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  2. Thank you for starting a new thread. We don't sail until July of 2021, so I know that most everything i read between now and then will most likely change, but that's ok. I like following along, and learning about the different senior staff. We MAY take the Sun out of Orlando in Nov for a quick 3-day, but haven't decided yet. if we do, we will stay and celebrate thanksgiving with my brother. Have a great year cruising everyone!
  3. Sounds like you're off to a great start Stickman, be happy to be out of Sydney - yesterday it was 38 C (105F) in Bondi and much hotter out west. Woke up at about 3.00am and it smelt like someone was BBQing in our bedroom! Needless to say we are counting down the minutes until we depart on Tuesday.
  4. Idk about, “pro.” 😂. I was really torn on ship vs independent excursions this trip. Many of ncl’s excursions don’t have reviews. In hindsight I kinda had a hunch by reading the description that the excursions we didn’t like were not our style. Seems more folks are booking ship excursions. With various booking perks and discounts they are not necessarily the crazy prices they used to be.
  5. When going down, the pitch goes from high down to lower pitch.
  6. Thank you!! It was right under my nose/name LOL
  7. Yep, it's a shower. (After adjusting the sound, it became obvious. Duh ... LOL)
  8. I didn't even realize there was a gift. There are plenty of good ideas, but you have to change it out constantly or offer a choice ($10 GC to Fun Shops would be a good option). Personally I'm trying to get to Platinum so I can get FTTF benefits without the added cost and sellouts and the laundry. Nothing else really seems that appealing. The other top reason for me to get there is to match it on MSC (though I'll probably break down and just match my current Gold status since it will probably take 5 more years to get the remaining 50 days I need).
  9. We just did this yesterday. We had our rental from Avis at Mambo Aquarium/beach which did not open until 10am but allowed us to drop off at Avis at port. Cab ride there was $25 so try to rent at port!!! This was 3 miles. Later we found out there was a bus there for much cheaper. We headed to the Tugboat beach which is to the south. We also drove up to Kenapa Grande and Playa Lagun. All 3 were nice but in my mind the Tugboat was the best. Simply amazing for snorkeling. We did deal with a lot of ridiculous traffic in the city but once on the "country" roads, it was smooth driving. Parking was a little tight at Kenapa but we had arrived there around 1pm.
  10. Don’t think it’s an easy compare Regent to Crystal. Regent seems like a higher price point. enjoy your cruises!
  11. We are cruising the Edge for the first time May 4/20 . We are new to Celebrity and are curiouse if you can request a table for two prior to your cruise...Thank You
  12. Sounds awful. To me, "coach transfer" means by bus. Now I understand what you are saying. With a bad knee being squashed into an economy seat is not something I would want. And Silversea is supposed to be a really good cruise line? Maybe now they are owned by RCI things have changed.
  13. View might be better on thr Port Everglades camera
  14. Just returned from 11 wonderful days on Breakaway. Here are some random observations from our cruise. Overall we had a wonderful time, and I’m happy to answer your questions. Entertainment: I really loved the former Fat Cat’s Jazz & Blues club, but I enjoyed Syd Norman’s even more. Top quality four piece 80’s cover band, Switch, swapped nights with the Syd Norman’s House Band, made up of four musicians and five singers. The House Band really had a Choir of Man feel except in a smaller venue. Great entertainment here. It is loud, though. Six – mixed; didn’t love it didn’t hate it. Actually, left about one-half of the way through. Ed Harvey on Solo Guitarist, Natural Mystic Reggae Band, Vox and Keys Latin Duo and Wallison Melo Cocktail Pianist. Wallison is an amazingly, talented, classical pianist, but his style was probably not the best fit for the NCL nightlife. He is an extremely humble guy and visits with the guests during his breaks. Headliners – Howl at Sea - usually a great time, but these three just didn’t draw in the crowds like usual. Comedians were fine – Frank Townsend and Danny Cardinale. They also do a show in the theater if you miss or can’t get into the Headliners Club. I think NCL, and especially the Away class ships, have some of the best