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  2. It was a private tour that we booked on their website.
  3. The only major cruise line ship that was non smoking was Carnival Paradise. It was in the late 90s and they even would not allow smoking during construction. The crew was also non smoking. Loads of threads on most boards about it. It only lasted a few years. There was a also a rumor that they banned waffles on board but that was never confirmed.😀😎
  4. In Belfast there are really only cobblestones in one street; everywhere else will accommodate a scooter. If they're taking a private tour, the coastal drive from Belfast to the North Coast doesn't involve having to get out of the car at all. Obviously Giant's causeway & carrick-a-rede rope bridge are ruled out for them due to the terrain. But everything else is scenic and can be viewed from the car e.g. Glens of Antrim, Carrickfergus Castle, Dunluce, views over the rope bridge. If your father is interested in golf then Royal Portrush golf club is along the coast (this is where one of the 4 majors is being held this year - The 148th Open) Same for Belfast itself, it's possible to spend a couple of hours driving round Titanic Quarter, Cathedral Quarter, the peaceline/Murals & City centre with minimal walking as everything can be driven right up to.
  5. On 17/8 BI cruise we leave Greenock at 2am so not a true overnight stop dont know if it is the same for all BI cruises or just those in August to allow time to return to ship from the Tattoo.
  6. I don't know the answer to your question, but in Norwegian media it has been reported that BOTH anchors were dropped - so maybe one on each side because of the rough sea? ( I am just guessing).
  7. This is a cruise forum and most people here are interested in cruising. Of course climate changes, poverty, human rights etc. are more important than the small problems the rich cruisers have. But as I said this is a cruise forum so other things may be discussed somewhere else. If the OP had mentioned "real" problems I shouldn't have mentioned the things I mentioned. Compared to poverty high prices for cruising is not a problem!
  8. Also check out Streetwise - it rewards you for your driving, but you don’t have to be a customer of any specific insurance company. You can even use it concurrently with the Allstate app.
  9. Sailing on the Regal March 31st
  10. Appreciate these very kind comments and this follow-up from Got2Cruise. Good luck with your upcoming "adventure" in charming Portugal. In order to help build your excitement and share with others, below are some of the visuals from my live/blog to document why Porto created such "love" in our hearts towards this historic town. Don't be shy with any and all questions. THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio SE Asia/Mekong River, Etc.! Live/blog from early 2018, first adventure through SE Asia, stops in Hong Kong and Bangkok, before exploring all over Vietnam and Cambodia, seven days sailing on the Mekong River. Now at 45,179 views. www.boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2591474 Here are three of my initial visual samples from visiting Porto on June 15, 2017. Loved doing a small-craft sailing along their historic town areas near where Port wines are stored and sold. Plus, seeing the famed tile designs inside their rail station, etc. Will have more pictures to prove why Porto was so super special with its architecture, iron balconies, etc.: Here is some more Porto "eye candy" examples for the style and architecture of this second largest city in Portugal. Like these arched steel bridges?: Yes, we visited a Port wine warehouse and sampled two different kinds of their famed drink. Yes, it was super good and not too sweet. Very tasty!!:
  11. If you remember, I just used carryon luggage. So, disembarking was easy. I grabbed a coffee and a croissant from Garden Cafe and was off the ship around 9:30 a.m. Only way I can figure to sum this up is with the last day’s view the last full cruise day and my 3 hour airport wait in the Delta Sky Club...... Hope you enjoyed the review and perhaps caught a few tips along the way. Thanks for following.....
  12. Cannot fail but endorse all that has been said. We were previously quite devoted Princess cruisers with elite loyalty status...but no longer !! Crystal is now our choice and will continue to be, as long as our finances allow. We book a low grade cabin, which we find absolutely fine and we still enjoy everything that Crystal has to offer. Others have already explained many aspects at which Crystal excels but can I add one other, the daily activities schedule, especially on sea days. Truly exceptional and no charge for any of them !! For our newbies, make sure you book early for the close up magic show as well. Looking forward to our next cruise in November already.
