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  2. We've done the first run in the spring and the last run in September -- enjoyed both immensely. Creek Street was active and the end of the salmon run was apparent there in the creek. I think if there was an excursion I really wanted to do, I'd book through the cruise line, as operations are definitely pared down as the student summer help heads back to school. Still, plenty to see and enjoy -- and fun to hear the excitement of the locals as they discuss their winter plans. I guess only the hardy "overwinter."
  3. Years ago, I was on a 7-day cruise and the inside cabin across the hall from me had their "Do not disturb" sign on day and night. Every time (at least it seemed so) I left or returned to my cabin, I heard, "Yes! Yes!" from the cabin that sounded like Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally" when she was at table faking a xxx, and a woman at a nearby table says, "I'll have what she's having." It became a joke among my friends that I was dying to see who they were. The last night, I finally saw them. Had to be in their late 80's or 90's if they were a day and all I could think was, "More power to them!"
  4. No doubt, first cruise on a new ship with new staff is going to be a challenge. Not in a groove yet. We sail out in a few weeks and I am sure he will be more comfortable, but not totally in "the zone." As long as he is not over the top annoying (ie. game show contestant behavior) I am good to go. LOL. I love humor and getting us involved, but I cannot take the O-M-G, THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER personality. I can't remember who we had on Reflection years ago, but he was like that and drove us nuts. On the flip side, we enjoyed Equinox CD Alejandro. Thanks for your help. Hopefully you had a wonderful vacation!
  5. Glad to see they seem to have fixed the problem. Have been stuck at sea and not a fun thing at all.
  6. Thanks for sharing. I won’t be cruising carnival anytime soon. Thought you should know. Just in case it mattered to you.
  7. In between a couple of long days of work, I've been able to download all my photos & videos when time permitted the last couple of days. As mentioned, there's a few things I wish to add to this review as the VOOM internet issue certainly put a damper into the timing of information during the sailing. So if you wish to follow along with a few more photos, videos and tips/info.... here we go. I wished to point out my cabin once again. I was able to pin-point my cabin while walking outside around Canada Place pre-boarding, and actually took a photo of it. I think this could really help those of you considering a deck 7 "obstructed" view cabin in comparison to the many view shots I took from that cabin while in Alaska. You can also clearly see which cabins would have the davits smack dab in the middle of your balcony taking over the entire view. regarding deck 7, I really don't think the view will be much different than the view from deck 8 for example at only 8 feet higher more or less. Ovation, like Radiance Class, will always have the life boats below you, even if you're up at the top deck 14 balconies. And like Radiance Class, the forward and rear balconies are not "indented" in to the structure of the ship, and thus look straight down to the water. Note the deck 14 & 12 cabins which are indented, fully covered by the top deck overhang and those structural beams. I would consider those more more obstructive than my balcony on deck 7, yet they would be an "upgrade" for example if you opted for Royals upgrade program. This is one ship you should not opt for the upgrade, as you truly don't know where you'll end up, and there's plenty of pitfalls with locations of balconies on Quantum Class, more so than any other ship. I'll say this now while I'm on topic of cabins.... in my humble and personal opinion, this class of ship (like Radiance class) is rather important to be close to the central elevators if at all possible for ease of going back and forth to your room whenever you feel like it. Those central elevators are the key (like the Centrum elevators on Radiance class) My cabin is circled in red, and here you can relate to those photos I took from in side and on the balcony during the live portion of the review
  8. No idea what ship the OP is sailing on, so I don't know if they are still using the outdated magnetic strip or if they've converted to the RFID cards. The former can be punched. The latter "might" be punched as long as the person knows what part of the card is safe. Better to err on the side of caution and not punch these. No way I'd ever wear a lanyard; my card is either in my pocket, purse, or tote. DH always seems to have a pocket.
  9. Final call for passengers to disembark is usually called sometime between 9:30 and 10:00 AM. It is important that all passengers be off the ship ASAP so it can be readied for embarking passengers. They generally start boarding at 11:30.
  10. I use to love Cagney’s so much we would do it three times a cruise. This time the steaks were very tough. The service was slow and robotic. We will try it again in a September because a tough cut of meat happens.
