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  2. Looking forward to following your travels! Bon Voyage!
  3. Magnetchief

    Serving alcohol to a 18 year old

    Never heard of that rule before.
  4. CC Rider 69

    Medallion update

    I just talked to Princess rep, my cruise was too far out. Once it gets closer and is PIF my info can be downloaded.
  5. hockeyluver

    ? What happened to the health form ?

    Great !! thanks
  6. pacruise804


    Does anyone else remember using twizzlers as straws as a kid 😄
  7. So sad and sorry to hear that. Some of those Central American countries have such a difficult time being stable. El Salvador too.
  8. Tampa Girl

    Cruise internet pricing?

    O.K. That does narrow it. Yes, HAL does have internet packaging for the whole trip. Obviously it depends on the length of the cruise. We just got off an 89-day cruise. There were three levels of unlimited internet pricing. The middle level, which I believe was the "Surf" level, was $599 for 82 days. HAL refused to include the additional seven days, although they had added those days to the voyage. I was told by our NS concierge that the price was the same if you waited until boarding. However, HAL is changing its mind faster than I change my clothes, so don't count on it. Best you call HAL, and you may or may not get a correct answer. Did you book through HAL or a TA? Call either your Cruise Consultant or your TA. Good luck!
  9. cruzrbachoua

    Medallion update

    I just downloaded it and tried to set up a profile...it failed...not sure how it can fail when all it asked for was my name, email and a password......not sure what it is trying to compare to but I used the exact same info I have for the princess site. We will be on the Royal this November and according to notice we should have the medallion......oh well...
  10. helenb

    Opinion of Select Anytime Dining

    Thank you, I will go check it out!
  11. Lots of snow and cold here. Wish I was back on the Symphony. Even if there was no snow here I wish I was back on the Symphony.
  12. You can click on any of the sailings listed, it doesn't have to be yours - you should see both the menus and prices listed.
  13. If he goes the birth certificate route he will also need a government issued picture I'D, a driver's license works for that.
  14. Hello all. We have booked the excursion "Relaxing Rome" for our cruise on Explorer 2 in early June. It is advertised as 6 hours and I would like to ask anyone that has done this trip what time roughly do you get back to the ship? The reason for asking is that we would like to book Surf & Turf for that evening and was wondering what time we should book the restaurant for. Thanks in advance.
  15. beshears

    Carnival Fascination Elegant nights

    Kenny, thanks for informing us of elegant night on the Fascination. I have a question. I have heard a lot about Chef's Table, but have no clue what it is about. What is the cost? Do they prepare/give you different food than what is at the MDR? In other words, what's so special about it?
  16. Dauntless

    Southern Mediterranean Discovery ... a Review

    I'm looking at the one that goes from Barcelona to Copenhagen. I forget the name of it. I call it the outside of Europe. Though I've been to Barcelona and Copenhagen, there are still things I would like to see there.
  17. Selbourne

    What to insure

    Peter - My wife has a degenerative condition that, whilst it unfortunately means that she is now a wheelchair user, is unlikely to result in a sudden medical emergency. We are also in our 50’s. I quite understand that with many conditions, such as the one that your wife sadly experienced, it may rule out such policies. Fantastic news that she is now clear though. Unfortunately there is no cure for my wife. We had free bank travel insurance for many years, but when we had to declare my wife’s condition they wanted an extra payment that exceeded the cost of the total policy with Aviva. As you rightly say, age is also a big factor in premiums (as with most types of insurance) so we shall be expecting hikes as we get older. Well worth everyone exploring though, if only to discount it.
  18. cruisetimeusa

    Paying in US Dollars

    I asked customer service and a supervisor. Thanks for your suggestion, I will try that.
  19. help@cruisecritic.com will come to the community team and we can decide who the email is best to be addressed by 🙂
  20. davekathy

    Opinion of Select Anytime Dining

    Yes you can just up for SD without reservations. You can also make reservations in your CP. Under dining and beverage click on Select Dining and then add to cart. The process is straight forward from there. You will need to repeat the process for each evening you want reservations even if you want the same time each evening.
  21. Thank you, I am mainly using my Samsung S8+ and for longer shots a Sony RX6. But as photography was my profession for the last 48 years I can tell you that it is the eye that matters not the equipment. Anyway it can't always be fun, see the picture below
  22. XBGuy

    Procedures with Traditional Dining

    Lorri, if you opt for traditional dining and find you've been assigned to a larger table with other passengers, go see the Maitre d' as soon as possible on embarkation day. (In fact, even if you think you've been assigned to a two-top, you might still see him to confirm.) He will be in one of the dining rooms, and his hours will be published in the Princess Patters that is in you cabin. Ask him if you can be switched to a two-top. If at all possible, he will accommodate you. If it is not possible, tell him you would like to switch to Anytime Dining. He should have no problem with that request.
  23. Canuker


    OP: go with the auto tipping. 1. You'll be extra-glad - and proud - you did. 2. You can't take it with you - make it work and be reward for work well done, while you are still here. 3. They bend over backwards for you. And when you can't look them in the eyes, they know why. 4. Disprove the myth about the location shown in your masthead. 5. Have a great cruise - one to brag to the folks back home about - and keep such happy memories.
  24. scubacruiserx2

    The South American and Antarctic experience on the Zaandam

    Flora and fauna One of our guides used a bird call recorded on their cell phone to attract this Austral Thrush
  25. Biker19

    New Program called "The Key"

    Don't think so.
  26. taglovestocruise

    Combine BOGO & Additional Dining Package?

    We have done it several times. Last cruise on Symphony we had the BOGO, the 3 night and the 5 night. We canceled the 3 night a few days before sailing and received a fully refundable OBC. Also had a BOGO and a 5 night on the Indy TA two years ago. On Oasis class they no longer pre assign the first night, you just make all reservations once onboard, even though you pick your times in the planner nothing is pre booked. good luck.
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