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  2. Florida aside, expect senators are much more focused on maximizing their share of "infrastructure" spending.
  3. I asked for something sweet with rum or vodka and Mad Max made me a Malibu Bay Breeze.
  4. Doug...that news rots... Hopefully, you will be all over your reatment and be ready to sail in January. Take care!
  5. My last 2-3 cancels were JS and Balc booked. The replacements have been OVW or Inside. Some of the straight up offers have just been $$ off. I have JS booked Aug 25, and Balc booked Sep 24. I hope they make without some ridiculous demands.
  6. I was also under the impression that to go off the ship it would have to be on a HAL excursion. The intent is to minimize contact with the locals.
  7. This (quite literally) has been going on for the last four and a half years. Nothing new.
  8. This is the first time I used Flights by Celebrity. I've got a set of flights locked in, but how can I go back into the site and check for any updated flights that are better/cheaper. When I go to flight selection again, I can not get past the 'add guest' page as it states that the person 'already booked flights'. Is there a modify flights option somewhere?
  9. I am taking note of this strong endorsement of a world cruise! I have it on my bucket list for sure, we are just not “there” yet, in terms of feeling comfortable being gone from home for such an extended period of time. But I would LOVE to try some WC segments and see where it leads us. I sure hope the 2022 segments happen for y’all! Got our airfare booked for Iceland! And also got our trip insurance policy rolled over from our cancelled April/May cancelled cruises last year. I got an initial “no” on doing that, first by email and then on the phone. I escalated it up the
  10. I do not want to debate the politics of Fla.I have friends and relatives residing there and we do not talk about it.Therefore,let this be the final discussion of my initial post regarding this matter.
  11. Stopped by the family beach bar and Mad Max made me a Miami Vice
  12. Upgrade to Premium Beverage Package for 1 night is a no brainer. Honestly, a great gesture by Royal...
  13. Aha, I know where this is and recognize the monument from where you took the photo @Ritabob 🙂 Good job with the cropping but I recognize a church that we visited on the other side of the bridge and there is also a big hint on the bridge deck itself. I love this city & so much miss travel! Thanks for picking up the wildcard BTW.
  14. Just got mine today too (free interior). Haven't time to read it now but under no circumstances do I EVER do a 7-day cruise. The majority of them are the short cruises on these offers. But I'll check it out later, perhaps see something that will interest me.
  15. Not a fan of the pizza. I went back for more of the shrimp and scallops skewers.
  16. Teppanyaki has been $39 for quite some time - Since there have been no recent cruises no telling what the bill will be at NCL check-out. Always have burned the Specialty dinners at Teppanyaki and Cagney's - no extra charge. Maybe Le Bistro has raised - but Moderno La Cucina and not in the same class of dining warranting a price increase - but then the whole Specialty dining theme maybe in for a adjustment. On the biggie - AWAY and AWAY + class ships there are other restaurants that may have or will have price adjustment when cruising resumes. Hard to gau
  17. The transmission claim is up in the air. (Hell, so are asymptomatic spreaders and viruses on surfaces) Remember, you still have to mask even if vaccinated because they don't know if it will spread. So either, they really don't know, or are lying to not give people autonomy to decide if they should be masked. What the vaccine does is reduce symptoms and make it less severe. It does not prevent the virus. At some point, the fear has to go away when we have as many mitigation options as we do.
  18. Wow - both gone! That was it - Hoka. Sad to hear the Gin burned down...that was a fun place - though probably not 'up to code' by any modern standards...back then, those kind of things weren't as stringently enforced. Pizza Den was the place. I checked their Facebook page and see photos of the old location which is the one I was familiar with. Also sad to see while digging around that Pizza Bob was murdered! He was the guy who owned and ran the place and was always there when I visited. Pretty much all the spots I remembered were within a block of each other, just
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