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  2. Sea&SkiCruiser

    Live from the CB 11/11-25/2018

    Photos display momentarily upon entering. They disappear once you are in the cabin. Yes, you can tell when a cabin is occupied. When medallions are in cabin the screen displays “door locked” and a downward flashing arrow--this was confirmed by our steward when we asked. When no medallions are in the cabin, the screen displays “approach with medallion for entry.”
  3. gatour

    New American Express offer 11/13/18

    I mostly consider AMEX as a Home Depot Company. I charge everything to my AMEX cards and pay off the balance each month. I accumulate points. Over the years, I periodically turn in points for Home Depot gift cards, I have used these to replace appliances as needed or desired. On the travel side, I use the $200/yr benefit to cover baggage fees and other incidental airline fees. In years past I would get OBC. All of the travel side benefits would cover yearly fees for things I would have done anyway. So I essentially got my applianeces for free. American Express has a travel agency component which I have used off and on, however to me they are a credit card company.
  4. TiogaCruiser

    Tender Unloading Accident on Maasdam

    Yikes. That’s one ugly ship. Looks more like a car carrier.
  5. I think the key words are "only if they allow it". If you intend to sneak around just get a lead case for the medallion.
  6. laurieb

    AZ Asks Q37 - Poll: re. Onboard Activities

    I’d love to see some culinary classes/lessons offered. Sea days, even with a reasonable fee if tasting and wine pairings were offered
  7. Duanerice1

    Fitness Classes

    Not this time but last cruise, yes. They were all booked by the time I thought about it this last cruise. I took 2 classes the cruise before and you get a workout, that's for sure. I'd do it again.
  8. We used them for our trip to Bermuda. We had a day booked at Coco Reef. We were informed a couple days before we were to leave that the storms had wiped away the pink sand beach. They (the resort) only offered us a $20 discount on a $104/person fee. We didn't feel that was enough and we were allowed to cancel well within the "no cancellation" period. The money was refunded to my credit card promptly. I would use them again.

    Pacific Coast Sep or Oct?

    Not enough to make any difference
  10. dsotm73

    Seafood Shack on the Dream?

    Yeah, I did search prior to posting. Did not find anything Dream specific and even now can't find a long thread about the Seafood Shack. If you could point me to it I would be grateful.
  11. NLH Arizona

    Smoking is such a nuisance on cruise ships

    Lucky you didn't get caught, because Celebrity's casinos are non-smoking. Smoking is not permitted in any dining venue, casino, theater, lounge, hallway, elevator, or corridor. Celebrity Cruises' Smoking Policy includes smoking-like products such as electronic cigarettes. Smoking is not permitted inside any stateroom, nor on any stateroom veranda.
  12. My understanding is that the ship had to anchor outside of the harbor due to size. Since cruise ships don't get much smaller than Empress, I would think there's no way other than tendering. Therefore private tours must be used to dealing with this and must know what you can and can't achieve. If you find one that sounds good to you, I would ask them.
  13. Jaydub99

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    They did but it was complicated. I believe it was something like $600CAD per person to apply to a future cruise if we cancelled and 50% of cruise fare refunded for the nights were in a hotel. I’ll have to rebook at that. No worries, not what we wanted or planned but we love spending time in Europe, particularly around Christmas - I should add that we booked our own air so we are going no matter what! I hope things work out well for you.
  14. All rooms are the exact same size. There is very little overhang in case of inclement weather, unless you have a stateroom on Deck 12.
  15. More likely in May than August/September. May - first of August - there is plenty of snow on the glacier. The problems you run into is visibility as the person listed above. Sometime in August and on, they stop dog mushing due to glacier conditions. Every year is different of course.
  16. broberts

    Is a passport card sufficient?

