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  2. Interesting email from Barbara Muckermann this morning confirming about 90% of the calls of the WC22 but removing stops in Namibia and Madagascar, the overland to the Victoria Falls has also gone.
  3. I received a free cruise offer yesterday from Comps on the House and took them up on their offer and booked this cruise. My offer was for a window cabin but we upgraded to a balcony. We’re Diamond Plus on Royal Caribbean and Prime on Casino Royale so I’m guessing they somehow got my information because I gamble on cruise ships. Since we’re from the Chicago area and we have to fly in to cruise, we don’t normally book any cruises under 7 days but we couldn’t pass up this offer.
  4. Smart thinking there. Keeping your options open.
  5. We are in California. Royal used to sail out of LA a few years ago and then stopped. We sailed on her quite frequently, 3, 4 and 7 day cruises down to Mexico. Can't give an opinion since its been awhile. We have three cruises booked right now - all on different lines. They all have things we like and things we think can be improved, but it beats work with whatever line it is.
  6. Sthrngary what insurance company do you use? We are looking for travel insurance right now and are trying to decide between insurance just for the first cruise at this time or getting a yearly travel insurance since we have a few trips planned.
  7. Our son created a time lapse from the camera at the AC locks. IMG_7230.mov
  8. Welcome to the Daily. What a beautiful baby. I'm sure she brings you a lot of joy.
  9. One of my girlfriends is like that. I’ve been told I’m a fast eater by a former SO, but my girlfriend is done with her meal while I’m barely half done.
  10. msmayor, thanks to you also. Perfect info for my 3 hour flights
  11. Just to be anal, 16 and up is full approval.
  12. Thanks again. I was able to locate it with your guidance 🙂 Much appreciated.
  13. I hope you mean they tested negative- meaning they do not have Covid. I am taking the November 5 cruise and chose HAL specifically because they said everyone including crew would be vaccinated
  14. Yeah, the casinos aren't going to tell us just what the formula is that they use. I most definitely do NOT spend huge amounts in the casino although I do typically spend some time in there each day. More on sea days, of course. I play both slots and Roulette. Sometimes I blow through my daily gambling allowance quickly. Other times, I can play for a couple of hours on very little. Luck, you know? I have 30 cruises on Carnival and while I always have some sort of casino fare, it's usually just a slight discount and maybe some casino chips. After my 1st sailing on HAL about 10 years ago (as the 3rd pax in a cabin), I started getting offers. Back then, they came to me via snail mail and by the time I got the mailer, the cheapest cabins were sold out. I'm sailing in a couple of weeks on a "free" offer. Sure, it's an inside cabin with "only" $100 of casino chips and drinks while gambling, but I'll take it! I sail in inside cabins most of the time anyway. I just booked a B2B Alaska yesterday. As long as HAL wants me to cruise virtually for free, I'll go whenever I can fit it in my schedule.
  15. Gladly change Grand Turk for Curasao, will miss HMC, was looking forward to a relaxing beach day.
  16. Yes, 72 hours prior to the schedule departure. I used incorrect language 🙂 Thank you for pointing that out I would hate to mislead any fellow cruise critic travelers. It would not allow me to edit the post.
  17. Let me know if they respond to you. We are planning on going to Walgreens to be tested before our cruise.
  18. Well, with Princess pricing and gazillions of cabins for sale at any one time, there can always be anomaly examples. Also, I wouldn't use a Drop 'n' Go fare quote as "situation normal'. The above indicates PLUS costing $330 for 7-nights which is $47.14/day/pp for PLUS which is a slight premium and always possible with DnG fares. The second one is $107.57, but also a DnG example. If a "normal booking' situation is used (I selected Enchanted in FEB 2022), you will see that the PLUS upcharge is $400 ($40/day) for double occupancy. Switch to single and the SAVER fare doubles as expected, but the PLUS for a single is still only $400 more. This makes sense as a single only owes single Crew Incentive and only needs single internet and is not allowed double the drinks per day. It is very clear to me that the general policy is the single cruisers only pay single price for PLUS, but special sell-offs can make a variation there for sure and the single cruiser can just pay as they go and be ahead of the game with the reduced SAVER fare.
  19. One of the things to consider is that many, many cruises are now heading to HMC and that other 'near FLA' port options remain limited. Moving Freedom out opens a door for another cruise ship on a 4 or 5 day itinerary. As mondello said, getting all 3 of the ABCs is a rare treat. Embrace the opportunity.
  20. Wendy, I've responded on the Celebrity board.
  21. Bungee jumping off the North Star on Quantum class ships!! Or Extreme Belly Flop contest off North Star! I can see it now, North Star being added to ships as part of AMP 2.0 in a few years.
  22. A version of he old Burger King: "Have it you way" might be a good choice since we live in a world where many don't like to be told what they can or cannot do Ads for Liberty Mutual which say: "You only pay for what you need" reflect the same. The choice is a business choice and Celebrity is free to do whatever they choose and we can decide for ourselves how we respond.
  23. Yes...my credit card has insurance. I'll ask the rep when booking....just in case the policy changed.
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