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  2. cruisegirl1

    Greek Salad on the Buffet

    Yes to one and two. Although, sometimes you have to ask for the salmon. We have asked for Tomato Juice and have been told it is not available. I even went to a bar to get Vodka and Tomato Juice ( without the vodka )and was told it was not available. They have a bloody Mary mix and sometime clamato juice at the bar. I know a few cans of soda are allowed, perhaps you can bring a few cans of tomato juice instead of soda. You can try to write it in but don't count on it. They may decide to bring (and charge you for ) a bloody Mary. enjoy M
  3. mcrcruiser

    Princess Service from Corporate Offices

    Thanks every one for your replies .All is OK
  4. nukesubsailor

    Medallion and Back to Back Cruises

    I leave in a couple of days for 3 cruises back to back. We have received our medallions in the mail already. The medallions show only the embarkation date. When we did back to back cruises in the past, the cruise card we got at check in showed the embarkation date and the end date of the last segment of the back to back cruises. My question is this---are the medallions we received good for all the segments of our back to back cruises? If not, will we be given additional medallions at the cruise ship terminal or aboard ship?
  5. If I were on board I’d be thrilled with going to San Juan instead of a Grand Turk. San Juan being our favorite port. I see this as an example of how two people on the same ship can have different views of the same cruise.
  6. On Carnival, if you cancel the third person prior to the final payment date, you may or may not incur a penalty, depending on which fare type you book under. If you book an Early Saver fare, then Carnival will assess a $50 cancellation penalty and then hold the remainder of her deposit as a future cruise credit. If you are doubting that she will be able to go, book a refundable fare type, so that they will refund the deposit if the cruise is cancelled prior to final payment date. After final payment date, fares are refundable on a sliding scale, with the penalties rising as it gets closer to sail date. This will not impact the fares for the first 2 persons in the cabin, as long as you realize that the are higher than the 3rd person fare 🙂
  7. Yeah, that makes more sense. I tried to talk one of the bartenders in giving me a Shiner Bock after day one saying: "I know you have more downstairs". But to their credit, they would not budge. Lesson learned. Next time l'll stock up on day one if possible!
  8. Thanks for posting this about the showers and sink in the room! I had no idea so I went and looked at some videos. Always great to get some good info!
  9. sandune

    Seasick OTC Patches/meds

    OK-I saw on my box of patches from last year that I had one refill, so I reordered. I went to pick it up today and they told me it was backordered (???)-no idea when and if they would be getting any in-they had heard they had stopped making the RX patch. Well as it stands at this moment in time-I have 2 left from last year-so 1 will go on at the beginning and the other will go on our way back north....and I will figure something out for the time we are in the smooth waters of The Caribbean!
  10. sasset


    I was wondering Alcántara, Santa Apolónia or Jardim do Tabaco Quay.
  11. costamayabeachresort.com - then click on "about" and it will show you a selection for "web cam"
  12. MikeBTN

    Haven vs. just Spa Package

    I just turned Platinum last cruise, so my feelings have probably changed on this recently. We've sailed exclusively in The Haven thus far, 6 or 7 sailings in the last 3 years. I, too, always do the spa package. Since I'm Platinum I'm virtually guaranteed to get Vibe passes now, which gives you the private, quiet sun deck away from the madness, so the Haven isn't quite as much of a draw. Yes, the Haven restaurant is nice, but I could also do a specialty restaurant each night and still come out FAR ahead money-wise. I don't ask a lot of the butler,. The biggest perks of the Haven that I would miss are the covered pool/hot tub area (on most ships), actual dinner in the state room (not just a room service menu), and the larger stateroom. But I can survive without all of those, especially at current prices. We may still do the Haven, but we may also start doing balcony and bidding, knowing that if we don't win the bid we'll still be very happy.
  13. yankees111

    First NCL cruise will be my last NCL cruise - Bliss

    I am glad NCL has changed the height requirement. From the reviews I have read it seems that little kids were driving the go karts too slow in general. Plenty of other things to do on the ship that are geared toward children.
  14. leaveitallbehind

    Which currency for MSC Preziosa

    US$ is fine everywhere in the Caribbean. I believe that would be the shipboard currency as well, although no cash is used. All shipboard transactions (except cash casino transactions) are charged to your room account and settled by credit card or prearranged on board cash account.
  15. Saint Greg


    Funny thing is when I said it depends on the bar/bartender as to whether or not you get a straw automatically. The one place you get a straw every time regardless of the bartender without asking? Lido deck. Good luck eliminating those with all of the frozen drinks they serve out there. Nobody is going to drink a Caribbean Colada or a Miami Vice without a straw.
  16. SeaBands

    ZPM credit

    I've gotten both zpm & zpn credits from past cruises when booking a new one. Have they dropped one of the credits as each person received $100 OBC.
  17. BoDidly

    ? What happened to the health form ?

    This is true ! Perhaps Carnival feels if you're healthy enough to pay thousands of dollars to them , you're healthy enough to cruise .
  18. idahospud

    cost of Almaplena day pass

    That sounds way high. A couple years back we paid $64 a person and that included transportation. How many people are in your group?
  19. Flatbush Flyer

    New to O, have some questions, appreciate any help

    OP: At Toscana, order Aragosta Fra Diavola.
  20. Diamond lover

    Opinion of Select Anytime Dining

    In my book if they mention the rating with pretty well every course they serve AND at the end of the meal on your last two dinners (and one lunch) I consider that overkill, I call that pleading. Its just a shame they feel they HAVE to do this. Also on day of departure when we went for breakfast we were absolutely snubbed by our waiter. Felt as though it was because we didnt add additional gratuities at last dinner. Maybe not, but we all felt that way.
  21. I spoke to someone from your cruise who is also on this cruise and she mentioned how smooth last week was compared to this week. Remember that huge cold front came through Sunday/Monday. For us the worst is today but that’s because of our position. We are enjoying it very much. Eden has been a pleasant surprise. It has had pre-dinner entertainment each night and the 2 groups we saw were very good. Alonso we’ve eaten lunch twice at the Eden Cafe. I’m still trying to get my head around the Martini Bar/Grand Plaza, sometimes I love it others “get me out of here”. It is very crowded pre-first seating. We are on deck 11, this might be a fluke of 3 things happening simultaneously.
  22. arsenalboy


    Please don't believe that the majority of people living in the UK are reluctant to tip, that is disingenuous.
  23. jennadanielle

    Cupcake Bakery on new Navigator?

    Thank you everyone! Wow - the dry dock refurb pics in that one thread are amazing! Is that poster working on the ship, do you know? Too funny - we looked at several ships last year before booking NOS and I guess I got mixed up and thought this one had the cupcake thing. Bummed, but so much else to look forward to! 🙂
  24. fount

    Vow Renewal on Motu Mahana

    I apologize for getting you two couples mixed up! Happy Anniversary to both of you!
  25. We'd opt for the Eden Elite gathering or other dedicated space...not for unlim drinks as I drink Club Soda, mostly,,,but to be with other loyal cruisers.and maybe and hopefuly less crowded.!
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