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My 28-year-old girlfriend on our 2018 Celebrity Silhouette cruise grabbed me on the pier at Puerto Rico for this picture with her maracas.  Marina was a photographer on the ship, who had earlier tried to teach me to Salsa in a hallway on the ship (with others laughing at us).   My wife took the picture.

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Petoonya:  She was a real cutie, YOUNG and full of energy!  One time on formal night we encountered her where she was set up with her camera to take posed shots.  She asked me if I knew how to salsa, and I said we'd taken dance classes a couple of times but I was a bit rough.  So right there in the hallway she grabbed me and taught me some basic salsa steps, to the delight of many onlookers.  No pictures, but a lot of laughs!!  I was rusty!!  

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