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  2. The QM2 is such an awesome ship, with amazing entertainment and variety. It's not all about the class distinction of Britannia and the Grills. I think you should take another look at it because there's no other ship quite like it.
  3. They are all tools. The testing reduces the chance of virus making it on board, but does not eliminate it. Vaccines reduce the chance of someone getting infected by around 50% with Delta. So if a case made it on board in a cruise environment there is lots of opportunity for spread if other tools are not used. The data is pretty clear that masks are effective is reducing spread. Any mask is better than no masks. Clearly some masks are better than others. There have been some pretty good studies looking at particle spread from individuals wearing various masks. Keep in mind that a good portion of the protection is with the infected individual wearing a mask, as well as the uninfected individual. If the virus does not spread far enough from the infected individual to reach the air I am inhaling then the quality of my mask never gets tested (I use triple layer lab medical rated disposable masks personally). So my mask is the second level. If the virus gets to my mask and it is effective then my vaccine never gets tested. If it gets through my mask and I get exposed to an infectious dose then my vaccine will get tested. Each layer of protection reduces the number of new cases. The cruise lines have to complete their risk assessments for each area of the ship. They have the data about filtration, density, movement of people, etc. They have made their decisions based upon their interpretation of those risk assessments.
  4. Because this is Cruise Critic and it is what we do here.
  5. BTW, the CDC does not make "Laws". They issue recommendations. What is done with them has been all over the place in the last 2 years....
  6. I've got them packed up already will post them when I get home.
  7. Absolutely. For a short cruise it has plenty. Seven days it might get repetitive but for this definitely plenty of variety.
  8. We are in the suite lounge which in The One5. Nice venue! May have to return here later. My friend K has been drinking all the ship stores of champagne 😂😂
  9. Yep it is for 10 days or longer. And I too expect to spend alot of time outside.
  10. Page six, another busy day on the Daily thread, thanks for all the information., appreciate all the photos of Santorini, as we have not been there. @Seasick SailorCongratulations on your 30th Anniversary. @Overhead FredHappy Birthday. @smitty34877 thanks for your reply, Camilla is doing so well. @57redbird sorry that your DH has tested positive for covid,hope that he soon recovers so that the surgery can be performed. Today Monday, is Labour Day, a holiday to celebrate the 8 hour working day. It's a pleasant 20 C with lots of sunshine. Stay safe, take care everyone.
  11. Just log in via the website Cruise Planner and do it that way. The world does not have to revolve around an app.
  12. Translation, meaning (to me ... ) to transfer more funds from "your" wallet into NCLH / shareholder's balance sheets (their purse.) Imagine if they can deploy AI and put remote robotics to work to complete that delivery scheme, for a nominal 20% service charge, for your convenience.
  13. Nearly all of the Caribbean/Bahamas cruises on Crystal that I looked at have such low prices for this luxe cruiseline that I wanted to go on all of them. A 7 night cruise from NYC to the Bahamas on the Symphony is just $1594 +315 tax solo verandah Nov 26 (day after American Thanksgiving). This cruise is normally over $6000. It includes premium beverages, gourmet dining, even a $125 on board credit. They are sailing at 50% capacity. I have always wanted to sail on Crystal, and now 10 of us have booked verandah cabins for this cruise! Can't wait!
  14. Sounds WOW!!! I remember one cruise in the Caribbean when they lightning and thunder and wind and rain was bad, like that. They locked all outside doors -- but I had an Ocean View Window cabin and I wanted to be out there and feel the spray and wind. I tried all the doors and found one open. About three minutes after I went out, I heard, "Ma'am, Ma'am -- COME INSIDE!" Once I returned, I was lectured that the doors were locked for a reason. "But, I found this one, un locked..." "Well, I will fix that!" I LOVE rough seas and motion to the ocean! And the feel of the spray in my face!!!
  15. Bon voyage! I'm already planning what to order in December on the CB. I wonder what capacity we'll be then.
  16. Same here - we cruise the end of January and I got my Pfizer booster 3 weeks ago and my husband is getting his Moderna booster next week. I don't think it's going to matter, but guess I'll find out in January.
  17. Asking those who have done these excursions, we are only doing one, which do you suggest and why. Thank You for helping. Tracy Arm Fjord And Glacier Explorer Juneau, Alaska or Hubbard Glacier Wilderness Exploration
  18. Princess has some cruises on Coral Princess still scheduled to operate from mid-January. If those are going to be cancelled it will probably happen this week as final payment for the first of those cruises must be due soon.
  19. Since you won't be "hiking", whatever you wear around town where you live in colder weather should do fine.... You'll be in more "civilized"' places if you're not hiking the "wilds"! Bring what's comfortable!
  20. Cancelling, best guess, $300-$400. If I did the cruise and moved the flights up, maybe $200-$250. Air costs are actually decent at the moment. This could change. Same approximate cost to keeping the original flight but instead adding a post-cruise hotel in Miami. Still not thrilled with the reduction in days and change of itinerary, but if we're only talking money, that the breakdown.
  21. We uploaded photos for our September cruise on the Serenade of the Seas. I thought they looked pretty good. Alas when we boarded the ship security did not agree and took their own photo. Just a heads up
  22. Hope your seas are not too rough, the smaller ships can rock and roll. Also saw there was an earthquake in LA. We had 2 tornados within 7 miles of our house in Thursday during our cruise.
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