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  2. You are right! They also haven't released a statement denying the tigers roaming throughout Top Sail in the YC, or the Polar Bears using the F1 Simulator. They need to be more transparent!
  3. Already have a cabin but this one is available & by the deck plan looks great. I know that can be deceiving. Thinking of changing. Anyone ever stayed in one of these ? opinion please thanks
  4. Why do people get so cranked up about Pins wearing their name tags? I agree that it's tacky in some situations (saw someone wearing one on a t-shirt at the pool last week), but it's also tacky to wear loud Hawaiian print shirts or sneakers with knee high socks. None of that affects me or my cruise experience one bit. Wear what you want to wear. Be happy.
  5. Posted on American Queen Steamboat Company site https://www.americanqueensteamboatcompany.com/blog/how-does-a-steamboat-work/ "What makes the American Queen different from most of the riverboats in existence today is that a true steam engine is used to drive the paddlewheel. This steam engine is basically the same as the engines of the past century. How does a steamboat work then, you may ask? The American Queen’s stern wheel is driven by a four-cylinder, horizontally-inclined, tandem-piston, steeple compounded, double-acting reciprocating steam engine. "
  6. They used to be but no longer. All charged.
  7. I think this is a European thing. "Sausage" in Europe is often Vienna sausage like things.
  8. Does RCC or independent travel insurance cover anything that a premium credit card does not cover?
  9. So, as of 8/23 they had not. In fact, the butlers brought me Pringles whenever they saw me and kept my room stocked. This was actually brought up pre-covid and there was (as is typical with MSC) lots of confusion on the subject. I've never experienced this, but others have. I personally believe you can get whatever you want, but if you try to abuse it then they will "invoke" the rule. I've never been told "no" to anything in the YC so far, but then again I don't ask for much...just Pringles 🙂
  10. Did they strictly adhere to scheduled check in times at the pier for embarkation? We were assigned 200PM. Repeated requests for earlier times were told absolutely no earlier check in. Todays call was quite rude in fact that no one could check in earlier.
  11. I have had balcony directly across from elevator, and we heard nothing.
  12. Upgraded cabin it is! And some speciality dining with whatever is left over. But all suggestions were appreciated.
  13. A report on LBC just now from a large filling station in Chiswick. A dozen cars in the queue and 2 tankers waiting to unload. It may be that Grant Shapps was right after all. No real shortage, just a vast spike in demand. Plenty of carrots in the shop just now.🤣
  14. Yes we are in May. They are in a room and my husband and I are in an adjoining cove balcony.
  15. I’d say it’s dependent on your itinerary. If it’s Alaska or Europe I’d upgrade the excursions. If it’s a Caribbean cruise I’d definitely upgrade the cabin. We’re on Oasis right now in our first GS and it’s a much better experience than a regular balcony cabin. And if you’ve got even more after that I’d do some specialty dinning reservations. Have fun whatever you choose!
  16. Sorry. Not going to debate you, on semantics or otherwise. You have an opinion that is clearly engrained in the status quo. Mine is not.
  17. this crystal referral program ended several years ago. Nancy
  18. I use any old card that I leave in my suitcase. These are usually just the last cruise/hotel I was at. You put it in the slot and the lights (and more importantly to DH the TV 😂) come on. When you go to leave, simply lift the card a bit (you'll feel the click) and it stays right in the slot, ready to push down and engage the lighting when you get back.
  19. Thankyou for confirming. Hope you enjoy your cruise.
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