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  2. The one we had on Celebrity was certainly a pro. The cellars really aren’t that limited on the larger ships. I don’t think every ship has one any more, and some will certainly be trained rather than self taught and its not out f the realm of possibility that a professional would choose to sail. Not everyone gets lucky enough to be hired at Le Bournadien
  3. Just ask for one at Guest Services. They will insure that you get one. I bailed on the luncheon on our last cruise, because there was an event I needed to attend (Blackjack tournament), but a quick stop by GS and it showed up that evening.
  4. At the 25 cent level Jacks or Better is a 6/5 game and on CCL you need to bet 10 units to get the full value of the Royal Flush.
  5. Regal. Repositioning in October 2020 from Southampton to Sydney.
  6. I am looking at booking the Sun for a 4 day Cuban cruise this summer....yes, the ship is "open bar", but that doesn't include everything. One of the "free at sea" offerings on my cabin is an upgrade to the Premium Beverage Package....the cost is only 20% of the $35 PP PD or so they put on thus package. Seems like a fair deal to me to get the upgraded spirits, coffees and bottled waters, etc....
  7. I am on the Roll Call for that sailing and yesterday someone posted they had been upgraded from an H5 to an H4, but that is the only upgrade news I've heard so far. They did drop the prices on H4s yesterday, so I suspect that the person's bid was high enough to trigger some sort of auto-accept due to the price drop? I expect the bulk of the upgrades to be processed next week.
  8. Tillie speaks the truth. It can get bad here, but you can't predict what areas will get bad or when. Also, keep in mind that Houston and Galveston are about 50 miles apart and Houston itself is massive, so what you might see on the news is only affecting a small part of the region. Chances are slim that a hurricane is going to hit while you're away - but if one does, I would not want my car parked on the island.
  9. I can only suggest that anyone who wants to avoid me on any sailing, for the most part, can do so as I have my photo here, since it is not always done by others, how would I know who you were and would never know that I was being avoided by you. So no worries.... Please go ahead and block me so you will not have to endure such misery over my postings.... 😎 cheers and bon voyage
  10. Harmony changed late last year to the RCI app - only Quantum class left using Royal IQ.
  11. Not in the past couple days😜. Ugh—- the Abyss is coming. Too bad. There goes another water view from a ship that doesn’t have that many to begin with. mac_tlc
  12. Sorry this is incorrect. This year is open from late July till end of September only, also you will need to book in advance, rarely tickets on the day.
  13. Thank you all for the great information! I'll bring binoculars and pray for sunny skies... especially on Glacier Bay day!
  14. I have a few questions that hopefully you can answer. My husband and I will be arriving in Copenhagen late in the afternoon on 26 Aug, sailing on 28 Aug. We will be staying at the Scandic Palace Hotel for two nights. We will have another day in Copenhagen on 8 Sep. We are in our mid 60s, my husband had a stroke a few years ago, and has recovered very well, but walks with a cane. He is just a little wobbly; otherwise he has no issue. So my questions are: What is the best way to get from the airport to the Scandic? and what would be the estimated price. I am a little nervous about taking the train with our luggage (probably 2 suitcases and 2 carryone). Do you think it is sensible? What about transport from the hotel to the Regal Princess? What is your recommendation? And finally, what do you recommend for us to do with two full days in Copenhagen? What would you consider the not-to-be-missed things for two people in their 60s? Despite our age and slight mobility challenge, we can fit quite a bit into one day. I just don't know what would make the best use of our limited time in Copenhagen. You are an amazing gift to all of us cruisers. Thanks so much for taking the time to provide us with very helpful information.
  15. Haha! Yes! That was an early stop for us after walking around for a bit.
  16. We always do this as well. Always had great service.
  17. I have read abut Day Passes. Someone, please give me some insight!
  18. FWIW, the original (and possibly future) plan is for the Medallion to enable stateroom lighting. The bathroom sensor is to keep the lights on when you close the bathroom door.
  19. A boat is small or a submarine. A yacht is much larger. A ship is what they are. Cruise Ship. However it is a nice big boat:)
  20. No, I thought Royal IQ was still being used on Harmony. I'm guessing I'm wrong? This is what happens when your home port changes ships and you take a summer off fromthe Caribbean to go to Alaska instead. 🙂
  21. Don’t know but I sure as heck wouldn’t want to try to find out. They did not look like you’d mess with them. You also don’t want to try bringing anything off the ship in New Zealand. They are also very serious about protecting their agricultural economy.
  22. Regarding workout classes on Silhouette--there are usually signup sheets in the gym for the pay classes (yoga, pilates, spin, etc.) as they only take so many participants. If you have your heart set on certain classes you should go sign up immediately to ensure you get in.
  23. Catching a cruise out of Cape Liberty on Anthem (in late March), and would like to get a return flight to the UK the same day as the cruise ends (Sunday). Is it possible to be able to be at the airport (EWR) by 3 pm (for a flight that leaves at 6pm) Or is that cutting things too close?
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