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  2. I didn't know you could order a bottle to your cabin once on board. Same price? I know if you buy on in the shop they hold on to it until after the cruise.
  3. I've heard this before as well. I sure wish that Princess would take your status into account when booking the package online ahead of time. We had it booked ahead of time and read that it was cheaper to just purchase onboard ... so, that's what we did. It really only saved us a little under a dollar a day to do it that way, so not sure if that was really worth worrying about. If it were a long cruise, maybe so ... but $6 less ?? It isn't the end of the world one way or another.
  4. Re: strictly enforced Dress Code on Cunard. Are you OK with wearing a suit and tie/tuxedo/dress shirt/dress shoes, every night? Your woman in an evening gown every night? 🤔 And the Cunard caste system for which dining rooms you are only permitted to dine in? 👍 Quite a change and move up from Princess. Enjoy your Cunard cruise should you decide to take the leap.
  5. I know why you reached out to CC for others experiences. If someone has had success, then maybe your circumstances would allow you to do the same. At least you'd be more forcefull in your request. But, even if everyone here says you can't do it, you never know. I would still call, as they have had some issues with Galapagos, and maybe you can use that in your favor. My experience has been that they won't change an entire reservation. I had booked 5 rooms, for family and friends, for a 40th anniversary, while on-board, when the Edge first opened up for booking, nearly two years out. As I didn't have everyone's full information, they put all 5 reservation originally in my name and address. Once I got home, our TA updated the reservations with everyone's names and birthdays, but left our address, as we were paying for everyone. As the date approached, we were delighted to find that one of our family was pregnant, and would be unable to cruise at that time. As luck would have it, we just happened to be talking to the best man from our wedding, the night after we found out about our Granddaughter, and we asked if they'd be interested, if we could switch the reservation. They said they would. I called our TA, who said, "Celebrity doesn't allow you to do that, but you know, because the reservation was originally in your name, and still at your address, I'll give it a try, you never know!" The big problem was that the price had more than doubled from our original booking, so I wasn't expecting anything. Our TA got back to us, and told us that she was told by the Celebrity Agent, that Florida law did not allow for the changing the booking, to keep speculators from reserving refundable rooms, and then reselling them online, if prices increased. I don't know if that is an actual law, but it does make sense.
  6. We were just in st Martin in January 2019 maho beach was pretty much restored from hurricane. Love that island. Supposed to stop again off Gem this fall. Hopefully
  7. Lunch at CocoCay was also a highlight. Those chicken sandwiches were so good. Wished the same could be said about lunch onboard.
  8. We did Enter the ship around 11.30. Be there early, you have paid for the first Day.
  9. Dining Hey, we all know dining is very subjective. For us, we are not necessarly picky, but when it’s bad, we say it’s bad. On this cruise though, I can’t say anything was bad! There was always plenty of food options to go around. On the Lido buffet for breakfast, DW really liked the omelet station on the starboard side. We tend to be early risers, so note that even though the buffet lines opened no later than 7AM, the omelet station typically opened around 8:10AM. Otherwise, the buffet had your typical morning fare, which we found to be okay given the volume that Carnival needed to produce. On Blue Iguana, LOVE it, but I like spicy things. I had breakfast there on the days I ate breakfast and loved it, in addition to the lunch I had on embarkation day. You can easily find the menus on line, and note that they have a salsa bar to spice it up even further if you desire. Breakfast was 7-10:30am and lunch was noon-3:30PM. Options for pork, chicken stek and vegetarian (I tried them all). On Guys Burgers, LOVE it, but shouldn’t LOL! Had this for lunch twice. I go for the basic greasy cheeseburger and then use the condiment bar to add what I want. Lots of options. They were very efficient in serving passengers, but there is sometimes a line. I never waited more than five minutes. The fries are salty and delicious too, but I seem to remember that they used to offer onion rings, but no more. They also offer an option for a “Bunless” burger if you desire. Open noon-6pm. On the Lido buffet for lunch, they had a theme each day. Two days it was a “Caribbean” theme with jerk chicken and other typical fare, an “American” theme at least once that I recall, and not remembering the others. In short, lots of options and very satisfying. One gem we did discover was the “Comfort Kitchen” section, which is the closest buffet area to the Lido deck pool area. Not sure how we missed it on previous sailings, but loved the food there (especially the chicken tenders – crunchy and I am sure not good for you)!
