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  1. I'm not bringing ratty old clothes that are due to be thrown out. If I wouldn't wear them out at home, why would I wear them on a cruise? Many times I'm buying new clothes, not hunting the darkest regions of my closet for the oldest! And I'm certainly not buying new clothes only to throw them out after wearing once or twice. Doing laundry in the sink isn't that big a chore. We do exactly as Sippican does. Ten minutes once a week on a sea day is all it takes. We followed this procedure on our 29 day cruise last winter and it worked like a charm.
  2. Sri Lanka is a port stop on Connie's Abu Dhabi to Singapore itinerary. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see it dropped if the bombings continue. It's so awful to see this happen after the country had finally recovered from it's civil war. We really enjoyed our visit to Colombo.
  3. DH has used a cross body messenger bag on our last few trips. He finds it more comfortable than his backpack, and easier to keep an eye on from a security standpoint ( pickpockets). His is a Timbuk2, but less expensive ones can be found on Amazon @gerylmx- I don't think the OP was referring to security checks. She wants to avoid having to leave the bag in the coat check area; common practice for backbacks in most museums.
  4. Not a silly question, and yes there are some people who cruise just for the ship and don't feel the need to get off at any of the Ports. Usually it's because they've sailed an itinerary often enough that there is little that interests them anymore. Or, as with a PP, it's a brand new ship and they sail just to explore it. I've known some cruisers who are in ill health and cruise just for the rest and sea air. We aren't any if these- our cruises are itinerary driven. But there are occasionally ports that we have no interest in. Nassau is a prime example: we stay on the ship if that is one of the port stops on a cruise.
  5. Quite frankly I'd rather puke than be caught wearing something like that, even for the 10 minutes they claim . Fortunately there are effective alternatives. But since they have a money back guarantee, there's no harm in trying them. Id bring a back up remedy, though.
  6. We had a missing bag when we arrived after a very long couple of flights in Abu Dhabi. Of course it was full of the clothes we had packed separately for our pre cruise stay. When we went to the airline's baggage desk, the attendant found it after 10 seconds on the computer. The bag was still sitting in Toronto. It took them a day and a half to get it to us. Fortunately we had that time before we needed to embark the ship. A tracker would have been no additional help. And if we had had to leave before it finally got to Abu Dhabi, it still wouldn't have caught up to us any faster. I can see them possibly being useful for frequent fliers on airlines that don't have their own tracking systems (don't most of them nowadays?). Also useful if someone else takes your bag off the luggage carousel and leaves with it. But you'd most likely want a GPS tracker for these purposes, and those come with a subscription or monthly fee- an additional expense that is hard to justify for the occasional traveller. YMMV.
  7. With only 5-7 days total, and that time of year, you're pretty much stuck with the Caribbean or a West coast cruise. Since you haven't done an Eastern Caribbean cruise yet, maybe try that.
  8. If you're docking in A'dam then it's a short trip to the Centraal Station. FWIW, there's no such thing as a Rail Europe train. Rail Europe is just a North American distributor that sells tickets for the various rail companies in Europe. Often at a markup over buying directly from the actual rail line. I hope you weren't suckered into buying a rail pass vs a ticket.
  9. I'd recommend looking at the Ports of Call forum. Should be lots of discussion on Civitavecchia-Rome transfer options.
  10. I haven't studied the deck plans that closely, but aren't some impacted by the Magic carpet on the Starboard side? If you don't care about location, or cabin layout, then a guarantee might be worth it. Me- I'd want a port side cabin.
  11. Sorry that your health care providers have been lax in educating you on how to protect yourself while immune compromised. It is one of the most common recommendations. And no one here was talking about people with compromised immune systems due to disease or disorder. That's a whole separate subset of the population- one that has to be very careful about even setting foot on a ship, let alone lining up at a buffet. PS: for the average healthy person, there are, in fact, things you can do to boost your immune system. But this is veering way off topic.
  12. Isn't avoiding all buffets (land or sea) a standard recommendation by the various cancer societies? Don't depend on others to safeguard your own health.
  13. OK, you're a cynic. I was fortunate to join a roll call organized tour with Xuan for both of our Vietnam ports this past January. At no time were we urged to leave a glowing review or to persuade anyone else to use his company. People leave these glowing reviews because he provides an excellent experience. Period. Full stop. It is up to the individual reader to research their alternatives and select the one they are most comfortable with. No one is preventing anyone from looking elsewhere. I have not experienced a Vietnam tour offered by another operator, so I cannot say whether their tour leaders ask their guests to post a good review. Even if they do this, I can't imagine too many people who would post such a review if the tour was a bad one.
  14. Are you asking about the daily newsletter (each Cruiseline calls it by a different name)? This must be your first cruise. You will find a newsletter in your cabin every evening with details for ship activities for the following day. There will be Port information as well if that day is a port day. If you want more information in advance (like which nights are evening chic or formal nights,) you can also ask on the Roll Call for your particular sailing. Or you can post a question on the forum devoted to your cruise line.
  15. If you mean the Abu Dhabi- Singapore cruise on Connie, we did it this past January. Lovely cruise. The Emirates cities and Muscat can easily be done on your own or with a tour. Taxis are reliable and metered or you can hire for the day. We were in Abu Dhabi for a few days before the cruise and found it easy to get around. Just be aware of and respect the local customs. I would not really recommend doing the Indian ports on your own. We joined quite a few other roll call members for an independant tour at each port, using the same company for all of the tours. These were similar to ones offered by the ship, but with much smaller groups and at 1/3 - 1/2 the price. We also used an independant tour company for our visit to Sri Lanka and a boat charter on our Phuket day. Singapore has a world class transportation system and taxis are metered and reliable. It's very easy to DIY there.
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