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  2. Yes. There are a few small lines that have restarted in some capacity: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5206/
  3. My understanding is that ALL HAL cruises are shut down through November 30th. I really do not expect anything before January of 2021, sad to say.
  4. Flyertalker is correct. Furthermore, FAs are not technically "on the clock" until pushback. They are required to be there during boarding but that time is not generally part of their paid hours. Hence, the helping with bags not being one of their assigned duties.
  5. Those ferries travel at more that 20 knots
  6. I have a Nov 22 cruise that my hope is that it goes, but realistically know it is not.
  7. Just for some clarity here. Unless you count the US Navy. Ive never been on a cruise. Never had a desire and frankly I still don’t. My wife has been needling me for years so I caved and started researching trips. As far as the pandemic is concerned. We live in a country that allows freedom of choice. I personally don’t buy the hyp. Do as you will with that. I Book one trip out of MANY available from all cruise lines for the dates I have available. I’m angry that they accepted the reservation, took the money cancelled the cruise 3 days later and now make us wait for a min of 60 days according to their site yet from what I’m hearing the wait could go as long as 120 days until the money is refunded. That is my rant. Not looking for nor do I care that you expert cruisers out there want to freak out that someone book because it was available. When you wouldn’t have. Don’t care what your opinion of the matter is. I am posted no this to inform others of a very negative and expensive experience with this cruise line was. Thanks
  8. Hi Ellie, Thank you for the additional sail away pictures. Sydney has proven to be a spectacular sail away harbour. Last time we were here we were disembarking and the early morning arrival was wonderful with the well- lit Opera House, but that and the bridge were all we could see. I would still probably rate it as my second favourite sail in. I am so glad to hear you have done so well overcoming the traumatic loss of a vocal cord. What a stressful time that must have been. Sometimes life really hits us with challenges and your determination has paid off. However you are such fluent and descriptive writer your voice could be heard! Now that we have settled in and had a very restful sleep, I am looking forward to a relaxing sea day. I am now off to the dining room for a nutritious breakfast. Gail
  9. "money supply resulting from the billions already thrown at COVID start hitting the fan." Are you referring to a crash in the value of the dollar or hyperinflation or ?
  10. Crossing times for ferries from Birkenhead to Belfast is around 8 hours,many people think that is a long time!
  11. November is quite a bit away, you would be best to keep an eye on the cruise line website. You don't say which line you are sailing on. Some lines are cancelling 2-3 months in advance, some are only cancelling 1-2 months in advance.
  12. This is what Carnival said, not me. "The company also said on a conference call that it can be cash flow break even at a capacity between 30% and 50%"
  13. Rich: Turkey meet loaf sounds good. Thank You for the fleet report.
  14. Not necessarily true, I’m a shareholder & D+ and will happily accept benefits to keep me loyal but don’t want them to slowly decrease.
  15. RCG - The thought of it wounds the heart. Good bye to the wonderful history of Royal Caribbean.
  16. Is there any benefit to booking with a TA there ?? In N.A. you can get perks from the TA is there any incentives in the UK? Just curious Glad you got your refunds ..sort of
  17. Hear hear, Avril, and well said. ccpm - you can safely ignore one of the few troublemakers on here but I'm so sorry you were upset by him. To any normal person your question was perfectly reasonable and you got quite a few sensible replies so please don't be deterred from posting again.🙂
  18. I expect smaller Cruise lines to go out of business but the big three should survive this crisis.-- MSC, Carnival and Royal Caribbean. I am not so sure about Norwegian
  19. Hi jersey, is the food quality on the haven restaurant more superior than their mdr and buffet? And about the quality of food and service, are they on par with viking or other higher cruise brands such as regent or celebrity?
  20. Yes, Pullmantur and Birka both closed down operations permanently. All their ships are being sold for scrap
  21. No, I can't log into my account either Jean. I put my email and password in, it flicks over as if it is going to work but just goes straight back to the log-in page again. Cruise Personaliser/My Cruises does let me in.
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