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  1. We usually have several in our checked luggage. Never had a problem.
  2. I don't want to put words in that posters mouth, but I think he's making the distinction between dining and just eating. There are times when one doesn't want a slowly paced multicourse meal, but just wants something quick. And the buffet certainly can provide that. And having vacationed with my daughter, DSIL, and his parents, I can say there are people who really have little interest in dining AT ALL. It is pure tedium to them, no matter where they are. All they want is something to fill their stomachs and then move on to do other things. And that's ok, if that's all they want. If my daughter's inlaws ever took a cruise ( highly unlikely), I'm confident they'd be in the buffet every night.
  3. Given the amount of money I'm shelling out on our cruises, you bet your *** I expect the food to be at the very least as good as what we normally eat at home. However that may be a tall order on some ships, since both DH and I enjoy variety and well prepared food, and are both good cooks. By the way, you don't need to spend a lot of money OR time to prepare an excellent meal if you know what you are doing. Disparaging those who are used to eating good quality food as snobs is IMO merely reverse snobbery. The one thing the buffet provides is variety. As well as convenience. The quality varies. Your single experience on only one cruise really doesn't qualify you to extend your experience to all cruise ships. We've very much enjoyed the buffets on some ships. There have been some, however, that barely rose to the level of Golden Corral. If that is snobbery, then I'll try to bear up under that burden. Most often we use the buffet for a quick breakfast or light lunch. Only rarely to we use the buffet for dinner.
  4. Yes, the beach towels are a different color than the pool towels. Yes, if you don't bring them back you will be charged for them. Just leave it in your bathroom when you return and it will be replaced. Up to you whether you leave them in your cabin and only use the pool towels. Not sure why that would be preferable. On beach days we take both, so I can lie on one and use a pool towels as a pillow. Just don't leave them behind.
  5. Agree with Shmoo's comments. In the past I've felt pretty queasy sailing out of Cape Canaveral or Fort Lauderdale- sailing south in the Atlantic can be choppy- until we've gotten into the Caribbean. As a life long motion sickness sufferer, it took me a few cruises before I found a preventative that worked well and had a minimum of unpleasant side effects. The scopolamine patches had horrible side effects for me. And regular Dramamine makes me too sleepy. Once I started taking Bonine (Less Drowsy Dramamine /Meclizine), I was fine except in the worst sea conditions (when even the crew were looking green). I've found that waiting until the motion sickness starts is too late. For me, using it once a day as a preventative (starting the night before embarkation) works best. YMMV. Best to consult your doctor or pharmacist and try it at home first.
  6. I've never worried about our belongings on a boat. If something went missing, the list of suspects would be short, and I'm guessing the crew wouldn't jeopardize their jobs to root around in bags hoping for a windfall. Your DL, sea pass card and ?credit card? are waterproof, so could just go in the pocket of your swim suit if it has one. Or just buy a waterproof case- all kinds of them on Amazon.
  7. Your cabin steward may put beach towels ( different color than the pool towels) in your cabin the night before your first port. He will exchange them for clean ones as needed. If you lose them, a charge will appear on your account. Or you can just grab a couple of pool towels from the stack by the pool and take them with you. There are bins for used towels by the pool. Be sure to return them.
  8. Bonine's usual dosage is once every 24 hours ( or once every 12 hours with a split dose). So no reason to think it wouldn't still be working in the morning if taken at bedtime.
  9. Apparently few posters bothered to look at the link provided up thread. So here is the itinerary: Cruise Itinerary: Cape Town, South Africa (03 Feb embark(+1)d1700); Mossel Bay, South Africa (05 Feb 1000-1900); Port Elizabeth, South Africa (06 Feb 0800-2000); East London, South Africa (07 Feb 0700-1700); Durban, South Africa (08 Feb 1000-2100); Richard's Bay, South Africa (09 Feb 0500-1600); Maputo, Mozambique (10 Feb 0900-1900); Saint-Denis, Reunion (14 Feb 0800-1800); Port Louis, Mauritius (15 Feb 0800-1800); La Digue, Seychelles (18 Feb 0700-1600); Mahe, Seychelles (18 Feb 1900(+1)1600); Male, Maldives (22 Feb 1500(+1)1800); Colombo, Sri Lanka (25 Feb 0700-2100); Galle, Sri Lanka (26 Feb 0700-1600); Phuket, Thailand (29 Feb 1000-1900); Langkawi, Malaysia (01 Mar 0700-1600); Klang (Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia (02 Mar 0800-1900); Singapore (03 Mar a1300(+1)disembark) I wouldn't count on dollars or euros being readily accepted except at horrendously poor exchange rates in most places. Use credit cards and/or local cash from a bank ATM. Since the OP embarks and has multiple port stops in South Africa it makes sense to have some Rand to use for small purchases.
  10. I agree with klfrodo that as a newbie you are better off with a travel agent. Preferably one with experience with cruises. The fact is you often dont know what you don't know. A good TA will walk you through all of your options; and there are a LOT of options. And I agree about the insurance. Get it, but not from the cruise line. As well as the previous site suggested, you can look at insuremytrip.com.
  11. Luggage tags are included with the edocs, which you should get via email around 45 days before your cruise. At that time you can select to have them mailed or just print them yourself.
  12. It's an accessible cabin, so is the verandah. The link has quite a few photos that include the verandah doorway https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/celebrity-reflection-621/accessible-veranda-cabin-132133/ This is on Reflection, but still an S class ship, so cabin should be similar
  13. You have to decide what is most important for you. What are your loyalty points worth to you? Are NCLs top tier loyalty perks worth more than itineraries or ships that may be more interesting than what you currently get with NCL? We don't have any particular loyalty to any one line. The itinerary is our number one determining factor. While we are closing in on an upper loyalty tier on a couple of lines, I'm willing to forgo a free bag of laundry and a couple of free cocktails per night to sail on a new exciting itinerary or ship.
  14. Yes, the iLounge is sponsored by and run by Apple. It is staffed, so you could ask them for help the first time. But honestly, it's not rocket science, especially if you are simply checking email or web surfing. If you are more comfortable, bring your own laptop and use the ship's wifi anywhere on the ship.
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