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  1. Yes, they would have upgraded us from a balcony to a mini-suite. We thought about taking it, but decided not to, since the only difference is the size of the bathroom. If it had been to Haven or some full suite, that would be different. As it is, I'd rather have an onboard credit for the difference. If we weren't within the penalty period, we would have cancelled & re-booked & saved some money. They did offer a little OBC, which is better than nothing for sure - better than a bigger bathroom. We've just been spoiled with Carnival because when we book early saver, we are eligible to get OBC for price drops up to 3 days before cruising.
  2. I received an upgrade email yesterday, as did my friend in another cabin. Thing is, the upgraded cabin is less than what I paid for the one I'm in. So, I'm not going to pay even more. I'm even more annoyed that they don't offer price protection on the cabin I already have booked.
  3. Is Temsco the only company that does helicopter tours to the glacier sled dog camps? I have booked one already, but wanted a backup plan in the event it is cancelled due to fog. From what I hear, even if your flight is cancelled, the next one may be fine since the weather changes a lot. So, I know that Temsco has a couple more tours after our booked one, but who knows if they would be able to get us on one - they could already be booked. So, I was trying to see if there are other companies besides Temsco that might have some later times available. I hope this question makes sense. I feel like I'm rambling. I've tried doing a google search, but every dogsled excursion it comes up with seems to use Temsco. Or I'm not using proper terminology to get the results I am looking for.
  4. If you really want FTTF, keep checking. They open up a certain number of slots periodically. We had friends who got it by just checking every day. As far as whether it is worth it, I really don't know. We tend to select an early check in time when it's available, but we are platinum now, so our cabin is ready when we board. Prior to that, we would still select an early check in time, but we always had our luggage with us during lunch, which is not the end of the world, but a bit inconvenient. The lines for check in move pretty quickly. You go through the luggage scan, they check your wine/canned drinks, then on to the counter. They board by zones. I feel like they are much faster than they were 10 years ago for sure. Stop & strike a pose for the welcome aboard photo if you want. Sail & sign cards are at your cabin, so hang on to your boarding pass if you plan to buy a drink while waiting to sail. You won't be able to get to the cabin until 1:30 (officially). I have seen them ready sooner. We have been using Galveston Park n Cruise across from the ship. We always book online in advance. The parking is inside, so the car stays cleaner. Plus, it's not sitting in the sun so you don't bake when you get in the car after the cruise.
  5. Tervis is a double-walled plastic cup. My daughter has Yeti, Rtic & Ozark Trail. She feels they are all pretty much the same & you can't beat the price on the Ozark Trail.
  6. I agree with the search engine not always being very helpful. We called to reserve our excursions. It was easy and works well for us. The excursion credits will be applied against the excursion charges on the onboard account. We also have a $250 obc from the travel agency that will also go toward that.
  7. Lol, especially if you start in North Arlington. The traffic is horrendous. Although, Mansfield traffic has gotten steadily worse now that we actually have stores & places to eat. Back on track - a good way to reduce the amount of luggage is to make use of the laundry, as Eli suggested. I've sent some to be done - nothing delicate, of course. I think it's all done in hot water. I've also done laundry myself - typically on an afternoon when we want to relax a bit - just have to keep track of time to get clothes in & out of washer/dryer. At least that way I can set the wash temperature. This way you can take a smaller suitcase & it won't be as big a deal to carry on & off the ship and won't take up so much space wherever you are waiting until your cabin is ready.
  8. One thing I am wondering about balconies in Alaska - with one wall being glass, are there any issues keeping the cabin warm at night? I've always done Caribbean cruises & I have noticed that interior cabins are easier to keep cool than the balcony cabins. Just wondering if anyone has had any issues with cabin temperature in Alaska.
  9. I think they are a bit pricey for our Alaska cruise, but we wanted an itinerary that included Glacier Bay. That put some lines out of the running. Then, hubby didn't want to sail Princess again, so there's another one out. Anyway, we went with NCL & got all those freebies, which of course have gratuities attached. Gratuities are probably what we would typically spend onboard anyway, so I can deal with that. I calculated what it would cost to sail Carnival & it was much less, but no Glacier Bay. No drink package, either, but we always just pay as we go, so no big deal. I think I even price-checked Royal. Again, it was less but no Glacier Bay. Couldn't talk our group into HAL, so really didn't look at that one. Our neighbors really enjoyed NCL Bliss in Alaska last year, so we are looking forward to it. I just don't know whether we will sail with NCL going forward - I suppose it will all depend on how we feel about the line overall. My whole frustration with booking this trip was that if we didn't take the option to get all the freebies, we didn't have the option to select our cabin. Since we travel with another couple, cabin selection is important to us. Unless we are just dummies who haven't figured out how to use the NCL website to full benefit. And that's always a possibility.
  10. 6 hours, Joe? You're not driving fast enough! Pretty sure we get there in 5 or so, stopping for breakfast at Sam's in Fairfield. I think we would be broke if we lived in Florida. It would be way too easy to take a quick getaway trip. Those Florida cruises are cheaper than the Galveston ones & go to more places.
  11. It is my understanding that it is just the one credit per port, so if you take to excursions, you still only get one credit.
  12. We called in to book our excursions since we have the excursion credits. It really was pretty easy. We were not on hold a long time & got everything booked. It showed up on our online account within a minute or so. We also got e-mail confirmation of the excursions we have booked. So, when we are on the cruise, our account will show the excursion charges & then once it is taken, the excursion credit will be applied.
  13. I don't think there's really any way to know for sure. Fighting rust is an ongoing battle. Many times I have seen them painting the hull of the ships while in port. I would think if there is a dry dock in the schedule, repainting would be done then. I agree that it doesn't look so great to see rust on your ship.
  14. dmdiver

    Taxi Fare

    In May, when we went to Nachi Cocum, which is a little past Mr. Sancho's, I think we paid $4 per person for a van. There were 9 of us. They have a sign at the taxi stand that give prices to the various beach clubs. Try checking the Cozumel forum or you may even be able to search online and get that info.
  15. Hmmm, we had no issues on Vista back in May even with group chat. I wonder why sometimes there are issues and sometimes not. I suppose the amount of traffic could be a factor - kind of like when you try to use your phone at an outdoor concert venue - it gets really slow.
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