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  2. What would you expect from carnival. Theres now a criminal investigation and Ruby isn’t going anywhere. But even the ships that are here year round have been told to get their bat and ball and go home.
  3. Never been on Celebrity mostly Princess & Hal and it always blows my mind when I see people licking there fingers and eating off there plates as they go through the buffet and touching the food with bare hands and then putting it back. I like the idea of full service buffet like on Hal ships or a food court idea but some thing has to change because you can put in hand washing stations and hand sanitizer stations and people will still find an excuse not to use them.
  4. We were told the same thing. Cancelled on March 8th. Got the FCC on March 16th. After 5 calls - and being told 5 different things - I finally talked to "Susan" on April 1st. She looked up our refund for air and taxes. She said that it was coded wrong and she would fix it. She told us that it would come back in several smaller amounts. FINALLY TODAY - April 5th - I saw a partial refund for the taxes on the credit card. We are still missing the airfare refund from Celebrity Air and the rest of the taxes from the cruise.
  5. Simple if rules are in place. FOLLOW the RULES. Don’t think about just yourself. Think about every one else’s to.
  6. Actually, you need to not have contact with your wife. Or she should REALLY not visit her mother.
  7. Our local grocery was sold out of yeast from people baking their own bread. I’ve been baking bread for over 50 years. I’m happy to think that at least a few of these new bakers will keep it up. I also wonder about how it will change the way many offices work. In 1996 when the Olympics came to Atlanta, most offices went to a more casual dress code. After they were done, the dress stayed more casual. Office managers found out that it improves morale and didn’t hurt productivity. Will this crisis change the way people work? I’m retired, so it doesn’t matter to me.
  8. The first question might be should the Government bail out foreign companies? Which is what most of the cruise lines are.
  9. I am loving the forced slow down. Not having all the sports and other activities to schedule dinner around, I am loving the leisurely dinner hours actually talking to family. While we have always made dinner time a priority, it is nice to eat before 8 or 8:30 and not be rushed to get to other things. I love seeing all our neighbors on our neighborhood facebook groups reaching out and helping each other. I love seeing the signs lining the streets around the local hospitals, grocery stores, and other front line businesses saying thanks. I love the city wide evening hour to go on your porch or balcony to say hi to neighbors and to show appreciation for those in essential jobs. I love seeing our mayor take over a community volunteer effort to save our local restaurants while also thanking our hospital workers. They offered up their resources to collect money. That money is then used to purchase meals from our local restaurants and deliver them to hospitals, police stations and fire stations. While people are stressed and there is some stressed out behavior, for the most part, I see a community coming together in kindness, something rare in our hurried lives before.
  10. My wife and I had most symptoms (cough, fatigue, low grade fever for her) but no test kits available in Michigan so never tested. Wasn't all that bad for us (thankfully), but we can't be sure we had CoVid-19 until the ELISA tests (antibody tests) are available. The first of these was just approved (fast track hopey-wishy type approval) by FDA a few days ago. We will have to see how accurate it is. They are basically going to be testing it on all of us--but it is just a blood test, so no real safety issue, just efficacy issue. Once I get a trustworthy positive result on one of these tests for my wife and I, I will feel that I am safe to cruise again. We would be very unlikely to become ill again, and very unlikely to spread the virus as well. Of course, I might still get stuck at sea with DeSantis (or some other governmental *****) preventing us from returning. That is another new risk we haven't had to consider in the past.
  11. Yes. The best part of a cruise. One of the best anyway among many others. I miss seeing the endless blue of the ocean, feeling the breeze, the scents, the atmosphere...visiting the islands, the excitement what the next island would bring. I miss a careless week with no cooking, cleaning and real quality time with my family.
  12. Sometimes it’s nice to believe in the Easter Bunny. Right now I have a (non-cruise) vacation with my mom planned for June. Intellectually, I know it’s not happening. But with everything going on in her life and the world at large, thinking about that trip is one of the few good things she has. No way I’m going to cancel, and all our conversations assume we are going. And who knows, maybe miracles will happen.
  13. For those Alaska cruises out of Seattle there is doubt as to whether they will sail anytime this summer. The Port of Seattle is closed to all cruise ships until further notice. There is no published end date to this closure. Canada is closed until July 1. The Ovation Alaska sailings depart Seattle, as does the Celebrity Solstice.
  14. The key here Andrew, as a business, what one spent in the past does nothing for the current bottom line, financially and measurable.
  15. They took crew into FLL twice from Oasis on tenders not airlift. Apparently the story is not entirely correct perhaps an airlift from the Infinity.
