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  1. I have empathy for the OP. Sometimes things like this get past us, for one reason or another.
  2. I also want to add that I am sorry that this got by you. I hope you can still have a wonderful cruise.
  3. I always request to review the quote in writing to ensure accuracy before I make any deposit. I recently requested a quote from another cruise line. I indicated I would only book if the deposit was refundable as the cruise was more than a year out. The rep sent me the quote and it stated that the deposit was non-refundable. I called the rep back and questioned why I was receiving a quote with a non-refundable fare. She stated it was the cruise lines best fare for that particular cruise. I did not book. Always get the quote in writing before you book.
  4. I loved the Lido deck on my two b2b cruises in May (Baltic Heritage and Norwegian Fjords). Loved the convenience of going out on the deck, steps away and getting an overall view of where we were. Easy access to pool bar, pizza, grill, ice cream and the buffet. Pool deck, although it was too cold for me to swim. The price point was also a plus. No downside for me. Would book Lido deck again.
  5. I made final payment on my Cumberland River cruise earlier this month and flights are booked. Confirmed with my family members in Nashville I am still coming for a visit. Interestingly, I received an email on my Hudson River cruise in October and it contained a description of the shore excursions, prices, etc. and indicated that the shore excursions had to be booked and paid for in advance. I called ACL as on my previous cruises, we selected shore excursions the day of embarkation after a group meeting with the cruise director reviewing them with us. The ACL rep said this was the only cruise that they are doing this on, mainly because a number of the excursions have limits on the number of people who can participate. Anyway, there are lots of excursions to chose from, some offered twice (morning and afternoon). If anyone is interested, I’ll scan and post the excursions information under a new thread. Just let me know.
  6. The Upper Mississippi Cruise is a beautiful itinerary and very scenic and a completely different experience from the lower Mississippi. I was on this itinerary in 2017 with a friend the second week of September. I remember the weather being comfortable (for me). You may want to consider taking the final cruise of the season if you decide to sign on to this cruise.
  7. Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing!
  8. I recently booked a solo Mexican Riviera cruise on the Royal Princess, May 2 -9, 2020. Will be my May birthday present to myself. I’ve not been on a Mexican Riviera cruise, so I am looking forward to it.
  9. Charles48 - Another option from Fort Myers is Florida Red Line Shuttle which also goes to the cruise ports. They also provide private shuttles for groups. I’ve taken their shuttles to the Miami Airport and once or twice to the cruise ports. They are usually mini-vans, not super comfortable, but convenient. They pull your luggage in a trailer. Here is the link: http://www.floridaredlineshuttle.com/
  10. Hi! I live in Fort Myers and if you decide to fly into RSW and stay the night, there is a bus service that goes directly to the port. You will be dropped off directly in front of your terminal. I’ve used the service to go to FLL and Miami. Very efficient and comfortable ride. I’ve included the link: http://www.cruiseconnection.travel/
  11. Yes. They usually have an event with refreshments during the cruise to discuss their itineraries. There are staff at the event to help you with your booking and answer your questions. You’ll also receive a brochure in your cabin with all the available cruises as well as a form to get a quote while on board. Turn it in at the event or anytime to the office to receive a quote to book a cruise onboard. You will have the opportunity to review the quote before confirming whether or not you want to book. It is very easy and the best discounts are for booking onboard.
  12. Any cruise I decide to book is based on itinerary (someplace new) and price. The ship is my transportation and everything else is secondary. I’ve had good service on Princess, so I do look at its offerings along with a few other cruise lines. The food on my b2b cruises this year on Princess was average to below average. I don’t take a cruise for the food, average will work for me if the price point is acceptable. On my two cruises, I wouldn’t go back to the MDR or the Horizon Court if they were land based restaurants and noted so on my post-cruises surveys. Otherwise, the cruises were both fabulous itineraries (Baltic Heritage and Norwegian Fjords). So I will continue to consider Princess in the future for the service and itineraries. I agree with the poster who stated there is nothing special about the MDR on formal night.
  13. I was on this cruise as well as the previous one (Baltic Heritage). The destination lecturer on both cruises was Debbie Shields and she was excellent, particularly if you were going to go onshore independently. I went to all of her destination lectures over my three weeks onboard. She also had some limited desk hours at the shore excursion office -I did seek her advice once on a port and she was very knowledgeable and helpful.
  14. I can’t remember the names of all of the shops. There was a jewelry shop (Effy), a shop to buy some clothing items, a sundry shop with toiletries, souvenirs, etc., a shop selling watches and one selling cosmetics/perfume. One could also buy liquor...oh, and a shop was selling Coach purses/bags. The International Cafe was free (and good!). I didn’t shop on board, so I don’t remember if there was an early sail discount at the shops. I’m not Elite, so I’m unable to answer the question about the Elite discount. The shops were running sales and specials every day. There was an insert each day in the Princess Patter about the shops and the promotions, so look for it when you receive your first Patter. I don’t have a copy of the breakfast menu. I did go to the dining room for breakfast off and on. It was a small menu with a daily special. The service and food was very good.
  15. Yes, there are kettles in the cabins. I just disembarked from the Sapphire on May 25th.
  16. I am recently off the Sapphire Princess after 21 days (2 cruises). I went to guest services to ask the same question and was told that if I had been paying the auto gratuities (I had) any amount I chose to give my cabin steward, he would be able to keep. Guest Services gave me an envelope and I put the cash in it with my name and cabin number on it along with a brief note thanking him for his excellent service.
  17. Just returned yesterday from 21 days solo on the Sapphire Princess out of the Port of Southampton, UK - 14 days on the Baltic Heritage cruise b2b with 7 days on the Norwegian Fjords cruise. Flew in a couple days early to London for R&R from the flight, some lite sightseeing (been there previously) and to see a show in the West End. Both itineraries were fabulous. I received wonderful service on the ship as a solo.
  18. Northern Light, yes, you do receive double cruise credits as a solo with Princess.
  19. Leaving May 1st to London. Will be there two days pre-cruise. Boarding the Sapphire Princess on May 4th in Southampton for the Baltic Heritage cruise for 14 days b2b with a subsequent 7 day Norwegian Fjords cruise on the same ship. All sounded great a year ago when I booked these cruises, but starting to wonder if 21 days on a cruise ship will be too long.
  20. Thank you for the review. I’ll be onboard the Constitution in October with a friend on the Hudson River cruise. I’m surprised dinner service and the cocktail hour were at the same time. It sounds like ACL is trying something new with the cocktail hour and the Late Bar (which I am sure many like). Were people arriving in the dining room at different times for dinner? What time was the evening entertainment? What were the art class offerings? Where’s your next ACL Cruise? 🙂 Thank you!
  21. Have a great trip! Hope you’ll return with some comments on Azamara.
  22. I went to Bermuda on Serenade of the Seas with Royal Caribbean in October 2018 from Boston. It’s a medium-sized ship and I enjoyed the cruise. The Dockyard has shops and restaurants and the ferry was within walking distance from the ship. I would recommend this cruise and ship.
  23. I’ll post a review of the Cumberland River Cruise when I return. Hope you’ll have a review or some comments after your American Revolution Cruise next week. I’ve not been on the Northwest Pioneers Cruise, but I was on the Columbia & Snake Rivers Cruise (with three friends) which is a few days less than the one you are considering. It was outstanding, loved the history, ports and scenery. There is a series of locks on this cruise. We went in early October 2015.
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