on-extending-ban-on-cruises/
  22. No but close, the event was of Olympic proportions.
  23. I think we're discussing cabins assigned due to Royal redeployments Summer '21 We had Adventure in Baltics, and now we are on Jewel
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