  13. Looking for January 31 and February 14 ,they were missing.not March sailings
  14. Well said, Schazzy. Ultimately, it is up to Carnival to implement the drink packages that they see fit for their business. And ultimately it is up to each of us to determine on which line we sail.
  15. I placed two orders last month and got them in a week. Just placed an order yesterday so we’ll see. My category is sold out for my August cruise so I’m going to make that final payment and start on February.
  16. You can always break bills in the casino while at sea.
  17. Hope Nieuw Statendam is able to get out on time. A friend on board this past week texted me to say they were still having power issues this morning, and although she was in the 8am debarkation window, it was 10:30 before she was able to leave the ship. She mentioned many of the arriving passengers lined up outside - so it sounds like a bit of a messy day for them in Port Everglades today. Sue/WDW1972
  18. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about people massed together so that there are always three or four people in front of the food, any of the food, everywhere. You have to wait to get to the front. Or you can shove. On the Meraviglia, in the Med, last October, shoving was the preferred way of dealing with it. It was nearly universal. And I am not talking about kids. The kids were actually fine. There were a lot of them, of course, and sometimes they're rowdy, but they're kids. It's not a problem. We never got irritated with children. It's adult elbows in my face that I object to. You know those ropes they put up to make lanes when you're boarding, or when you're leaving, those portable barriers? (Not the in the buffet, but in the terminal, for example, or in the atrium to lead people to the exit.) You know how the passengers on the Meraviglia viewed those? They saw them as suggestions. They went over them or under them. Only chumps like us stayed in our lane. And if they slam into you in the process, well, that's all part of the game. What amazed us was how everyone just accepted this as normal. Nobody cared as long as there wasn't a fist fight. One of my nightmares while on board was that there would an emergency and we'd need to evacuate. Just imagining it made me shiver.
  19. Hi thanks for the replies - much as I expected. Think it may have been a 1 day glitch that the outside went so low, it has gone back up so its now a little more than we paid for inside. Maybe they got the outside price wrong or perhaps got a load of emails asking to upgrade for free. We would have booked later but particularly wanted to go to Kleipedia and didnt want to miss out as it doesnt look like they are going next year. A few other cruises do but some will have German as the first language and flying would be involved I am sure there must be a lot who paid more than us as we got ours in a 3 day sale - £75 each off. and its now £100 each less than that. I have added the prices in Jan and the lower ones are now around £200 less across the range though ours was an intermediary price as the cheapest had gone I dont know how they actually do that as we dont know what inside we have until we get to the ship We will just have to make it up hitting the included drinks 🍸🥂🥃
  20. well I hope you reported them to management The server & Maitre'd offered to have the cook add more coconut milk to dilute the spiciness ..it did not work It would have been better if they just made a new dish with a lighter hand on the spice bottle 🙂
  21. Sad for those on board passengers and crew, the injured, the folks airlifted, those with cancelled res, but so far all survived..good news! Perhaps the only ship that might have handled this better is QM2( just a guess) .It is an ocean liner built super strong...versus a cruise ship. We were on QM2 trailing a hurricane in the Atlantic and had very rough waters and high swells...We could barely feel it move midships. Happy that time b/c we booked an inside Atrium view stateroom.. felt safe and cozy!
  22. Not big on sea food or wine but definitely sweets and toy shops would be good. Definitely don’t intend to spend too much. It’s more like lunch or snacks and then maybe one of the tour buses
  23. Keep in mind VO ships only hold 930 pax. (That’s why we love them!)
  24. Be interesting as to how many future cruises get cancelled, what was the cause of the problem, and the mitigation.
  25. It may depend on where you are embarking. When we did a cruise only with Avalon, we dropped our bags at the hotel in the morning, then had to meet back at the hotel late afternoon, at which time we were bussed to the ship, as a group. This is different from our Uniworld experiences, where we could arrive as early as we wanted. IIRC, others have had different experiences on Avalon. Robin
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