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  2. Any bumper cars I have ridden in the US went mainly one direction. In Sicily, many years ago, I had a great time on what might be called a "free for all" ride. It was cool to do as a 25-year-old.
  3. If the tug is trying to put a tow line aboard Viking Sky - this is a similar incident in rough seas.
  4. Thank you all for your replies, we sailed on the Ruby in August 2017.
  5. Bidding opens 80 days prior to departure. Waiting only minimizes your chance of getting an upgrade, esp if there is a lot of inventory available (they move people up so that they have “cheap” rooms to offer and fill the ship).
  6. The Mereviglia sample is too small to be accurate. And yes MSC, particularly in the Caribbean, does seem to attract more than it's fair share of whiners.
  7. Interesting to find this out. Will be on the Nieuw Statendam next year on a Norwegian cruise and visiting the town near where this Viking Sky ship is undergoing the evacuation. Still hopeful as these things do happen and it's unfortunate but we can't stop living. We just have to be reminded to be humble every now and then and consider the bigger things in life and realize how good we sometimes do have it. Hope everyone on the Viking Sky is okay!
  8. Do you know if this is this absolutely 100% ? I too worry about the idea of missing the ship. We are very careful but stuff happens, say for example some injury or medical issue happens on shore? Thank you all once again for taking the time to help us all out One more thing, for those of us who are not from the USA maybe we do need our passports?
  9. Would love to hear more . . . please post if you do a review.
  10. Hi all, Have never sailed with RC, but looking at Allure of the Seas Boardwalk Balcony cabin 10729 for late 2020. I noticed some other RC ships have that massive purple slide at the back (Abyss). Does anyone know if there are plans for a slide at the back of Allure of Seas? Would hate to book a cabin and then find a slide built next to it! Also, can you prebook restaurants before the cruise? Thanks
  11. Thinking of booking the Horizon and getting an inside cabin in the Havana area. Most of the cabins are on deck 5 but there are a couple on deck 6 and 7. What deck would you recommend if you had a choice?
  12. A few times I’ve tried to take advantage of fare drops when I’ve had an accessible cabin only to be told there are no cabins in that category available, even though there are other balcony (non accessible cabins) so no can’t do it.
  13. You can only bring wine in when you first board, not at a port stop. If they find it, they will take it from you, but they will return it the last night.
  14. They are legit, we did the Grand Tour last summer. You don’t pay any money up front, just at the end if you are satisfied. And we were. It was an excellent introduction to the city, and a good use of our time after a very early morning arrival, when we could not check into our hotel.
  15. I normally don't cruise on Carnival and in fact, I haven't been on a Carnival ship in approximately 7 years. You're more than welcome to do your own research but it's certainly split between Dining, Housekeeping, and Alternative Services. Perhaps you can start a post on the Carnival boards where you can seek further information should you prefer not doing research? If this January was your first cruise in 37 years, well, a lot has changed since then and the attendant from room service is definitely receiving at least some portion of your automatic gratuity. Even Heald will tell you:
  16. Not sure how old your kids are but it is quite easy to walk the whole length of the malecon - it is a little over a mile, with most places being around the half-way mark. Blue Kay is certainly not isolated like Maya Chan but it did have space between loungers. Not sure if you have seen the following thread but someone on a cruise this week has promised an up to date review of Blue Kay when they return, which may help you in your decision.
  17. I don't know where you get your information, but Canadian medical does not cover costs in the USA. And we don't need to go to the US for operations, we do just fine here and never have to go bankrupt for a simple operation.
  18. Has anyone traveled with an infant? My daughter is 15 months. When we ordered the Medallions, she didn't get one because children 3 and under don't get Medallions. How do they check babies on and off the ship? She was on her first cruise at 8 months and had her own cruise card for this purpose.
  19. Of course! I love to share and hopefully help others with my videos. Thank you for watching 😊
  20. With the chance of 'winning' (in this context dying in a terrorist attack) being vanishingly small. People really have no intuitive grasp of the meaning of risks associated with ultra-low probability events.
  21. Is the room accessible? The scooter may not fit thru the door.
  22. There are many other ways to see them. Personally, I’d fly to Yellowknife (or any number of other places) to see Northern lights (at a fraction of the price of a cruise) and enjoy a cruise to Norway in the summer when you can really enjoy the beauty Norway. JMO.
  23. Some Canada/NE cruise compasses posted here from last year: https://www.*****.com/cruise-compass?ship=281 No guarantees those will be the show times going forward but gives you a general idea what to expect.
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