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  1. Thanks! Cigars won't bother us. I was mostly concerned about noise. I usually don't book above or below public areas. Not sure why I did this time. Must not have had deck plans pulled up.
  2. No, they did not try to share. The staff kept insisting that the wife had the package as well. She went to guest services to let them know & they said they would take it off the account. It still showed up, even though they were not charged for the additional package. Neither of us got the package, either. We aren't heavy drinkers & we had a large onboard credit, so we just used that. We have the package on our NCL cruise only because it was included. I don't know that we will drink enough to even make paying the gratuities on the package worth it, since it's not as inclusive as Carnival's.
  3. I always take an electric flat iron for my hair. Not sure about the gas curling iron, although I don't know whether it would be picked up as gas on a luggage scan or not.
  4. We left a toothbrush charger once - contacted Carnival but never got it back. They told us over the phone that we would have to pay $25 shipping if it was turned in. We just ordered another one off Amazon for less than that.
  5. I've tried searching in the cabin info thread to no avail. I am trying to find out if these 2 balcony cabins are worth sticking with. They are above a public area - I think Ocean Blue. So just wondering if anyone has stayed in either of them & whether noise was an issue.
  6. We've never had the cheers package, but our neighbors have. They drink enough to make the package worth it for them. For us, it just doesn't make financial sense. I put everything into the evaluator spreadsheet just to be sure. When we sailed Princess, they do allow only one person to get the package. That's what our friends did, as he drinks quite a bit & she is a pretty moderate drinker. Worked well for them.
  7. I actually enjoy looking at door decorations. We tried some refrigerator magnets once, but they fell off. Then, I started using dizzy danglers. They are a couple of bucks for 3 of them at Walmart. They're made of foil & intended to hang from the ceiling. I hang them on the mailbox. It helps mark my cabin. When we had 4 cabins in a row in May, each one had a different color. That made it easy for me to remember who was in which cabin. Since your cabin number is not on your key, it's easy to forget it. And no, I'm not stupid, but at 60, my memory is not what it was. (Seriously, this past weekend hubby tried to charge drinks to some random hotel room - got 2 numbers switched). Anyway, since they are foil, they are flame retardant. They don't interfere with going in & out of the cabin. Plus, you can see from down the hall, so you know when you are getting close. And, if you were worried about stalkers, you could take them inside. But then, you'd for sure have to know your cabin number. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Way-to-Celebrate-Red-Dizzy-Danglers-3-pc-Pack/23752116?wmlspartner=wlpa&adid=22222222227017227536&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=304464615808&wl4=pla-361329310267&wl5=9027230&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=8175035&wl11=online&wl12=23752116&veh=sem&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI29HxraWm5AIVBZJbCh3KdwAcEAQYAiABEgIJ1fD_BwE
  8. Stories like this are why we started carrying our luggage on & off the ship. Plus, we had cuff links go missing once - just don't know if it was airlines or ship.
  9. We were waitlisted once for anytime & when we boarded, found we had been given late seating. We went to the maitre d and he was able to get us into early dining as long as we were willing to be seated with another couple. It worked out fine. As far as getting the maitre d to switch the extra person to anytime, it's anyone's guess as to whether that can be done. It sure doesn't hurt to try, though. I kind of wonder if something could open up before sailing, since it is a ways off. In May, we had a group of 9 with anytime dining. The first night they attempted to seat us at a couple of long tables. We requested one of the large round tables & were able to get one every night. I didn't notice if there were even larger tables that would accomodate a larger group. One thing about a large group is that you may have a longer wait for your table. We were very fortunate and never had to wait more than about 15 minutes.
  10. They are available on request in all cabins.
  11. The only advantage to buying on the ship is not paying sales tax. We bought our gopro on board because the camera we brought with us flooded the first time out. Gopro was priced the same as on land, but no sales taxes, so it was a good deal in the end. We've also bought waterproof watches on board - Gbaby & Citizen I think. Again, not really any cheaper than home, just no taxes. I was given a pandora-style bracelet & am hoping to find charms for it in the various ports I visit. I will have to remember to look & see if there are unique charms available on the ship. As far as necklaces by the inch - I would say no. If you're going to buy jewelry, at least get a better quality than those.
  12. Chaos is right about the laundry & FTTF. Keep checking constantly for FTTF. My neighbor caught theirs early in the morning after it had been showing sold out. Don't give up. I want to say the Italian place is open for lunch at no charge. It is a different menu than the evening when there is a charge. We usually end up getting a Guy's Burger for lunch on embarkation day. There is always a line for it, but there are actually two & they move rather quickly. Before that, we just went to the buffet, which is always a madhouse. Hopefully, others will chime in on more lunch options. I just never seem to make it past Guys...
  13. Strange, I always notice people cleaning when I am on my cruises. Breeze is one of my favorite ships. I know what you mean by those smells. I've noticed that on just about every ship I've been on. It usually is noticed while walking down a hallway on one of the cabin decks. I have noticed dirty windows, loose decorative mosaic tiles (on Glory) and I'm sure I've seen stained carpet on most ships. I have not noticed stained chairs, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. I probably just haven't been paying attention. I think the dirty windows are a nightmare for the crew, since the ships are at sea day in & day out. As far as the public restrooms, it seems to be hit & miss. Some cruises they are all spotless, some not so much. I blame the passengers for being nasty & not picking up after themselves. Never had a problem with soap missing, though. I think it was Vista that had the station by the buffet where you stick your hands in the sink & it shoots soapy water & rinses them for you. I liked being able to wash my hands there instead of going into the restroom. I do like that they have the little napkins on the restroom doors for opening them on your way out.
  14. Empty water bottles, yeti style cups, tervis style cups, gym bottles, etc. All are fine to carry on board as long as they are empty.
  15. Yes, my daughter brought hers in the cartons - no problem.
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