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  2. Not an ideal reply ...simply as I have not sailed Celebrity! Also you did not make clear your experience choice (Bella through to YC)? But I would certainly recommend MSC as a viable opportunity. Two different class of ships, though both large and with excellent reviews on here. Divina....only sailed her sister Fantasia and that was a great trip on a fantastic vessel. Seaside...have recently (four months ago) completed a long sailing on her sister Seaview which was excellent. Do not agree the only way to enjoy, benefit from or reach any kind of standard in in YC ...the experience is obviously industry leading (it sells out and virtually first on most sailings!), but you can certainly enjoy MSC away from YC.
  3. I'm taking a couple of ship excursions on our Venice sailing plus a private excursion. How much do you tip the tour guides? Does anyone also tip the bus drivers?
  4. You may find that a bag of laundry is free on a long voyage. Mebbe two on a 42-day cruise. JB
  5. We were on her in February and would gladly book her again. Cannot help with the cabin selection.
  6. Great list. Will modify for personal use such as adding travel shirts/lowering Polos and adding pj’s. And a few electronics. Thanks! Den
  7. On a recent 14 day Princess cruise, Uncle Festus, wore this every night in the MDR. No problem being allowed in the MDR. He feels most comfortable in his overalls. We had to convince him to wear a nice shirt. On his farm, Uncle Festus never wears fancy clothes. He usually wears jeans, and tee shirt😁👍
  8. Looks like I can only upload one photo at a time. This will take eons!
  9. Celebrity has an hourly rate of $27.99 and a full daily rate of $55.00 in addition to the full cruise rates. Both of these rates have Continuous written after the price so may be a one shot and your done. You might check the new "Surf" rate for the entire cruise. Also if you are a Captain's Club - If Elite you will get free 90 minutes each and if Elite Plus you will get 240 minutes each
  10. Good point, we've done that a couple of times and the taxi wait has been less than 5 minutes.
  11. I've stayed in both-- from a room standpoint the Pan Pacific I thought was hands down the nicer of the two and you cant beat the location attached to the cruise terminal. Not to throw a total wrench in it, but I prefer the Fairmont Waterfront (also right there at the cruise terminal) by far over both Auberge and Pan Pacific.
  12. thx. sticking with HR. love the toasted brioche roll but am thinking of trying the crab roll this time around
  13. I have often read of people booking transfers from the ship to an airport and no-one's ever said they had to prove they were actually flying out. Quite why Cunard are being so difficult for transfers in the opposite direction I have no idea. It makes no business sense. I'd happily use public transport if I didn't have luggage but the combination of that, and travelling solo, and it not being direct, doesn't make it a viable option. I've tried looking at car service from a couple of companies recommended on CC but for some reason their online systems won't accept my hotel as a pick-up point, when I choose it from the drop down menus they default to the airport. If I try with the street address it's as if it doesn't exist. It seems crazy that I've very easily been able to book every aspect of my trip online, including 2 Atlantic crossings, but the bit that is proving the most difficult is the relatively short journey between EWR and Red Hook!
  14. MSC has announced plans to home port two of their ships in South Africa. I hope that X will follow suit and offer new itineraries to South Africa also. It would be nice to have new and different locations to visit. https://www.travelmole.com/news_feature.php?c=setreg&region=2&m_id=s~T_bnvs~&w_id=36574&news_id=2038883
  15. I can’t speak for Phil, but I am aware that stateroom class provides various “perks” even on Azamara. However, as opposed to a mass market ship, what distinctions should be made on Journey which carries only 650 passengers? I have no problem with a butler and complementary access to the speciality restaurants as a perk in a Club Continent Suite. Those really have minimal impact on others. But on our last cruise a staff member, once she noticed the colour of my sea pass and the prority it provided, apologized for stopping me on the way to the tenders. Wouldn’t it just be better/simpler if we all had the same rules on such a small ship? It felt like I was “jumping the queue”. We just finished a suite experience on one of the “Mastodons of the Seas” and have sailed in Aqua Class on Celebrity. I find those alternatives on larger ships attractive but unnecessary on Azamara. And, to be honest, I’m not always happy that I can live in a bubble on board a larger ship. Sometimes it makes me feel relatively “special”. I’m not. You may be correct that this is increasingly the future of cruising. Experiencing the ongoing changes on flights, I fear it will be a mixed blessing.
  16. Meet our Captain! Capt Tuvo will take over the Sky Princess and he is a pretty interesting guy!
  17. Several years ago in an FV on the Infinity there was only one hair dryer. I doubt they'd have two in any of the FVs now, but hopefully someone who has been on board more recently will reply.
  18. I'd also add in that for those who cruise for the sake of cruising then that's another factor. If they're willing to go anywhere if the price is right.
  19. I'm just going by what Triumphguy posted at Post #83 regarding the phone call with folks at Customer Service.
  20. You can probably pre-pay your wine with Total Wine so they will have it ready for you to stop in, pick up, then head for the port. 🍷
  21. Well said. Seems there are a few on the Oceania board who have a big complex with HAL. The hate comes out in masses. Just hope we never get stuck at dinner with them because all they will want to do is slam HAL. I am looking forward to our cruise with Oceania just trying to learn what I can while identifying the few loose cannons here.
  22. I intended to say it as well - but you did it … Next week I 'll go to an all inclusive - Crystal - so i will subsidize partly the other pax by not drinking complimentary wines, - but ordering from the list - however I will order some complimentary drinks ( no wines by the glass ) in the various bars. I am not drinking onerous wines anymore - everthing has a limit , but i do like something better as the complimentary ones.
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