  11. Excellent thread, brilliant to start it! One suggestion I haven't seen. Spend quality time on the ship. One of the best things on the Viking Ocean ships is the spa. The pool, hot tub, sauna and snow room are amazing and just the thing in the middle of a couple of weeks of travel to relax. We skipped dinner one night and spent an hour in the spa (we had it to ourselves) then had dinner in our cabin.
  12. We booked it once. Just wasn't that great. Everything was cold. But I'm not a spa person.
  13. I wonder if META would now mean a Club Class Mini? They are an upgrade, located on another deck and the balcony would no longer be covered.
  14. Approximately half the seating out there was non-smoking (and very popular), and the other half was smoking (also popular, especially that little half hidden area. My photos don't show the non-smoking area. We sat in the non-smoking area for a while, and didn't smell a whiff of smoke (though there were smokers on the other end). The smoking area is aft of the non-smoking area, which helps immensely. Though I passed through the smoking area in the sunset bar many times, I was never noticed smoke. The only place I noticed smoke was rounding the forward area of the track (near the forward pool bar smoking area). I noticed it for perhaps five seconds on each lap around the track. No big deal at all. My sister smokes. I wish she didn't, but it's her choice. She's as passionate about art & music as I am, and I would love to cruise with her on Edge. She would adore Mr. Edge, the Haunted Forest, the Enigmas (wooden people), the mural on deck 5, and all the other art on the ship. When I saw the smoking area on deck 5, I thought this was a place we could be together, where she could smoke, but I could still breathe.
  15. That is funny!!! I won't miss NCL from what I've spent 1/2 hour reading about.....
  16. This was my first cruise on HAL, and I knew nothing about the Orange Party until I saw it listed in the When & Where. I didn't go to it, but I did see them placing orange balloons all around the BB King Blues Club as we walked by. Enjoy your cruise. We had a great time on the Eurodam.
  17. We did the canal about 11 years ago and from the minute it ended we said to each other we must do it again. 12 years later we are finally going back on a 17 day cruise in March of 2020. Cannot wait to see one of the worlds wonders again.
  18. @amygutman - thanks. I am sure seadog67 is just as happy that folks are happy getting tips preparing for their own cruise ahead ... waiting for the continuation of last week's semi live report. If I am not mistaken, there is going to be a 3rd semi/live Dawn update in less than 2 weeks, by shadowmeboy ... also running the Roll Call. That should provide a great deal of continuity & uncover plenty of secrets in passing along the unknown, LOL. After this sailing, DW and others reaffirmed our "bias" that classic "big" ships like the Dawn are preferred for us, over the mega/+ ships ... just the fact that shows do not need/take/accept reservations and it is so much easier to make dining reservations or just walk up when it isn't busy - it's "no, can't do" on the BA, Escape or GA as my BIL realized ... the extra bells & whistles are useless if you must queue up behind long lines. The nature of satellite WiFi internet made it very difficult to truly do "live" post and stay conneced at all times, it has come a long way since 2005 but its hardware & server aren't up to par compared to the BA or Escape, or even the Gem, just a few years younger - despite the recent, major drydocking work done. She is a fine ship, a great ship as a whole. I have no idea when we are going to cruise next, what & where,, what ship, etc. - as we can be impulsive ahead these days - the last one I did was on the January Escape to West Caribbean for 15 days/14 nights - link is below, if you haven't read it or bookmark it. If and when I do it, it will be on CC for everyone interested. Meanwhile, I am waiting to get the rest of the "reporting" from seadog67 myself, there're plenty of area that I did not cover, like the bars & club scene on the ship, or the drinks & beverage package, etc. @jaja - sorry, can't help you with that clasp ... hopefully, someone else can - or, if you upload a picture of that here, maybe some of the jewelry experts lurking can explain how to - if you are still not successful ??
  19. We could not pick seats for a British Airways flight until 24 hours before the flight. This was due to the type of fare that Air2Sea purchased from BA.
  20. I'm pretty sure yes, but the cruise has to be minimum 5 days i think.
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