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  2. Just tried switching to the U.S. site and it is showing complimentary speciality dining the same as the U.K. site:
  3. I get my second shot this morning. Will be so happy to have this behind me. Anyway, did the rapid test last week, no sign of the antibody. Guess they were right when they said you need both injections.
  4. You might want to go over to the Cunard posts & ask there.
  5. So very sorry to hear that Major Tom. It's tragic. Unfortunately this is the reality of the dark times we are in. Thoughts and prayers to you and your colleague's family. Best wishes. Jane
  6. Our cruise on 1 March 2020 at the start of the pandemic was cancelled at two weeks notice, we got a full refund and 50% FCC. When I rang Princess about 3 months ago to ask for an extension they readily agreed to a year but when I checked my cruise account they had actually added on two years. Now good to 2023. So clearly subject to individual requests.
  7. Not really surprising to many of us. This is just another example of the Edge being designed by people that have never been on a ship.
  8. I agree with this being modern, somewhat reminds me of the film Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence - with the amazing music by Ryiuchi Sakamoto. notamermaid
  9. Hubby has had his first one, because he works for the out of hours doctors. God knows when I will get mine. 😉😞
  10. Okay - here’s my gripe. Not only is there no direction onto test cruises, but everything else! I realize things are up in the air for now.... but reallly. Does someone know what’s going on?
  11. Thanks for all the info guys. Still hoping to hear off Cunard. Fingers crossed everyone.
  12. I'm looking at hotels for the night before our hoped for cruise in June. We have booked Holiday Inn Express outside of Southampton but are thinking of re-booking something in town. Has anyone stayed at the Travelodge but had to park in Eastgate Street car park because the hotel car park was full? My husband is not sure about that prospect without knowing how secure it is. Thanks
  13. Yes. You can get a perfect view from the Customs House or the Shields Ferry landing.
  14. Equestrian statue of a, probably high ranking, soldier, modern uniform (c20). My working theory is to look somewhere in south-east Asia and for a WWII and/or independence hero.
  15. You’re a little more optimistic than we are! The vaccination situation here is more confusing than our taxes and we’re really not sure when they will be available. Meanwhile we still have a river cruise on the docket for this summer and we just booked an ocean cruise for December 2022. We’re eyeing one for December this year but not sure how many of our hopes and how much of our money we want to tie up just now! Watching carefully and we’ll pounce as soon as we can see a light at the end of the tunnel! Meanwhile I will keep cleaning closets, baking banana bread and binge watching travel v
  16. Ok thanks,... Queen Mary 2, May 14th, 😟
  17. Just read a news article saying that Australia are unlikely to fully open their borders during 2021.
  18. Their new ships have a much bigger space to passenger ratio than the old smaller ships. I think space to passenger ratio is more important than size of ship. However on or last cruise, Nov 2019 , when we decided to sail to South Africa, it was 45 knot plus and 9 meter waves all the way to Canaries, glad we were on one of the Queens, not a small ship As for limited itineraries, it depends on whether you like to sail out of UK, which by definition limits where you go. We (in normal times) spend the winter in S Africa windsurfing, and see the grandchildren
  19. Yeah I know it is super hard to get an appointment. My uncle in Long Island was told April...he didn’t make the appointment and when he called back he was told July. That is why I am thankful I was able to get it through my job. I hope your mom gets an appointment soon. FYI outside of the normal pain in the arm neither of us had any kind of side effects, I hope it is the same for your mother. My boss has been achey and “feeling off” since the vaccination.
  20. We have 5.c today and dry as yet ,just a tiny amount of snow left on the garden which should melt away today . Quiz of the day is will the dustbin men make it here today for last Fridays collection ? I note from the posts on here some people are getting bored and looking for things to do. I got our old photo albums out and spent hours looking back at how our lives used to be back then . I really like the photos of Mrs Kalos when I very first met her . Did I ever tell you about when I first met her ? Thinking back to when I met Mrs kalos I thought I'd take my stamp collection to impress her
  21. In contradisction to steamboat- you are right that Wilhelmshaven (Jade-Weser port) saw fitting works and final technical works before cruise line change of flags. MS3 comes to my mind.
  22. Glad I saw this post. We were trying to decide on a balcony cabin. This was the last Lido balcony cabin and the price difference was a few dollars. We booked it as an anniversary present and a hope that we finally get to vacation again. Someone mentioned a door to the hallway to the pool. Looking at the deck plan, I don't see a door. It just looks like you loop towards the elevator and atrium area. Is that what you mean or is there another door at the end of the hallway of rooms?
  23. The depressing news only shows the bad things and not how many people have recovered from the virus. So Avril and all those of you feeling blue, have a go at researching your family tree. It will pass the time and take your mind off other things. Hope you all feel better soon.
  24. That's great. My 90 year old mother lives in Westchester and has no idea when she can get one
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