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  2. We were on Regal Princess 3/3/19. We used a cruise card. We just ask for it. The only thing we had to do different was to let our steward know we did not have a medallion. Because without the medallion we would all ways show up as our room being vacant to him.
  3. TUI bought Thomson in 2000 but only changed the Thomson name to TUI in 2017 followed by the rename of the cruise ships to Marella
  4. Loving this so far, can't wait for more! And mine tend to travel ok together but we recently took youngest son and his GF on a cruise and that was a DREAM compared to the one we took a couple years ago with my older 2 girls sharing a room - we had a great cruise then too but not entirely sure they appreciated their close quarters all week and I know their sisterly gripes cut into my cruise vibe 🙂
  5. *whew*, thank god you are joking. No matter how approachable they may seem, it could quickly turn into a dangerous situation. You may end up babysitting some strange kid while the parents go play. Don't take the risk. 😄
  6. Just another FYI.... On the Oasis I accessed the DL (by myself) but was never asked to see my card. I also asked for two drinks because I wanted to go back to my cabin and sit on the balcony. The server said he wasn't supposed to do that, but this one time it was okay. There is a sign on the door leaving the DL that says "drinks are not to leave this room". Although when I walked by the concierge, she never said anything. From then on I just used the 3 free drinks on my card, which I prefer. I always tip the server and always wondered if everyone does.
  7. If you live close to one of the cities served by Norwegian Airlines, start there. Their one-way flights are a great price.
  8. I am curious about something not previously mentioned. I’m a cruise traveler (usually Cunard) and was surprised at the movement of furniture-particularly in the area facing windows in the often-seen videos of very large moving objects. And it appeared that furniture was not heavy nor fastened down as I believe I’ve seen on other ships. Perhaps the severe ship movement bypassed such controls but it still surprised me. There’s what appears to be a very large sort of planter rolling back and forth for example. And rather flimsy looking chairs sailing around. Is this usual sort of furniture/fittings for a passenger ship? Or is this what one would expect with severe ship movement?
  9. WE did this excursion a couple of years ago. It was very relaxing and the ride through the countryside was lovely. We enjoyed the town that we stopped in and the olive tasting was interesting. A big change of pace over most of the tours in that area. Enjoy.
  10. The pool was wonderful! I noticed photos in the cruise immediately after mine that they had added umbrellas to the loungers area as well, so at least there's a little more shade. I believe the plan is also to have cabanas available near the pool.
  11. loving the review! I do have to say that I too am a planner, and the title is giving me all sorts of fits of anxiety over here! 😉
  12. To the OP: Kaisatsu is spot on. Nine ago we embarked on our first Baltic cruise. We, like you, were concerned about the weather (we sailed from CPH mid August). We looked at the yearly temp averages and extended forecasts for our ports of call. The extended forecast for Stockholm & Helsinki predicted very warm temps, sunny days for our days in port - it was actually cold and windy when we arrived. St. Pete was warm and sunny. I have since been to the Baltics multiple times and, although a beautiful and fascinating part of the world, the weather is quite unpredictable. Another consideration - the months of June, July & August are the height of the tourist season. Venues will be more crowded than during the shoulder seasons. We prefer travel during the shoulder season.
  13. Oh, I love Philly. I lived in Pittsburgh before Seattle and would hit Philly at least once a year. Great city! Let me know if I can help you with anything as you start thinking of plans for Seattle. Have a great time on the Bliss!!
