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  2. $15/day!! I would so do that. Love the CO dining room!
  3. Priority tendering is not available when there are large numbers of elites. We have never and will never get a beverage package so the elite events are wonderful
  4. Lanky Lad further to my earlier comments. Macys is useful for a drink and sit down after walking around NYC and whilst waiting for the bus to return to QM2. Macys has 2 cafes, 3 eateries and as Bigmike 911 states it will be warm especially if NYC has cold winds and or snow. It will be a long day especially if you rise early to see QM2 sailing under the Verrazano narrows bridge at 4am then breakfast and early into NYC. I attach a photo of QM2 sailing under the bridge - just! BW Derek.
  5. I’ve read on this forum that this is not possible.
  6. Royal nearly always docks at the International Pier, not downtown.
  7. They've also soundproofed the laundrettes so you can't hear the fights going on.
  8. Can I ask if they had various milkshakes at Coffee & Cones? The only ones I can see on the menu are coffee flavoured, and I don't drink coffee! Also do you remember the cost, thanks.
  9. Gotcha. Thanks. I was just trying to clarify since it seems many report the 60-day thing but the website says 30. As of yesterday there were quite a few Aqua Class and a number of suites left. We shall see.
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone. I appreciate it. I am not to worried about the flights. The little ones did perfectly fine on a flight from Dallas to Honolulu. Just need to time the flights right so they sleep most of the way and then watch movies when they wake up. as for going on Disney....I’m going to pass on that. I have never been a fan of Disney and everything they touch just gets more and more expensive. 7 day cruise on royal in a 4 bedroom suite for 10 people....12k. 7 day cruise in a 1 bedroom suite on Disney for 4 people....35k. It’s not that we don’t have the money to do that....it’s the principle of it which makes me say no. thanks again for the replies. I will keep reading them as they come through as this is something id be very interested in doing. Never know how mich longer you’ll be around so might as well do stuff If and when you can.
  11. What happens when you order a 16th alcoholic drink, are you just charged for it? Does the bartender inform you of this? thanks.
  12. 90 minutes is a long time & it really doesn't usually take that long, but of course it all depends how many courses you order. If you order 3 appetizers each, soup, salad & main course plus 2 desserts with coffee/tea it will take them longer to serve. You can alway ask your waiter to speed the service up a bit which helps. Tables for 2 generally do get finished quicker than larger tables because of all the chatting which slows everything down.
  13. You won’t see the credit until the charges actually hit your next statement, as in your next bill. At least that’s how it worked for me when the charges were split. You can call and verify.
  14. Just like your own I would say.
  15. We thoroughly enjoyed our first Saga cruise on board Spirit of Discovery in August and are looking at other possibilities. We have also enjoyed cruises with Oceania and Azamara, but they are becoming too expensive for us, unless we spot a last minute deal. I was just wondering how any of you who have been on Sapphire would compare it with Spirit of Discovery. I appreciate that it is just about to leave Saga, so would that mean it is getting a bit worn looking? Is the food the same standard? Does it cope with rough seas well? Is there enough space both on deck and inside? Any views would be much appreciated.
  16. Lately there has been a lot of post with questions and answers about the Carnival Magic. Many of these answers seem to contradict each other. Seeing that I am less than 2 weeks away from cruising on her I figure out I would make this post. Please add all your questions here about her and I will try to get the answers to those questions when I return. I will try to include as many pics as I can.
  17. Just be careful when using ATMs. In the last few years there has been a marked increase in banks offering dynamic currency conversion when using ATMs. For years, when I've paid for stuff by CC in Europe, you often get the option to pay in Euros or in Dollars. The "pay in dollars" option is almost always at a very poor conversion rate. So obviously, you would choose to pay in the local currency and let the bank convert. I always check my receipts against my CC statement and the exchange rate is almost always within 1%. ATMs are now offering this option. Be careful to reject it. They are getting sneaky. Read the screens carefully! I used ATMs 3x last week in Portugal and Lisbon. Each time, I was asked whether I wanted to withdraw xxx Euros, or xxx Dollars. The offered dollar rate was almost $1.20 to the Euro, and the Euro was running about $1.10 last week, so the exchange was about a 9% surcharge! Crazy. The last bank I used (Satander) had the options very obscured, and it was really hard to tell that the two options were for DCC vs. not, even in the English screens. The reason I'm putting this here is that the first time I ran into this at an ATM was in Budapest, in April 2016. And I missed it, so I paid a few % extra for my HUFs.
  18. I think you'll find that it isn't any greener elsewhere.
  19. Isn't much of what is posted on CC, including some of your own postings, supposition? 😉
  20. Just been tinkering around with new cruise personeliser. Not that it helps much but found the way to check wife details passport etc On login page put in cruise ref from p and o then wifes details let's you get in to see and check still not working fully eg insurance tel no and other aspects. Noticed at bottom there was a option to allow to let me alter her details or not . Have 3 ships on this system still waiting for iona guess they are holding fire till sorted
  21. I must be a terrible person because I ask all the people I meet about their jobs. I am interested in other people experiences when I don't have that experience myself. From hotel receptionists and what sort of shifts do they work. Hairdressers how do you become trained? (it's different from country to country) police detectives, etc. I ask all the people I come across where they are from what difference they experience, etc. I have found out about all sorts of traditions, experiences and other peoples points of view. I speak to any crew I meet, I'll ask them about their home counties, did they get to go ashore and some times the hours they work. But these are natural conversations not me ganging up on someone and quizzing someone. For example I get up early I see the steward I greet them by name, I might say 'gosh you have an early start' they might respond yes my shift started at 6. I move on. Later that night I am returning to my cabin, I see the same steward, still working. I say hello you're still working I see. They might say my shift finishes at 23:00, they might then add I had a 4 hour break this afternoon, etc. Just normal chit chat in passing. I have no interest in what people get paid or tops or anything about money.
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