entertainment at sea. Food: I’ve previously shared my thoughts on the decline in dining room food offerings. Way too much chicken, pork, and turkey, but oh well, at least I was prepared for it. No issues with the lunch menus….lamb, fish and chips, shrimp salads, all very good and much more solid offerings. I think this menu is being phased out though. Garden Café very average with many repeated offerings each day. Not much carved beef, mostly just rotisserie chicken. Also, tuna fish salad removed from buffet. Chicken salad and egg salad available every day for 11 days. The “egg” salad looked pretty bad….maybe leftover powdered eggs? We did grab some shrimp cocktail on Fisherman’s Buffet night. It has been suggested by some on cruisecritic that NCL’s cutback of seafood is due to changing demographics. I would suggest that the lines to get the shrimp would prove otherwise. The poor buffet servers could not fill the bowls with shrimp fast enough, as the “shrimp-deprived” guests were devouring it. It was actually kind of sad to see people acting like that. O’Sheehans is back to serving dinner. Choices like Pepper Steak, Shrimp Po Boy, Chicken Paella, Fried Chicken, Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, Chicken Pot Pie, BBQ Grill, BBQ Ribs, etc. It’s a lot of chicken and pork, folks. Cagney’s tried Prime Rib and liked it. Interesting that there has been another iteration of the menu. You can now have Classic Shrimp Cocktail at no upcharge OR Black Tiger Shrimp Cocktail with a $5 upcharge. I passed on both in exchange for a salad. Tried 8oz tenderloins at Bistro and Cucina. No complaints on either. Only complaint is with service. There were times in the specialty restaurants where we had to ask for salt and pepper shakers, then one night we had two salt shakers but no pepper shaker, then one night bread but no butter. And then the time when the hostess went to pull my chair out for me only to find a ton of bread left over the seat and carpeting from the prior guests – I am assuming a baby or kid. They could benefit from slowing down instead of trying to turn tables over in 5 minutes. It doesn’t ruin my cruise, but the 20% service charge was not earned in our case. Fortunately, we were platinum or above so the meals were free, but if I were paying, I would think, wow. Booze: Went for the PBP this time. Overall, it was money well spent since this 11 day run through the Caribbean was intended to be a relaxation cruise. We only left the ship in Harvest Caye. Drinks were of good quality and strength and we tried a lot. Shakers very crowded all the time. I did note that most of the standard drinks on the menu are now made with the lower quality alcohol. Rebellious Fish – Wheatley instead of Grey Goose, many of the Martini’s Absolut instead of Belvedere or Tito’s, etc. Also, flavored grey goose has disappeared and replaced by Absolut Mandrin, Citron and Vanilla. Also, only light beers available are domestic…no more Corona Light or Heineken light. Just Michelob, Coors, Miller, and Bud. The bars will be busy at peak times so you should expect a 5-10 minute max wait. Ports: Missed GSC (no big surprise there). Breakaway has made it zero times in the last three attempts. Truthfully, the tender conditions were unsafe. Also missed Costa Maya due to heavy wind and swells. Ship docked but broke two mooring lines and we pulled out just after 11am. No one hurt, thankfully. Overall theme of this cruise was windier and rougher than typical in the Caribbean in January.
  15. The HAL tour may be leaving from the Brazil side. In which case no issue. They probably left with huge time buffer. They would have time to find taxis that were stuck inside to shuttle people. But they would sull have to walk 3/10 a mile on level pavement.
  16. you should also look through a bunch of threads in this subforum - about once a week somebody asks about the car seats, and a long discussion follows... Or do a search for "car seats" on this subforum. :
  17. I don’t see the difference between hanging around in a motel room in NJ or hanging around the airport. If you’re really adverse to taking the tour you mentioned. You can rent a car, drive to Liberty State Park, then return the rental. But you’d still have to get to airport to return rental and get thru TSA. EWR is very busy during the late afternoon due to all the international departures.
  18. If you're looking at the guarantee that's 1999... I believe that is without the 4 perks.
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