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  2. Thanks for one of the most epic trip reports I think I've ever read on Cruise Critic, Keith. I can't imagine how much time it took out of your journey to share all of that with us, but I sure appreciate all of your efforts. What an amazing trip! Vince
  3. I also saw was on the harmony when the second comedian was disgusting and not at all funny . I don’t care about language or sexual jokes , but this guy was crossing the line the way he was speaking about oral sex! I’m not a prude and I like to laugh, but he was not funny!!! I would have left , but they make u uncomfortable if u choose to do so! I realize it is adult comedy , but he was trying to make it pornography ! Worse yet I tried the family show and I really thought that for a family show smoking and drinking was not an appropriate topic for the whole show. Get rid of him !
  4. 49 days (7 weeks) before departure date the e-Docs are on your online account, also if you qualify, you can order them to be mailed to your house.
  5. They would certainly give you a refund, but it in theory could come in the form of a future cruise voucher. Using a credit card offers coverage. But does travel insurance? When that big hurricane damaged the eastern Carib islands and came through Miami, Southwest canceled my flight and issued a travel credit for a future ticket. My insurance didn't refund my money because I had already been reimbursed. I did end up finding and buying a first-class ticket and they did reimburse me for that, even though the policy says it will only pay for the same class of ticket. I did explain on the form that it was the only flight available and only first class was available. I also found out they would not reimburse stuff bought with points, even if those points have a money value. So, if I use reward points to pay for a prepaid non-refundable rental car, they won't reimburse it.
  6. Monday was Mega deck Party Friday was 80's Rock N Glow Party
  7. Thanks! We are boarding on the 26th and these look good! 🙂
  8. Does anyone know how many points you have to have on your slot card in order to get an invite to this? I cruised the end of Nov. 2018 and had over 10,000 points on my card for the week. \
  9. I was in a spa balcony cabin on the Breeze. There was a back entrance to the spa area that we used all the time. There were 4 women in the cabin (which is why we booked a spa cabin). The shower door was immediately inside the back door. Each night 2 of us would use the showers in the spa and the other 2 would use the cabin (first 2 that were ready went to the spa). There were 2 showers, one of which was handicap accessible. There were never any other people using the showers. It worked great for us. We didn't use any of the other spa facilities, we only wanted the showers.
  10. Also, sale prices are based on onboard prices not any previous online price.
  11. Yup, I am 6/5....but she is much...much younger. 😉
  12. You've got me beat on the detail. I just go with "shave kit" and sort of hope I was bright enough to remember after the last trip to replace or top-off every bath item I depleted. My responsibility for anything not electronics-related ends when I hand off the items to DW as she physically does the packing. Though my lists (hand-written, but saved going back a while) do specify exactly which shirts were brought. I know I'm not going to run into these people again and if I do they won't remember; but don't want photos from THIS cruise to have me wearing the same clothes as the LAST one.
  13. I cannot remember exactly but the lunch menu was divided in sections. I think one was called Pub Classics so you get the idea. I was trying to order from two sections. As each section only had about three starters and mains it was rather limiting to only be allowed one section. It had not been a problem the previous day. On on another occasion the wrong meal was delivered and the waiter would not believe it was not what had been ordered and do anything about it. Luckily enough of us had heard the order. It was resolved grudgingly. On another occasion I was doing back to back cruises in different cabins. I checked the procedure. All I had to do was move my luggage next door and visit reception. I visited reception three times before they would deal with me. Then they stopped me getting off the ship the following day as I had not registered my credit card. At reception I was told this was my fault. I started with how dare you accuse me of not following the correct procedure. After all they had never asked for my credit card in the three previous visits. The chief purser heard this and an apology was given On another occasion I had to ask three times for towels for my cabin. I do not mind having to ask once. Anybody would think I was asking for a favour to want towels. I could go on and on. Honestly I am really easy to please. I do not demand things. I do not ask for things that are not offered. Just get the basics right and I am happy. Best wishes, Stephen. PS. I three months I am back on Astoria.
  14. While you might see a small number of outlier schedules posted before, the vast majority of schedules will be posted right around the 330 day mark, just like the airline's websites.
  15. Good Morning from beautiful Alaska. We’re arriving at Icy Strait Point at 3:30 today. We woke up to such a beautiful view and spent our early hours just sitting on the balcony staring at the gorgeous view. This is only the start of the incredible scenery but I get it. I understand the allure of an Alaskan cruise and why so many of you say it’s your favorite. Before I recap all of yesterday here is today’s daily.
  16. Because, Suites and Pinnacles have tags for their luggage to be left outside cabin the evening before. That’s first luggage off. Escort is to Suites and Pinnacles luggage in the terminal and then out the door. Our luggage has always been there when we get off around 0730. Self walk off you schlep off your own bags.
  17. The MDRs are usually closed for lunch on port days. Sometimes Margaritaville and Food Republic are also closed on port days. You'll need to check your dailies to find out what is open for lunch. The buffet and The Local will always be open for lunch. Weather permitting, the laser tag, go karts, and water slides will be open on port days. You won't be able to book or pay for go karts or laser tag before you board. Those you will want to reserve as soon as you get on board on embarkation day. Some spa services and spa passes CAN be purchased through My NCL prior to sailing. You'll never have to take out your wallet. EVERYTHING goes on your on board account via your key card. Whether you have paid in advance or are being billed on board, you will have your key card scanned for every transaction and every activity. That's how they know if you have pre-paid or need to be charged. Have reservations at a specialty restaurant? They scan your keycard at the hostess stand. Have reservations to ride the go karts? They will scan your keycard at the entrance. Have the drink package? They will scan your keycard at each bar with each drink order. If the transaction is included in your perks or pre-paid, your account won't be charged. If it is a new purchase, the amount will go on your room account and will be billed to your credit card as a lump sum at the end of the cruise. Sorry, I haven't sailed over Christmas before, so I can't answer. My best guess is that the MDRs might have some sort of turkey dinner available and there will be "winter" decorations on board?
  18. So we've just been allocated our cabins, D189, D191 and D193 and I was a bit disappointed to see they were obstructed, however, they are shown as 'larger' cabins and we are all together which is a bonus. I know they are new cabins so this may be a long shot but does anyone have any info (or dare I ask photo's??) on these cabins. I wonder just how obstructed they are?
  19. When can I receive luggage tag to print? Our sailing is 9/23/19
  20. Yeah Google says 6 minute drive, 24 minute, 1.2 mile walk, something I would not want to do. I think finding out the last tender is the key, and I would not want to have to depend on making the last one.
  21. Looking for any information on the Teen Club; likes/dislikes, hours, activities, and if they are free to leave the club on their own ( we would prefer that our daughter doesn't)? We will be on the Caribbean Princess next month and I was hoping that my 14 year old daughter and 16 year old son would enjoy it. Thanks!
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