  14. If you've had skin cancer, shade IS a big deal.
  15. Bet none of them could guide the blind either doesn’t mean another dog can’t.
  16. I also do not get an internet package. I try my best to pick up some wifi while in ports. Something to think about.... I have had serious conversations with family about what to do in an "emergency." Here is what we have come up with. This applies to all travel not just cruises. Medical Emergencies: 1. We have designated 1 person who will make any contact with me about an emergency situation. This person also has electronic copies of our passports in case we have the emergency. 🙂 2. Well in advance I have had conversations with this family member about reaching out to me for an emergency. We have agreed to be specific on what she wants me to do. For example, if she contacts me to tell me that grandpa is in the hospital. Is she just keeping me in the loop so I can keep grandpa in my thoughts and prayers or is she asking me to get off the ship, make my way to an airport, buy a ticket and fly home? 3. If you ask me to fly home, what is it you expect of me when I return? If grandpa is still in the hospital am I immediately needed at home? Maybe I have some role in support/care after grandpa is released from the hospital. Back to the original question..... are you asking me to fly home now? Why? 4. We have also had the discussion about the "fly home" option. Many times the cruise port is not near an airport. It may take up to a few days to be at a port that has an airport. You could be at sea for a few days. You could be at one of the private islands and need to get to a larger port so you can then make your way to the airport. It is not as easy as another type of land based vacation might be to just go to the airport and change an existing return flight. If the person contacting you does not travel much, they may not understand the logistics and costs to changing travel plans. House/Pet Emergencies: 1. We have a trusted neighbor look after our pet and our home. For the home, our neighbor is provided with a good friend contact who will make any decisions and financial commitments that may need to be made in a true urgent emergency. Think of a tree branch falling through your roof. Who do you want to handle that in your absence? 2. For our pet, we have provided our neighbor with instructions on how to handle a medical emergency? I got this idea from the neighbor as they had a sick pet and the neighbor was going 1/2 way around the world with limited wifi access. We had the hard talk about what she wanted me to do. Under what circumstances should I take the pet to the vet? What amount are you authorizing me to spend on your pet? What if the vet recommends putting the pet down? All travel has the risk that you may not be close by for any kind of event. My suggestion is to identify emergency contacts and have a discussion on expectations. Then..... go enjoy your cruise!!
  17. Thank you all for your responses... I've only ever cruised with DH and we've always arrived to the port together. Although I can sprint faster than him, so when we get close and the excitement overtakes us, not EXACTLY the same time.. LOL
  18. That's unfortunate. Sounds like we may be dealing with some sort of issue with Cruise Critic attachments then. Is it only the QV attachment that causes this error for you or all three? If it's all three, what platform are you using (PC, tablet, phone, etc.) and what browser or app are you using (Chrome, IE, Edge, Safari, Tapatalk, etc.)? Is anyone else able to access all three of the attachments? I see the download counts for each attachment are increasing, so it looks like they are working for at least a few others besides me. Does it help any if I post these direct URL links to the attachments instead? QE: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=449731 QM2: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=449732 QV: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=449733
  19. Thanks for the quick reply! We usually get a cabana but that pool looks pretty great.
  20. On the Zaandam a couple of weeks ago the head chef came by our table. I asked him this exact question (as I use SV at home myself) and he said no, they do not. He did not comment on any other ships in the fleet.
  21. After researching a little more last night, I am leaning toward the Freedom. However, there is a possible catch. It is down to the Horizon and Freedom . I found a Dec 1 sailing of the FOS that is a little cheaper however the airfare will be much higher since I would need to fly to SJ on Friday (day after Thanksgiving).
  22. I’ll talk to my good friend Funship Freddy about this....
  23. Question.... Is the sofa next to the connecting door also a pull out bed? We are in 6137 which is also a connecting Royal on the 03/30 cruise and our Grand Daughter will be with us
  24. As long as you do it directly through NCL or a TA that participates in Upgrade Advantage. Guarantees and Sail Aways are not excluded from bidding.
  25. I'm back. I asked the guy in the cart who came around how much without the souvenir cup. He said with alcohol $12, without $6. Later when I was ready, I walked up to the bar over by Columbus beach where we were hanging out, and I got a Labadoozie, without alcohol, in a regular plastic cup, for $4.50. Also, there were lots of tropical drinks you could purchase in either a coconut or a pineapple - they were also $12, or $9 with the drink package, just in case anyone is looking this up later.
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