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  1. Explain the logic behind wearing masks if the virus has been totally eliminated
  2. Depends on the insurance company. Some Canadian travel policies cover covid related issues, others don't. Read your policy. Right now it's too far out for anyone to know what entry and return restrictions may or may not be in place, or what the ship boarding requirements will be.
  3. Well, there is no cruising to impede for quite a few months yet, by the look of things. And do you think something like a pre arrival negative COVID test would be a major deterrent for anyone determined to cruise this year? What's one more q tip up the nose? Seriously, I doubt that cruising was even a consideration when this rule was made. And the news items I've seen only mention the test requirement for arriving pax, not departing. Although departing pax may need one too, but dependant on the requirements of their arrival country.
  4. Consider that Celebrity just axed their European and TA cruises for this year. That should tell you something. Next year is more likely.
  5. New Zealand in a heartbeat, although I agree that a land tour is vastly superior. We had a 3 week driving trip and felt like we had barely scratched the surface and still had to skip places that were on our must do list.
  6. Our population may be smaller than yours, but our public health and Medical systems are proportionally smaller as well. I don't know what you are basing your vaccination assumptions on, but our Chief Medical Officer, and the PM have said they don't anticipate having the vast majority of Canadians vaccinated until at least Sept. Currently that date appears to be overly optimistic. And it's not just the vaccination numbers. TPTB will be focusing on the numbers and rates of infections both nationally and internationally. I suspect the numbers will have to be substantially lower before they will
  7. I've never had a GI problem when on a cruise. Even though we frequently eat while ashore in ports. And yes, that might include street food ( Singapore and Thailand stand out for us). I've also never had a GI problem while doing land vacations in Europe, Asia , or the Caribbean. And we certainly don't restrict ourselves to only eating at our hotels while there Ironically, the only time the family had a problem was during a trip to WDW, when we all became sick as dogs on the 6th day. However we are careful where we eat. We look for places heavily attend
  8. We were on a B2B on the 2 sailings prior to homedepots cruise last year. I'm glad Equinox only had the partial refit so that the Sky Lounge was left as it had been. We found our balcony cabin just as comfortable as any of the other ships, although I agree the new balcony furniture was a definite error in judgement on Xs part. The crew were great, and the food was on par with most X ships. Loved Sushi on 5. Their lobster ramen is to die for.
  9. Perhaps this misconception is what led to this. Gratuities were not "free" to the passengers either when included as a "perk" or when included in the new always included pricing. The passenger was paying for the grats in their increased fare prices, whether they knew it or not. "Included" does not mean "free". The crew have always gotten the autograts. There is no reason to suspect they would not continue to do so.
  10. @ Fouremco if I misinterpreted the post in question then I apologize. But what do land restaurants have to do with ship autograts, which is the subject of this thread? Absolutely no comparison in how tips are handled. The poster has been on CC long enough to be aware of how autograts have worked for many years.
  11. ?? Excuse me? In your other post you said "I'm skeptical the server will receive it. I would rather give cash directly to the recipient" How, exactly, are you going to give cash to every person who would have otherwise shared in the auto grats? Do you know every person who is entitled to a share, and what that share is? And why would you do this if you hadn't first removed the auto grats? If you want to tip extra, then you should. But leave the auto grats alone. The crew DO get them.
  12. Why would you think otherwise, in regard to the auto tips? Do you really think the crew would stay if they weren't receiving their tips, which accounts for the bulk of their income? Do you realize that it would be illegal for the cruise lines to withhold them? Sorry, bud. That's no excuse for removing the grats. Hopefully now, with the always included, it will be impossible to remove them
  13. Doesnt make sense to send Connie to the Caribbean this year, since there won't be a winter cruising season there. Makes more sense to leave her in the Med and hope for a spring/summer season there. We were on the same sailing as kebrown, and agree with what a great itinerary it was. We stayed on the ship on its next cruise from Singapore to Shanghai. Would also do either or both of these cruises again in a heartbeat. Not sure why X decided to change her winter sailings to the Caribbean, which IMO is already over supplied with ships.
  14. Strongly disagree. Your scenario leaves the crew vulnerable to infection, which would shut down the cruise. You may not care, but the public health authorities in every country that ship touches certainly would.
  15. According to the Toronto Star this morning, India has approved an EUA for the AstraZeneca vaccine. The Indian manufacturer has a licensing agreement with them already. However, given South Asia's gigantic population, I would imagine the greater majority, if not all, of their output this year would stay there. ??
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