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  1. As a follow up: I gave a considerable amount of thought to my next move, taking into consideration all of your comments. Here goes: I continue to be bothered by the incidence of ***** via you reneging on our OBC for the upcoming trip. I have sought opinions within my various HAL cruise groups and all concur. It is not the money but the principle involved. Some rather drastic actions have been suggested, but I prefer to handle the situation in my own manner. In looking back at my notes taken at the time of you quote I see the price included the $** OBC from *****. I also have noted that after you researched the cost of a gift bottle of wine you found it to be too expensive and suggested I could use my $** credit to purchase one. My loyalty perks from HAL and my stock OBC have nothing to do with this booking or any other. I earned and paid for those. I was promises something with this particular transaction that was not provided. The price of the cruise was established when I booked and the OBC was included at that time by you. To be told after the fact that the price was too low to qualify is unacceptable. It is a poor business decision by ***** and consequently reflects on you as their representative. The understanding between client and company should never look like “bait and switch” but, unfortunately, that is how this appears. It could adversely affect a person’s entire cruise if the amount involved was a large one. My mistake was being too trusting of what I assumed was a reputable and well known travel agency. A lesson learned the hard way is often in the form of a negative action. My experiences as a retired business woman should have made me more cautious, however, in the 20+ years we have been cruising all of my dealings have been without incident. Needless to say, I won’t be placing a deposit on any cruises without all promises put in writing at the time of Origination. We continue to look forward to our upcoming cruise on the Veendam. Ann King The result: An apology for how this was handled and a personal $*** amount purchased on her personal credit card applied as a gift when we board. Also enclosed is a detailed copy of the purchase from HAL. Thanks to all of you for your comments. All of this just proves that when “the principal of the thing” is involved one should never let it go. FYI: The agent is an Independent Affiliate of ***** Travel as well as other travel groups. She alone could resolve this dilemma when ***** would not. I respect her decision although it was a pressured one. Happy Sailing to All!
  2. Well, it seems I’m not alone in thinking this was being treated badly. The funny thing is the OBC was very small, but to me it is the principle of the thing. I’m normally a very calm person who doesn’t want anything but to be treated fairly. I told her how upset I am and that’s when she came back with how lucky I am to be a 4* and have stock. I can’t let it go, but can’t cancel the trip either. Be assured that I will follow through though. How nice to have a group of folks to share the good and bad with! 😁
  3. We booked through a TA that we have used before. During the booking process she said we would have an OBC of certain amount. I called a few weeks later to verify the amount of OBC showing, what she had promised and our CCL stock amount. Hmmmm....it seems the OBC from the agency will not be given because our booking price was too low. On 2 occasions during the booking process I was told the OBC would be placed on our account by the agency. We really are looking forward to our annual Dec. R & R cruise but have admit I can’t dismiss the cavalier attitude of the agent. She says I am lucky to have the OBC from stock and the 4* benefits. I tell her I paid for both of those and they have nothing to do with her offer. Rant over 😡.....I won’t be using that agency or agent again. Now, on to have another wonderful HAL cruise! 😎
  4. We will be cruising in Dec. and look forward to some of the new entertainment in our future. I have tried to do some research on Cantare with no success.
  5. We are always happy to hear a positive review of the Veendam, happy to hear it will come out of Tampa in 2020, but most of all we have our fingers crossed for a return to Bermuda in 2021. Right now I am beginning to count the days until our sail date in Dec. with the always delightful crew of the Veendam!
  6. I have read that discounted cruises do not get the OBC from stock purchase. What constitutes a a “discounted cruise if this is a fact?
  7. We are booked on the Veendam in Dec. and are looking forward to our first experience in a lanai. Every time we have cruised on the V has been a success...service outstanding always as well a music venues. Thank you for posting this favorable review and making our anticipation even more pleasant. BTW....we too hope she will return to Bermuda. That had become one of our annual cruises and we miss it!
  8. What is the dividend amount now? How does it compare with other cruise lines? I remember when it was below $30a share but the dividend was very low even with consideration of the OBC.
  9. Thank you for the report. We were last on the Veendam in May 2018 and she did need a little sprucing up. We, however, will take her as she is as long as she maintains some of the character we have come to expect. The combo music in the Ocean Bar isn’t found on many of the HAL ships now so we have fingers crossed the V will retain that feature for a long time to come. Looking forward to a Dec. visit to the Veendam!
  10. Thank you. Is there a site where we can review what was accomplished in dry dock?
  11. Does anyone know when the Veendam was last in dry dock and what was done? Is there a site where this information is posted for HAL ships?
  12. We purposely chose the smaller and older Veendam for our annual Dec. R & R cruise. The dance music in the Ocean Bar during cocktail hour and after dinner seems to bring us back every time. Fewer and fewer HAL ships seem to provide our type entertainment in these time slots. Don’t get me wrong! We enjoy all classes of the ships for a variety of reasons relating to each. BUT.....we like the combos that play music in the Ocean Bar best. On some of our cruises we have been without anything in particular to do between 7 & 8 PM except have cocktails on our veranda. We can do that on our balcony at home. 😉 We love the personal attention we get from the crew on the Veendam. They are always a happy bunch and that in itself has brought us back to her several times.
  13. That’s why we have taken the Bermuda cruise on the Veendam several times. It is so nice to walk off of the ship and experience Hamilton on foot. We also enjoy the weekly street festival being right beside the ship. We have no desire to berth at the shipyard with all of the other ships. Fingers crossed for 2020.....
  14. I guess that lets out the Veendam resuming the Boston/Bermuda run. We did miss that trip being available this year. This is good news for the Tampa area though.
  15. I would love to see the Veendam resume the Boston/Bermuda run. That was a unique cruise docking in downtown Hamilton. We were disappointed to miss it this summer.
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