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  1. You can get a refund for the extra fees your paid for upgraded seats since you are no longer occupying those seats. FIle for a refund on AA website with your original ticket number.
  2. I see sailings for 6 or 8 days. Which one are you looking for?
  3. PVP's don't work on commission, but I imagine their gross sales are a major factor in their quotas. Lower cabin price means lower gross sales.
  4. Anyone who sailed recently and received a tote bag as part of a group amenity? Any pictures to share of what it looks like?
  5. In terms of whether it would inconvenience them or not, it depends on how much they were charging you. Was the cabin price split by 3? If you cancel, they end up paying more. I would leave it as is right now and hope for a single supplement sale later on. If you booked $50 deposit, you probably have until Oct 3 for final payment right? You may lose your $50 deposit by canceling from their room, but rebooking on the same sailing, they may waive it.
  6. Group rates can be adjusted to mirror any promotions that are offered. Group rates are not higher unless the group is buying additional amenity points. If you used a travel agent, they can change your cabin rates. They probably don't want to though. I have a group sailing in August and their cabins dropped almost $450 each today. I immediately changed their rates to the new sale. If it's past final payment there is always the option to upgrade.
  7. They offer it but with all the other promotions available, it's not going to be less than them. On a cruise further out, probably more available.
  8. You can pay off whenever you like. The restrictions are based on the final payment due date, not when you paid. #travelagent
  9. You are correct. Princess is giving TA's full commission in the FCC bookings. This came out Jan 9 in a bulletin, excerpt below... Dear Travel Agent Partner, Our 100% Princess® Getaways, 100% off! sale has done a great job attracting cruisers to book our short cruises, and now it’s a more lucrative opportunity for you. As you know, the “100% off” in this promotion is provided in the form of a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) on a future cruise booking of 7 days and longer. While our normal policy is to not pay commission on FCCs, Princess Cruises will now make these FCCs commissionable. This change is applicable to future 100% Princess Getaways, 100% Off! Offers; as well, Princess will automatically convert FCCs issued under the prior 100% FCC Offers to be commissionable. This campaign has been very successful in allowing new passengers to experience our brand and bringing awareness to the new Princess Getaways product. And ultimately, we believe this extremely attractive incentive to book a longer cruise will develop long term customers for Princess and you, our valued travel agent partners. We hope this added incentive helps kick-off a great 2014 selling year, as we continue to look for new and innovative ways to grow our businesses together! Thank you for your support,
  10. Those are really good rates on that ship. I think it's less expensive due to the Jan sale, and also the ship has to transition to a new port and it is in their best interest to sail full, they are deferring their transportation costs to you. Final payment is due in 3 days, so book soon.
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