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  1. Rather than write a book review, the latest post on The Witterings of a Cruise Ship Reader Website is a look at the impact that Covid 19 has had on the cruising industry. Visit our website (addresss shown in the photo below) to see what Covid has done to the industry we all love so much and how it may affect the enjoyment of many going forward in the future. #thewitteringsofacruiseshipreader @WitteringsA https://thewitteringsofacruiseshipreader.wordpress.com/2020/08/18/how-is-the-cruise-industry-coping-with-covid/
  2. During this lockdown it’s given me a chance to catch up on writing a few book reviews to help you find some good holiday/lockdown reads. Ive just published three new great reviews on The Witterings of a Cruise Ship Reader website. Ok we may not being able to read on a cruise right now but that’s no excuse !! See what the books are and if they are a good lockdown read for you by visiting our website address shown in the photo below ! Stay Safe & Happy Reading !! 😊 https://thewitteringsofacruiseshipreader.wordpress.com/
  3. Sadly with the spread of Covid-19 around the world, most of the cruise ships have been taken out of service and many of us find ourselves in lockdown and isolated in our homes to stop the spread. That however gives us a great excuse to read books more and therefore I’ve just published not one, not two but three new book reviews on The Witterings of a Cruise Ship Reader website for you to have a look at. Also take the time to let all of our group members know what you are reading to get your through these tough times. Have a look at the reviews at the website below to see if the books could be a good read for you and also remember ....... Stay Safe ! https://thewitteringsofacruiseshipreader.wordpress.com/
  4. Since our last post on here, The Witterings of a Cruise Ship Reader has been busy reading and reviewing more great books to potentially read on your next cruise along with a flying visit to Queen Victoria in Rio de Janerio. See what We made of the following books by visiting our hugely successful website : Twas The Nighshift Before Christmas by Dr Adam Kay Before We Was We : Madness by Madness The Never Game by Jeffrey Deaver Our website Link is https://thewitteringsofacruiseshipreader.wordpress.com/ Happy Reading ! 😊 Canberralover
  5. Happy New Year !! With 80% of cruise passengers admitting to reading a good book whilst on board, The Witterings of a Cruise Ship Reader is a great place to find out about that perfect read for you on your next cruise. since our last post we have four new book reviews for you to look at including : Me by Elton John Blue Moon by Lee Child The Reckoning by John Grisham The Bad Place by MK Hill See what we made of them and why we recommend them as good cruise ship reads by visiting our website https://thewitteringsofacruiseshipreader.wordpress.com/
  6. I have just read and reviewed a great read for your next cruise. It’s actually about a cruise and is entitled ‘Penguins and Panamas - A Cruise Around South America’ by Jamie A Gray. Having a look at what I made of Jamie’s witty observations of us cruise passengers and his ports of call by visiting ‘The Witterings of a Cruise Ship Reader’ Website https://thewitteringsofacruiseshipreader.wordpress.com/2019/11/26/penguins-and-panamas-a-cruise-around-south-america-by-jamie-a-gray/ Happy Reading 😊
  7. One of the most read books in 2018 around the world was The Tattooist Of Auschwitz by Heather Morris and if you were on a cruise last year you will have seen many of your fellow passengers reading it. Well Morris has now followed it up with a sequel entitled Cilka’s Journey. The Witterings of a Cruise Ship Reader is a website that reviews books both fiction and non fiction specifically with Cruise passengers in mind and we have just reviewed Cilka’s Journey. Why not visit our website and see if this or one or a number of our book reviews could lead you to selecting your next cruise holiday read. Happy Reading 😊https://thewitteringsofacruiseshipreader.wordpress.com/2019/10/25/cilkas-journey-by-heather-morris/ https://thewitteringsofacruiseshipreader.wordpress.com/2019/10/25/cilkas-journey-by-heather-morris/
  8. The Witterings of a Cruise Ship Reader has reviewed two new fabulous books for potential holiday reads. Firstly is a great family story in Summer of 69 by American author Elin Hilderbrand who was a new author for me. Next up is an old favourite and the latest in the Amos Decker series by David Baldacci entitled ‘ Redemption’. See what I thought of them and if they could be a great read for you on your next cruise by visiting: https://thewitteringsofacruiseshipreader.wordpress.com/ Happy Reading! 😊
