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  1. How mobile is your mom? Pompei is rough cobble streets and high curbs. She'll have to be nimble. On another line, I took the Pompeii and other stuff excursion. The other stuff was mundane and I was annoyed that we only had two hours in Pompeii which was endlessly fascinating to me. If you're up to it and think that you are in to it, consider a private tour or a third-party excursion that goes to Pompei only. Or possibly get there on your own and do a self-guided tour. They are out there, written and audio. Rick Steves has one on his "Rick Steves Audio Europe" phone app. Cheese making isn't nearly as much fun.
  2. Thanks for posting. We would like it a lot if you could write a member review for Cruise Critic. http://www.cruisecritic.com/reviews/ Thanks.
  3. We bought our dolls at the terminal in St. Petersburg. There are a bunch of souvenir stands apparently operated by the same company in the terminal. They were much less than at the shop at which we were dropped off with our tour. The dolls for sale on the Celebrity ship were far more expensive but of a higher quality. From memory, the 7 doll sets ran us about $35 US. A 10 doll set will be quite a bit more expensive. We paid credit card with no problems.
  4. You didn't mention Amsterdam but for others reading, it has a great sailaway. You can see how some of The Netherlands truly is below sea level then about an hour after sailaway, you pass through the locks that separate Amsterdam from the North Sea. The Celebrity Silhouette seemed to just squeeze into the locks. There were also nine river cruise boats docked there at the same time that we left. You get a preview of what could be my next cruise.
  5. Feel free to start a roll call on the Disney Magic Roll Call board.
  6. Cruise Critic staff put together a helpful guide to help you decide between Disney and Carnival. http://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=2860 Sent from my SM-T813 using Forums mobile app
  7. Go ahead, as long as it's not a travel agent site.
  8. Have they tried unplugging the ship and plugging it back in?
  9. A few weeks ago, we received an email from Celebrity warning us about excessive waiting times at Schipol airport. They suggested to us that we arrive at the airport 3 hours early for international flights. BELIEVE IT. We got guest services to move us to the first group off of the ship. Arriving at the airport on Friday, we were subject to about 2.5 hours of waiting in various lines before we got to the gate. If our flight hadn't been weather delayed, we would have been busting some sweat. Many panicked passengers were skipping through the line trying to make flights. Three hours, folks.
  10. At the Oceanview on Silhouette today, the burgers line was backed-up with people requesting a fresh burger off of the grill, the reason I oveheard cited being "those are badly overcooked". Hopefully, they'll get the message.
  11. Crew berthing is limited. To get more servers, you have to eliminate other positions. Who?
  12. Sweet. Another Jen cruise thread. I always enjoy there. It's like taking a virtual cruise. Claire sure has grown. Compare her to that little girl in the signature picture.
  13. We're book on the Celebrity Silhouette for the Baltic next month. The Disney Magic, sailing almost the same itinerary but for a night less, is about three times as much for a verandah stateroom. Given that our kids are adults now and we won't take advantage of some of the things that might make up the difference such as the kids' clubs and character greetings, we can't possibly see sailing on the magic this time.
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