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  1. I couldn't help but notice that you chose to atrack my post rather than give a thoughtful answer to any of the questions.
  2. So, how often are you having antibody testing done? And just how confident are you that your current antibodies would respond to one of the variants that are now becoming the dominant strains? So confident that you will ignore the experts' advice to get immunized even if you've had COVID in the past? As for mandatory vaccination for cruise pax and crew, did it occur to you that this might also minimize the chances of spreading COVID to the inhabitants of the ports visited or to bringing back new variants into the country of disembarkation? Try looking at it from a public health per
  3. Has common sense become that uncommon? - who swims laps in a ship pool? 4 strokes and its time to turn. If its that necessary, then swim early or late to minimize others in the pool - if the pool is crowded, don't get in. - if someone else is doing laps, then you do yours on the other side of the pool. - if someone is swimming laps too close to you, and you were there first, ask them to distance themselves And finally, there may not be lifeguards, but there are pool attendants. One would hope they will monitor and restrict both pool and hot tub capacity.
  4. No need for the continued shill for the upscale lines- some of the non US based mainstream lines require passports too. And of course passport books make sense. Having a passport if you want to travel outside one's country is simply automatic to almost everyone else in the world. However your last point is why I doubt the OPs dream will likely be unfulfilled. The mass market lines that cater to Americans from American ports don't want to deal with the pushback from their main demographic.
  5. Why should the cruiselines have to hand hold the Americans who resist getting a passport? They have no vested interest in doing so. As long as the law that allows this exists, people will balk. If the exemption means more cabins sold, the cruise lines aren't likely to change their policies.
  6. We do Select Dining, but reserve our dining time in advance. And ask for the same table each night. So we have the same servers.
  7. Short version, yes, under AI, both daily gratuities and CBP beverage tips are included. Of course you can always tip more if you want to. We often tip extra to bartenders we use frequently. And we always tip our MDR servers and cabin steward extra at the end of the cruise. Note that tips for room service are not included.
  8. You write with great disdain and contempt of others countries asking to buy (or borrow/return) AZ vaccines that are sitting unused and possibly outdating in your warehouses. A vaccine that isn't even approved for use under an EUA in the US. You would rather see them wasted instead of being put to use? Please give us your expert opinion on where one should look for a supply of something that is in very short supply globally. Should they look to places with no existing, unneeded surplus, or to those places who boast about their unneeded surplus?
  9. Wonder what the overweight/oversize added cost would be at the airline counter. Good luck getting that under the bed
  10. "If vaccinations are required, how are the cruise lines going to check for compliance?" Here's a wild thought: instead of asking a forum full of people who don't work for the cruise lines, why not contact the lines directly and ask them? Horse's mouth instead of casual speculation.
  11. Let me try this one more time. Since the topic was the State Dept. travel advisories, my previous comment was about traveling, not going to your neighbourhood bar or bistro. And the likelihood of picking up a variant and bringing it home. Look past your own self interest. The more this happens, the more the variants spread. Why? Because not everyone is vaccinated (either by choice or medical necessity) or do not have a high degree if conferred immunity. The more variants, the greater the likelihood of a resistant mutation. Guess what happens if a resistant variant runs rampant, as some of the
  12. Well if hopefully is good enough for you, then carry on. BTW, do you have any loved ones, friends, acquaintances, or co workers at home? You would have no qualms about bringing that variant home with you and spreading it around? Because you know that everyone will be vaccinated and have achieved the maximum possible immunity?
  13. Just because you now live in "the land of the free" doesn't mean you have carte blanche to do whatever the hell you feel like. There are still laws. And there is still social responsibility. There is still a moral obligation to be a decent human being.
  14. I only call our TA during business hours. If he's busy with another customer, I get a call back within the hour. If he's away, there is always a backup agent to handle questions/problems.
  15. Port size is one thing. Are they primarily cargo ports? Having enough passenger terminals is another thing altogether.
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