    But one did need a paper ticket. These days, paper ticket not required. But photo id is.
  17. bermudadude54

    Help-Anthem of the Seas

    Before our trip on Anthem last June, all of our cruises have been on smaller ships (Song of America, Grandeur of the Seas, Enchantment of the Seas, and one trip on Navigator of the Seas). Like you, we had concerns. But I must admit, it was one of the best cruises that we have had. Never felt crowded. Now expect crowds at the busy times for eating and shortly before and after major scheduled events on the ship. Even then we always found a place to sit and enjoy the event. Loved the Solarium! In fact, we are joining our family in late May 2019 for another cruise! Enjoy.

    Tour to Montecito CA

    Santa Barbara is a great area, but it's not worth three hours on a tour bus.
  19. Note the other ship. There ended up being FIVE cruise ships at this port on this day. That's a lot for one island to take. We didn't know it at the time though, because there was only one other ship around that we saw early in the day. On this morning, we were bound and determined to not miss this port. Especially considering we had pre-paid for a Caribbean Culinary Concepts food tour that was to depart at 10 am. We were told the starting point (the fountain at the Bayshore Mall was just a two minute walk, but we didn't know how long the tender would take or where exactly to find that mall), so we decided to leave the ship around 9:00. It was easy off the ship and quick boarding for our tender. Grand Cayman is well equipped to handle the crowds, although our tender had certainly seen some glass-shattering times.
  20. juniper berries

    Your favorite food On Princess

    My favorite food is the fried chicken it is wonderful. And the bread rolls at supper.
  21. nstarrenburg

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    From what you have said that that is not a cruise it is a bus trip. It is a terrible position to put you in. we are booked on the Amakristina from Basel to Amsterdam on 17 December. We leave here (Australia) on 10 December and, so far, have not had any info / response from our TA or AMA on likely itinerary changes. The California fires are messing with AMA. currently, the Amakristina is doing revised itineraries in southern Holland and Belgium and I am not sure what our options would be. friends of ours who were on an AMA cruise in late October / early November had a full credit AND were given a changed itinerary similar to above. They were happy with the AMA service. we have family in the Netherlands and will be spending Christmas and New Year with them after the cruise. We would likely accept an alternate CRUISE and a credit but not an alternate BUS TOUR and a credit. still praying for rain.....
  22. General question for anyone in the know ~ Is it usual for passengers to be tendered in to Cienfuegos or was that particular day unusual? There aren't a lot of ship's tours offered for this city and I'm a little reluctant to make reservations with a private tour company if you aren't able to get off the ship until all the cruise excursions have left. Any thoughts
  23. Hi, Eaglerockers! You have two options for the free diamond drinks. You could go to the lounge and enjoy unlimited drinks from the specific menu, or order 3 drinks from almost any bar from the same selections. This runs daily from 4:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. Only the Rising Tide bar and the Bionic bar are excluded on Harmony. The 3 free drinks are automatically uploaded onto your seapass card. You can even use them at the shows. I will try to get a picture of the drink options tomorrow. 🙂
  24. BTW, I shall be requesting Vincent on the Nov. 30 cruise. Please alert him that a solo, older, light (almost silver) haired lady, who takes lemon in her morning tea and loves wine, will be on the lookout for him, based on Jim’s and Iain’s recommendations.
  25. The_Big_M

    Booking with a TA

    The TA is only an agent, as the name says, so you are still eligible for re-pricing. However, being an agent they also have their own fees, and typically charge for the extra work to make a change. Moreover, by reducing the price it's to their cost (since they're paid commission on the fare) and a lower fare means less commission, so you should expect to pay a TA if you want them to reduce the fare.

    San Diego flight time changed to 9:30am

    You would not be able to make this flight or at least 90% sure you wouldn't. San Diego is known for the slowest security lines and worse layout. It's an old airport that's not laid out very well. We have flown out of there on the same day cruises have disembarked and it's horrible. Try to take a later flight, go to Old Town or Gaslamp, have a nice lunch, and then go to the airport after the cruise rush.
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