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  2. No, not there but your go as it is close enough, only about 10 kms west as the crows fly. It was the Ranakpur Jain Temple near Sadri that I was after.
  3. Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling down. Good luck with the job hunting.
  4. Morning all, my day in the office yesterday and I was horrified to discover it was quite dark when I left home😔 Not happy at all, it was nowhere near dark 2 weeks ago, winter is coming! Walked home in quite warm sunshine though.
  5. Yes, I am well aware that other cruise lines (basically all of them) don't have this problem. This was our first Princess cruise and I really enjoyed it, except for this one thing. And I did tell them what I thought of it, in great detail, on my post-cruise survey. A few weeks after our Majestic cruise, we went on the Ovation (Royal Caribbean) and their app worked just fine with our stupid phones. No, we couldn't order food and drinks to be delivered to us in any location on the ship, but I was able to see menus, activities, shows and all the other things I needed.
  6. Then the soup with lobster and halibut so much food!
  7. Celebrity is using amenities and perks almost interchangeably. Note they say "As a guest of The Retreat, you’ll also enjoy a long list of thoughtfully curated amenities, starting with five perks that are now Always Included—a shore excursion credit, premium drinks, streaming Wi-Fi, tips, and an onboard credit to spend any way you like.*" (https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-deals/celebrity-suites-offer) And to add to the fun, they call it "All-Inclusive" in the browser tab: But the Terms suggest you don't always get these amenities with the Retreat/suites: "The Retreat Amenities: All guests who book The Retreat® on or after November 17, 2020 will receive the IndulgePackage at no additional charge. The Indulge Package provides a Premium Beverage Package, prepaid tips, and an onboard credit (“OBC”), plus an Unlimited Stream Internet Package for all guests in the stateroom. ... Offer is not combinable with Exciting Deals, Interline, Loyalty, Net, Travel Partner or Employee Rates." And the Resident Rate is part of the Captain's Club loyalty program: https://www.celebritycruises.com/captains-club/exclusive-offers/offer-details where they say "Offer applies to standard pricing in USD and CAD only and is not combinable with interline, loyalty, net, travel agent, and employee rates, or Always Included and Simply Sail." So if you book with the Resident Rate, it does not come with Always Included and you don't get the perks. You just have to look in many different places to find this out.
  8. Trying again… In the Ocean Bar the menu Interesting China
  9. No Kate has been promoted to Celebrity Beyond. Celebrity Edge new captain is
  10. So glad you had a. Fab and sunny time! You were certainly lucky with the weather….think we’ll have five days of rain but we still will enjoy the ship and the break from work! Yes, I love Bob Marley and will definitely be up there dancing! 🇯🇲❤️ Did you get to the Beatles tribute? What did you think of them? Shall we try to book tickets for WWRY while in the check in area? I’ll be disappointed if we don’t see it. Not seen the show before! We’re you just a little late trying for them or wasn’t there much availability? It looks like it was just two shows in the afternoons on sea days. Social distancing and mask wearing has almost stopped in Bristol now it’s just ‘advisable’. So it may get harder for the ship to implement this as times and attitudes change around the U.K. Did it feel safe on the whole? I guess you ate in the MDR mostly then? How was that? We’re you served quickly? Im guessing folk are on individual tables now. Thanks again Carole!
  11. You are only able to submit the incoming uk plf which has to have day 2 ref number 48 hrs before returning to UK, that's my understanding as form won't let you move on to next stage.
  12. The cruise line may not be the issue. Sorry that I cannot remember where I read this (within the last week and it was a reputable source like the US State Dept. website): Some countries have started putting an “expiration date” of 270 days (from your second shot) on their vaccination requirements for travelers.
  13. Not like any other, now it's a sports bar, lots of screens. Cellar Masters was a dead space on recent Slhouette with 50% capacity Craft Central was always busy.
  14. Thanks for all the help, I will try again this morning and hopefully have more success. mklions
  15. Pics below of the current (Oct 2021) QG suite menus for the mini bar and pillows. I know it’s sometimes difficult to find these in advance hence a separate thread.
  16. Thanks. Nothing there the name Cruise Critic listed. Very Helpful. Tom😀👍
  17. Much better then the prices here in B.C. In Kelowna at least it includes free parking at YLW! There doesn't appear to be any option for testing at SDM, Costco or Walmart here in B.C. I find Pandemic price gouging to be deplorable. Regards, Paul Healthy travel at YLW | Kelowna International Airport COVID-19 testing Whitecap RSCopen_in_new now provides on-site, asymptomatic COVID-19 testing at YLW for departing passengers who require a negative test prior to international travel. This testing is by appointment only. Cost: The PCR test is offered at $240 with results available within 24 and 48 hours. Rapid antigen test is offered at $120 with test results available within 30 minutes. Location: The facility is located at the south end of the Air Terminal Building. Parking is available at the location free of charge while testing occurs. Hours: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  18. We to use hump or, for people of a certain age, "tiffin". To hump also means to carry.
  19. I might add I haven't any gripe against Ryanair,in fact we use them several times a year.Cheap and cheerful,cabin crew friendly unlike some airlines I've been on.You just get what you pay for.Just wondering if any other airline carries out this practise.
  20. I thought I had a new gin resource here, but I can't find any such website. Are you having me on?
  21. Oh dear,the arsyness on this board hasn't changed.Just answer my question,simple really.
  22. Amd that’s why I always bring zip lock bags. If for no other reason than being cheap. I used to get some tuna sandwiches late night, and then bring them with us on our excursions if there wasn’t gonna be any food included. Now I just will put them in the frig for late night emergencies.
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