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  2. Properly fitting dress clothes can be as comfortable as jeans and a polo, however for most people some alterations might be necessary. Dress shoes can be the exception, give me the sneakers over the dress shoes any day.
  3. Your boarding pass shows your FTTF status and can also be used for purchases prior to retrieving your S&S card, which is in a sealed envelope. Since this system was implemented I haven't seen even one instance reported of other people taking cards either to enter the wrong cabin, or to make purchases. It's a good system that has greatly reduced time required to check in. Happy sailing.
  4. https://www.trolleytours.com/key-west/1-day-tour
  5. Are all of the music shows every night or do they alternate? Someone mentioned earlier that Guys and Iguana are open for lunch on embarkation day, is that correct?
  6. Okay... I see your point but I don't want to be tied to one person's timeline. I like to buy a coffee at times when I'm not necessarily with my wife and she does the same. We need to each have a coffee package and 15 coffees for one person in 7 days is pretty much - at least for me or my wife.
  7. I just watched Insignia set sail from Miami. Can understand why you don't want to go home:)
  8. Update! I received my Royal Up email today for the 2nd leg of our Navigator cruise. I bid $175/pp for a GS and $225/pp for the OS. I got the OS. We will have to change rooms, but that is ok!
  9. Yes, and it made a lot of people upset that it was sailing empty.
  10. Well, I know even less about the Headliner show than I thought! i stay up for the Aqua shows, Ice Show and Broadway show if it’s not Cats. Looks like I need to add one more!
  11. It does refer you to the website
  12. It could be an entertainer, juggling show, or many other possibles. I've seen Beatlemania twice and an Elvis impersonator (Travis LeDoyt) that was so good, you wouldn't believe
  13. Your lucky day! There is a YouTube of that very cabin!
  14. not too sure I would give MSC a reasonably accurate just yet...…..
  15. Totally Agree!!!! That's what I want when I go to a Broadway Show!!
  16. we had an SC and friends had SE you have priority boarding, breakfast in private dinning room, butler and concierge to address any needs like reservation . special seating for the shows, priority getting to the head of the line on tours. you can eat in your room butler will serve you. We were also escorted off at disembarking. Was wonderful
  17. oct 2020 does not look like it should be any problem.....that's a long way out
  18. why did you resurrect this thread from 18 months ago? Right, this is from the Eagles one and done season....
  19. by going the other way and sailing a transpacific route
  20. I do this usually but discovered a big box store will give me a pretty good OBC (and sell me tasty dried cherries and really cheap allergy meds). I don't work so I don't mind having to hold for 20 minutes until they answer and then hold while they talk to Princess. The only obstacle I've run into is they take final payment 2 weeks in advance and they also do the EZ Air payment at the same time. We charge everything (day to day expenses and big purchases) to our rewards card and since we added another cabin we are probably going to need a credit line increase.
  21. Thanks for this information! I will definitely look into these options!
  22. I have received “bid not accepted” emails the evening before sail date.
  23. I just went onto the new updated website for the first time. Quite liked the difference so far. Logged into my account and checked the booked cruises, and for the first time ever I managed to ask for email the PDF format for all excursions, and the email arrived almost instantly. Start times and prices are shown along with full description of tours. Very impressed with this, although quite possibly this has been available before and I’ve not managed to find this facility? Jean.
  24. Or it is just a simple communication and/or language issue that a little additional training fixes. Up until recently, you could only get the small 375ml bottles of San Pellegrino with the refreshment package. They would charge you the large bottle price if they poured you sparkling from those bottles. Now, they will pour from a large bottle and it is included in the refreshment package. Wine gets confusing for some of the assistant waiters that now have to get diamond drinks in the MDR, we have had to remind them what type of wine is included. Last cruise, our assistant waiter had a mini diamond drink list in his pocket that he would take out to verify our choice. Sometimes it is just a misunderstanding and is easily corrected.
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