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  2. Thanks for the info on the Breeze. Thinking about booking a quick 4 day cruise on her in October for my girlfriends birthday, which also the second year of us dating.
  3. Thanks for sharing. If you happen to go to guest services can you ask if printed patters will be available after they go paperless. I'm sailing on the Grand in Sept. and am absorbing all the information. I am not using the APP so am interested in how boarding went to check in at the pier. If an phone is required to view the dining room menu I suppose they will have some regular printed ones. Thanks again for sharing.
  4. I'd like to know I anyone without the app got on board? I havenit but am curious about all those on here who talked about jot using apps
  5. We do live in Ottawa, so the "travel to Quebec" part is a complete non-issue. It's a twenty minute drive. But I agree that the idea of getting another shot is crazy, for a whole list of reasons. At the same time, if this turns out to be a thing with mixed doses only, and my vaccination status is the only thing standing in the way of my family's vacation, I might consider it. I got the first two doses for reasons that had nothing to do with my health, and everything to do with getting my life back. What's one more? For now I'm sitting tight and waiting to see what mi
  6. While I observe the same thing and share ClipperinSFO's cancellation concern, these voyages still show available on third party sites. Also, if Cunard were anticipating cancelling, wouldn't they want to also block out the 1/3/22 TA, which still appears?
  7. Well my turn is coming up to help them out. Maybe you just paid for a few future cruises. 🙂
  8. Sorry, not talking about discount coupons but the bonus FCC.
  9. Kind of in the same boat (so to speak). Airports, taxis, Ubers, etc all require mask wearing. So, that mitigates some travel Covid transmittal. And, I will only cruise on ships where the vaccinated rate is 95% or higher. Still, being vaccinated is the number one way to protect everyone. As you say, the cruise lines are doing their due diligence in requiring vaccines. It's navigating the airports, hotels, and taxis getting to and from the ship where there may be issues.
  10. I looked into the sun shades when we went to Half Moon Cay. We ended up finding lots of shady places to sit, so didn't have to worry about it.
  11. That quote was from Alice Roosevelt Longworth -- Teddy's daughter. Dorothy Parker has her own fabulous quotes....:-=)
  12. My mother is not going to be able to make the Alaska cruise so Im going solo. In the last 3 years since booking this cruise, her health has declined and she has early signs of dementia 😞 The plan is for her to "no show" but it is my understanding that her port charges will be refunded? Would that be in the form of an OBC or back to a credit card on file? Thanks in advance
  13. Doesn’t help with all the construction on the gulf freeway around FM 646 to further south. I live close to 646 and 45 and avoid it if I can.
  14. I was able to do that will a group of 8 family members for a March '22 cruise....and the three families were all different booking numbers
  15. Saw a post in one of the other threads, Star has a spare part that Jupiter needs - possibly an emergency. Jupiter is heading to Reykjavik now - had to bypass Westmann Island due to wind and high waves.
  16. Seems like Riley is doing pretty good now! Hope he decides to go back to cruising someday!
  17. Apologies, I got bogged down negotiating the government website and forgot the details of the original post! Agree post #4 and #9 seem to cover transit. One would hope if Royal Air2Sea transport is involved they have covered the requirements, but who knows? Having flown Houston to UK many times, flying in “the day of” and transferring to Southampton would not be my choice before a TA cruise, which is probably why I got diverted in my thought process!
  18. 1 hour 10 minutes would scare me at Heathrow. Hopefully you are in the same terminal with next gate nearby, and your seats are ticketed with boarding passes and bags checked thru. I personally would not be happy with that. I am surprised that they would book that little leeway. The shuttles are just as already pointed out. Steve
  19. Not yet, in my case for the Sept. 5th sail. Just an opinion, they are probably need to rid of some booked paxs to maintain a %.
  20. I think a lot of the increased YC prices has to do with the bidding system. And NCL did the same thing. MSC sells a decent percentage of YC cabins at the inflated prices then bids off the unsold to people that haven't been watching the prices and think they're getting a deal. That's what happened on the last couple of my sailings, I estimated about 25% of the YC passengers got there from bids. As a business model it evidently makes more money for the company. Look at the YC availability for some of the upcoming Fall Divina and Meraviglia sailings, usually MSC tries to hide the
  21. I believe there was something previously called the Best Price Guarantee, which by its name referred only to the price. But on the U.S. web site at least Celebrity shows a "Best Offer Guarantee," which specifically includes not only the best price but also promotions: "If the fare on your sailing is reduced or the promotion gets better, give us a call and we’ll honor your choice right up to 48 hours before you sail." (emphasis added) https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-with-confidence
  22. Well, if you answer the question on your form as YES, which would be accurate then I would guess so. We didn't realize this when we booked our August (just a few weeks ago) so close to our Sept (been booked forever)... going to have to do it too. But we are both vaccinated and both have had it too (prior to vaccination) so we should have "Super" antibodies and been good - I hope 😜
  23. Hi, price is one aspect. I was always wondering how some cruises can be offered for more or less the same price as my first cruise in 2009 on MSC. My experience is: the product has declined. Standard MSC cruise is not the same as 10 years before and YC is not the same as when it started. Price changes are visible. Changes in the product are tangible only if you are actually on a cruise or if you have good infos from others. If food in YC is not much better than MDR. If servcie is not much better. And if YC areas are going to be crowded, then I try to book MSC stand
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