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  1. Once upon a time HAL had some really good lecturers that seemed to always draw a full house every time they spoke. I often was both educated and entertained as I suspect were most of the other passengers who attended. I believe that these speakers were compensated with a free cruise in return for several appearances. One was a personal friend who told me that he had to provide his own air and agree to accept any category of cabin offered even in crew area. Both he and his wife did separate sessions on separate subjects and both got standing ovations. It seems to me that there are many many such experts that are retired or semi retired who would be very willing to "perform". It certainly seems a small price for HAL to give out one free cabin/cruise for someone who can entertain/educate thousands of passengers. All it takes is the will of HAL execs to make the decision to do it. But it seems the idea is to show a movie or a planet earth over and over and over ad nauseum in a poor attempt to placate paying passengers.
  2. No more onion soup on room service?
  3. There is no shortage of selfish stupid people around...covid has given them a stage to demonstrate to all that they care only for themselves.
  4. You are correct. But temptation is often not my friend.
  5. Because I often want to wait and see how I feel before I make a decision.
  6. IF i don't buy a package that included 15 drinks I would likely drink 4 beers/glasses of wine max. I don't drink soda or special coffees or bottled water so that has no appeal. If i do buy the package i suspect i would have a few more drinks than normal and not sure that is such a great idea. I cannot even imagine anyone having 15 booze/coffee drinks a day and I sure would not want to be around those that max out.
  7. But it is not 4 beers or $28 worth of drinks...it is up to 15 drinks as i understand it....that will give u a major hangover if you even come close to the max allowed.
  8. Just trying to decide if i want/need to drink that much. Probably better that i don't buy it as the temptation for me would be to try and get $$ worth which could mean some not so pleasant hangovers.
  9. Does anyone know if you can sign up for princess plus on board rather than in advance?
  10. I always try to be near but not first cabin beside stairways/elevators. Quick access to other decks is great for me. I do not enjoy walking down long corridors to get to my room. If there is a prom/walking deck i prefer to be one deck up from that as i love to go there to walk, be outside, close to the ocean and feel like i am on a cruise ship rather than a mall. One quick trip up/down the stairway and good to go.
  11. Ask your local TV investigation guru to investigate and advise HAL that it will be on the air soon if they don't honor the letter? Would be very bad publicity for HAL.
  12. I buy good but used suitcases at goodwill or salvation army. If it gets damaged i duct tape it together enough to get home than trash it and go buy another used one for next trip. I never travel with a bright new expensive suitcase as you can bet that is the first one an airport baggage thief would grab. I very rarely have a problem.
  13. If PVSA was as often stated to protect the US ship building it has been a dismal failure as far as passenger cruise ships. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_passenger_ships_built_in_the_United_States
  14. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2021/09/16/cruise-alaska-senator-protect-tourism/8367371002/
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