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  1. I would argue that taking an OTC med for the sole purpose of lowering your temp in order to ensure you pass the initial temp scan is indeed circumventing the rules. A totally different thing from taking the same drug for a legitimate reason- as an analgesic.
  2. Or just do the honest thing- get your temp scanned, and if it's elevated, wait as directed, in a cool place and have it rechecked. Taking an antipyretic because you think you might have a fever is both dishonest, and potentially dangerous to others if you really are ill.
  3. Gratuities, yes. Bribes, which was what I was talking about, accepted, yes. We're a polite lot, generally. But would you like to know what is said once you're out of hearing?
  4. Has anyone said the practice is illegal? I think not. And in your country, at least, quid pro quo seems to have been deemed acceptable. However the ethics is still questionable.
  5. Then why do you cruise? Or do you only cruise for the ship and sea days, never getting off at ports?
  6. If that's not the definition of a bribe, I don't know what is.
  7. This is all good to know. Would appreciate it if you cite your source.
  8. Right there. And it isn't necessarily something everyone would want for every cruise. We generally cruise for the itinerary. If we want a really laid back, relaxing vacation, we usually pick an AI on a Caribbean island. However this past winter, for a lark, I compared the cost of our favorite AI with a Caribbean cruise on our preferred cruise line. The cruise, including airfare and pre trip hotel was less expensive, so we did that instead. Of the 9 port calls on that B2B, we only got off the ship for 2 if them. The trick is knowing in advance what you want out of any given vacation and planning accordingly. If you want to experience NYC, or any other, then do that.
  9. By bringing drinks on board, I hope you just meant sodas, or the bottle of wine or champagne that is allowed. Beer and spirits are not allowed, and will be confiscated. As for asking to have the ice bucket filled- we ask for this at the beginning of every cruise. And we leave the extra tip for the cabin steward on the last night.
  10. Why would this come as a surprise to anyone who has kept current with world affairs in recent months? Plus, it's been heavily discussed on multiple threads on several CC boards in the last week.
  11. It appears to be official now. The member states in the EU reached agreement on a list of accepted countries to enter as tourists. There are 15 countries, including China. The US will remain excluded for now. Apparently those darned Europeans would rather squeak by economically without those US greenbacks, in favor of staying healthy.
  12. I don't think anyone has said that a land vacation isn't superior to a one day port stop if you are interested on a deep dive into a specific place. However there are many places where I have been quite content with a one and done. Just as there are many places that we first encountered on a port stop and returned at a later date for a more lengthy visit. But if we hadn't taken that particular cruise, we never would have known that we would eally like ithat place, would we? We often look at our cruises as scouting trips for future land vacations.
  13. ??? There are many, many B2B cruises that don't repeat ports. Some aren't even closed loop, so even the "turn around" isn't a repeat. We've never done a B2B with the same itinerary. Our main interest is in the ports. Our visa costs would have been the same unless separated by a long period of time.
  14. Oh, please, just stop. None of that makes a person more susceptible to the virus. What it does is make them more vulnerable to severe symptoms and possible long lasting disability/death. Trying to claim that the US uncontrolled COVID spread is due to obesity and chronic health problems is beyond ludicrous.
  15. If I was desperately feeling the need for a getaway, I might consider it? But only if there was evidence of full compliance, and enforcement of the regulations. So I'll wait and see.
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