  16. HAL is saying there will be a 60 day delay on all refunds. The problem is that HAL has no cash right now, they are hoping for more money to come in so they can start to make refunds. But that money may never come.
  17. Because raising prices always results in increased profits when you run a fleet of plague ships. Tell me, in 2008/2009 did they jack up the prices to entice people with less money to splurge on cruises? Because the 20% unemployment rate should have no effect on bookings surely?
  18. I think both would be important. The flu vaccine helps keeps the death total low, as compared to what we are seeing with Covid19. I think a vaccine would be very important to help reduce those numbers and make the disease more manageable. One of the "benefits" of the flu vaccine is that if you still ge the flu you "should" get a milder version. Hopefully that would be the same with this virus. But, yes, I agree that the antibody test would be vital also.
  19. Whether or not you agree with the dates in the OP’s post I can an absolutely see the rest of the list making sense. When they resume cruising it will be slow and a few ships, opening market by market. Having ships kept at ready and some sitting idle with no crew makes total sense. Nobody, not even Roysl knows the start up date for those first few ships.
  20. I was thinking the same thing. All people saying don’t worry, the flu is so much worse are super quiet now. I’ve been following since the beginning and went on a cruise that left Feb. 29. I was scared and remember hoping it would be canceled but New Zealand seemed safe and talking to people I felt re-assured to go. Now I think thank god I got home healthy and safe. I know if we had run into problems, we could have been left on our own with no where to turn. Would I do it over, maybe not.
  21. A downside when redeeming points for a Pinnacle dinner, for those that are 3 star and above, the redemption amount doesn’t change to take into account the person’s Mariner status. The 25% or 50% discount doesn’t apply when using points to pay for Pinnacle dinners. A bit shady in my book. Another relatively recent change, the Mariner discount only applies to the first two people in the cabin. Recently, on our Eurodam cruise, we asked a traveling companion to join us for dinner in Tamarind as our guest. We were all 3 star at the time. When it came time to pay the bill I presented my card at which point our waitress said that we’d only get the discount for two of us. Made for an awkward moment and eroded some of my goodwill towards Holland. Penny wise, pound foolish.
  22. I wouldn't say I really care but to some degree I do care. When Oasis was being built, I was very skeptical about cruising with 6000 other passengers. However, when I saw the ratio in the 40s, I thought it wouldn't be too bad. Sure enough, I went on the ship and found it to be pleasantly uncrowded. On the other hand, after cruising Caribbean Princess, with a ratio of 30, I doubt I'll every sail her or her sisters again because I felt very crowded the entire cruise. But as was pointed about by my snipe friend, it is a rough figure. I also agree with bob brown in that some ships are designed much better than others. However, in the case of Carnival Mardi Gras, I don't know how any ship design can defeat a ratio of 28.
  23. There is limited, but not enough, space to accomplish that
  24. Alright, so with my back-to-back med cruises cancelled, I'm getting about $6,000 in FCC after the 125%. Right now we only have one cruise planned for 2021, a 9 night Australia/NZ on Ovation and we're planning on putting the entire FCC towards an upgrade on that cruise. We usually stick with interiors, but we've done a balcony once and a JS once when the price was right. Originally, we had a $2,500 balcony booked for the Australia cruise. With the current prices we could do: (all prices after subtracting our FCC from the total) 1) A JS with Large Balcony for $800 2) A GS 1BR for $2,100 3) A GS with Large Balcony for $3,250 4) An OS 1BR for $4,400 I know that the full suites (starting with the GS) offer a lot of benefits over the JS, and since we were already planning on spending $2,500 on this cruise, I'm thinking of going with at least the GS 1BR. For two people who have never been in a true suite, and likely won't be in a suite again (at least not for a very long time) would the large balcony GS or the OS be a worthwhile upgrade cost?
  25. We are in the same Canadian "no refunds, only FCCs" boat so to speak... even though their T&C's clearly state that they will provide a full refund for the fare paid. Our cruise for May 23rd on the Seaside was cancelled by MSC. I actually ended up going through the USA site to complete the "full refund" form, and even rec'd an email confirmation with a verification number saying our refund would be processed in 60 days. I'm waiting to see if it happens, but if it does not, I will dispute the full charges with the credit card company. Regardless though, we will never cruise with MSC... ever. This was going to be our first cruise with them and right from the moment we first booked it's been a colossal pain in the butt dealing with them on absolutely everything! They're almost impossible to reach, and when I did finally get in touch with someone each time there was an issue (and there were many, many issues over the course of the last 5 months), half of the time the rep on the phone had no clue how to deal with the issue, and the other half of the time their systems were either "down" or just so messed up that they didn't even know how to work through them.
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