  9. The Witterings of a Cruise Ship Reader is a website that I set up 18 months ago to provide cruise passengers with recommendations of great books to read when on holiday. To date over 150,000 passengers have read the reviews of books I post from across all different genres and have gone on to actually buy the books to read on holiday. My latest two book reviews are now available on the website and they are firstly Bowl, Sleep Repeat by legendary England Fast Bowler James ‘Jimmy’ Anderson which provides a fascinating and oftenly humorous insight on life travelling the world as a test cricketer. Second up is The Light Keeper by Cole Moreton which is a quirky novel about a lighthouse keeper near Beachey Head and a dysfunctional couple who are desperate to have a baby. See what I make of these two books and plenty of others on my website https://thewitteringsofacruiseshipreader.wordpress.com/
  10. Hi Everyone The two latest book reviews are now available on the Witterings of a Cruise Ship Reader website. They are in firstly ‘The Chestnut Man’ by Soren Sveistrup and secondly ‘The Fourth Shore’ by Virginia Baily. With over 80% of cruise passengers admitting to reading a book on a cruise, the aim of The Witterings of a Cruise Ship Reader website is to provide cruise ship passengers with ideas on good books to take away on their cruises. We also run a friendly and helpful Facebook group where over 1400 members share information on their holiday reads and there is a chance to win book prizes. To read our latest reviews go to https://thewitteringsofacruiseshipreader.wordpress.com/ If you also want to join our Facebook group you can do so by clicking on this link https://www.*****/257875211757305/?ref=share For now enjoy the two new reviews and Happy Reading !! 😊https://thewitteringsofacruiseshipreader.wordpress.com/
  11. So the latest book review from ‘The Witterings of a Cruise Ship Reader’ is now available to read on our website. This time we have reviewed the 2019 Best Seller ‘Run Away’ by Harlan Coben which I’m sure if you read the review you will work out that it’s a great Cruise Holiday Read !! To see what we made of it go to : https://thewitteringsofacruiseshipreader.wordpress.com/2019/09/13/run-away-by-harlan-coben/
  12. It’s been a while I know but I’ve been away on my own holidays!! I’ve just completed two new reviews as I read six books whilst I was away !! First up is on the debut novel by Emma Rous entitled ‘the Au Pair’ a whodunnit psychological story set in Norfolk. Next up is the great autobiography of Britain’s Favourite Puppet and his master, ‘Zippy and Me’ by Ronnie Le Drew which really took me back to my childhood and some of my favourite tv programmes. Both reviews are available to read on The Witterings of a Cruise Ship Reader website. https://thewitteringsofacruiseshipreader.wordpress.com/
  13. I’ve been busy reading lots of good books lately and writing up my reviews of them to help my fellow Cruise passengers find some great holiday reads. Research shows that 80% of Cruise passengers read a book when on board ship. Read what made of Life Ruins by Danuta Kot and #Taken by Tony Parsons by going to https://thewitteringsofacruiseshipreader.wordpress.com/
  14. If you are looking for a good book or two to read on your summer cruise, you may be interested to know that I have in the last two weeks reviewed four new books. These could be a perfect read for you so why not have a look at the Witterings of a Cruise Ship Reader website to see what I think of the following books : Heads You Win by Jeffrey Archer Half A World Away by Mike Gayle The Shape of Lies by Rachel abbott Confessions of a Bad Mother : The Teenage Years by Stephanie Calman https://thewitteringsofacruiseshipreader.wordpress.com/
  15. Hi Everyone i have just published my latest book review on The Witterings of a Cruise Ship Reader website. This time it is on ‘The King of Kings’ by the legendary author Wilbur Smith. Could this or another one of my reviewed books be the book that you read on your forthcoming cruise ?? Hope you enjoy the review and Happy Reading 😊 https://thewitteringsofacruiseshipreader.wordpress.com/2019/06/07/king-of-kings-by-wilbur-smith/
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