  10. I will have firsthand experience with the Cheers program for the fourth time later this week, so I can only give your secondhand knowledge regarding the Drinks On Us program. I have read that the two programs can't be combined so if you purchase Cheers any drinks obtained in the casino through Drinks on Us still count towards your 15 alcoholic drink limit. The way around this if you're going to consume more than 15 is to purchase some on your S & S card at the 13 drink limit and then consume your last two on Cheers before you go to bed. YMMV regarding utilizing the Drinks On Us card while playing in the casino only or getting a drink at the casino bar and not playing. I believe it depends on the ship and your particular sailing as to how it's enforced. I have read contrasting reports on the boards. Since you're traveling with two other families, I would just buy Cheers for the two of you and if the servers hook up your kids with non alcoholic stuff, it's on them. You'll be enjoying Cheers at various locations, so it's better than being tied down to the casino. You can also save 10% by pre-purchasing Cheers and save another 10% on Cheers as well as all of your spending on board and your final cruise balance for your fare by utilizing the AARP and Allstate gift cards. If you're not familiar with them, there are multiple threads you can search. And you don't need to have Allstate insurance or be an AARP member to get the 10% off cards. Good luck and enjoy your cruise next spring.
  11. Are you pricing it using the exact same VIFP rate? If the rate code/type you booked under in July has since expired and is no longer available to you, they will not price match nor will they upgrade your cabin selection. In that case cancelling and rebooking under a different VIFP rate is your only option. I recently learned this the hard way myself....
  12. Noordam is in nice and early. away head of the scheduled docking time. Not too busy in Juneau today. I hope it is a great day for all.
  13. My husband is a licensed drone pilot and understands airspace. I do all the research for our family vacations and he doesn't even know what questions I am asking.
  14. I assume OP is talking about their Seaside booking. The Fantastica cabin on deck 14 is almost guaranteed a good cabin location, only a very few have enclosed balconies. Bella balconies often have a drawback, the good locations often disappear fast. Cabins on deck nine directly overlook the promenade and smoke can be a problem on the starboard side. The cabins above the buffet are somewhat more shielded by a canopy. The cabins on deck nine above the atrium, sports bar, "news cafe" - now seaside lounge - and theater may get noise at night from below. Far forward and aft cabins on 9, 10 and 11 have enclosed balconies represented by shading on the deck plans. Other than that all you really lose is free room service and priority in choosing your dining time. So if you can find a good location Bella it can often be worth the savings. Mid ship deck 10 port side above the infinity bridge would be ideal to me.
  15. Sail away for me , but not for everyone!
  16. Nice list. I’ll have to show it to DH for upcoming cruises. I/he would eliminate suit and/or tux for X cruises and replace with a couple of nice button down shirts! Also wonder about alternate use for fabric softner sheets?
  17. remember when Breakaway came out, Rope course, minigolf, Basketball Court for kids/teens/grown up and they can play for free ass long es they want. ( open times ) new managment, new way to make money. it ist not only the activities with fees. remember the big vibe you have to pay for. Parents will be happy when their kids play the hole day for extra money.ha ha. truth is, they want to make more money on board the ships. that´s all.
  18. NC&KY

    Sign-In Issues

    Maybe I just needed to air my grievances. Suddenly letting me in.
  19. g - I believe that nj believes the dining experience will translate, to a great degree, to C's RC's... overall so her husband and other vegans will not have issues.... Thank you, bon appetite and bon voyage
  20. Which I believe is the point I was trying to make.
  21. Hi! We're taking our first HAL cruise in November on the Nieuw Statendam, and our second ever cruise (first was on the Equinox this past spring). I was wondering if they offer discounted dining packages while on-board, like Celebrity often does, or is it better to pre-purchase what restaurants we want prior? Also, is Nami Sushi strictly ala carte, or do they sometimes offer all you can eat specials? Thank you!
  22. You were able to purchase the "land guest" option no problem? Did they know you were a cruise ship guest? (I'm assuming you were) In that case just show ID that's not your seapass card? Just curious as the land guest package is a much better deal to me, and I understand the trip back to the pier is walkable instead of a cab.
  23. We stayed at the Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon and we loved the location. They do have a bus shuttle with a small fee, but we chose to take a Uber that we prescheduled thru the Uber app the night before.
  24. If Azamara did move in that direction what can the customer do if they don't like it, other than stop booking with them, nothing. Nobody on this forum seemed to like the idea of Veranda Plus but they went ahead with it anyway.
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