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  1. mom says

    Disembark food from ship

    Your personal belief?? You really expect a stranger to go on that, rather than the actual laws that are in place in every country? You actually believe that ships don't resupply except in their home port? That maybe true for shorter cruises out of US ports, but I didn't see anywhere in the OPs post that they were disembarking at a US port.
  2. mom says

    Bonine on ship?not sold in Canada

    Your Uber driver should be able to stop off at the nearest drug store on the way to the hotel. Or perhaps there will be a drugstore near the hotel. You should have no problem finding either the brand name Bonine or the store's generic brand if meclizine. If in doubt, ask the pharmacist. I've had a problem with motion sickness since childhood so taking a preventive med made absolute sense for me. I developed very bad side effects from the scopolomine patch, and Gravol/Dramamine makes me very sleepy. But in the 10+ years that I've been using Bonine for travel I've experienced no side effects. I take one every night at bedtime, starting the night before embarcation. But since you haven't any idea if you'll even be bothered by seasickness, I see no reason to medicate yourself for no reason. By all means bring some with you. But wait until you think you need it before taking it. Just don't wait too long - if you're heaving over a railing, you've waited too long.
  3. mom says

    Afternoon Tea

    Sorry, but the short answer is that there is nowhere onboard where you can get a "proper" afternoon tea. Even if you could get a good cup of tea (possible in AL Bacio, but highly unlikely in the OVC or dining rooms), then you still have to search out suitable food choices. On our last 4 week B2B, aside from a couple of days when the OVC managed to supply some decent scones, the usual afternoon offerings were pretty dismal.
  4. mom says

    Disembark food from ship

    Pretty sure you'll be able to buy something at the airport. Most Ports frown on bringing any food other than prepackaged off the ship. Those sniffer dogs aren't just looking for drugs.
  5. The laundry detergent sheets mentioned by Buckeye really made things easier on our last cruise. We were gone for 5 weeks, so I did several laundry days (on sea days) during the B2B. The heavy duty magnets plus string worked well as a drying line, and even DHs cotton underwear and socks were dry by the next day. I used pool towels to help soak up the excess moisture before hanging things up - they're bigger than the bathroom towels, and seemed more absorbent.
  6. mom says

    Bed By The Balcony (Slider) Important to You?

    I prefer the seating area and vanity next to the balcony. It provides better natural light when reading or working at the desk.
  7. mom says

    Viking Homelands Tour spending money

    Why do you have to bring it with you? Those countries have modern conveniences like ATMs, just like you have at home. But, you'll get a better exchange rate than you'll get at home.
  8. mom says

    Miffed about Power strips and towels

    I guess everyone on our last B2B were all scofflaws then. The towel bins at both the pool and solarium were unattended and I watched guests helping themselves all day, every day. The attendants periodically restocked and emptied the used towel bins, but I never saw them card anyone nor did I experience that. Indeed on one cold and windy day the attendants were freely passing out extra towels for chilly guests to wrap up in (they later switched up to handing out plaid blankets.)
  9. The OP must be referring to Chan May, the Vietnamese port closest to the city of Hue. He'd do well to research his cruise documents. Pity he didn't bother to mention which cruise line he's sailing on. We just visited 2 ports in Vietnam, including this one while on Celebrity Constellation.. The ship arranged the Vietnamese visas for those on board who needed them. Ours cost USD6 PP. AFAIK, UK passport holders (and a few other nationalities) were exempt and either were not charged or could have the charge removed from their account. Other lines charge a different amount. This Visa only covered day visits. Anyone staying ashore overnight needed to apply for their own Vietnam visa in advance. As for getting off the ship in Chan May without a tour- do your homework. It's a very small industrial port in the middle of nowhere and with no cruise facilities. You can't wander around a working port on your own, and once at the gate, there's nothing there but fields. I don't think there are even taxis available. So you either arrange a tour in advance or stay on the ship. Your choice.
  10. mom says

    Cruise document question

    A notarized letter of permission by the noncustodial parent isn't always required. For example on closed loop cruises out of US ports where both parent and child are born in the US, it may not be required by every cruise line. It's more likely to be required for other types of cruises,but again may depend on the custodial terms set forth by the court. You can't expect the cruise line to spell out every possible scenario. It's up to the parent to find out ( the State Department is a good place to start) what requirements apply in their particular situation.
  11. mom says

    Miffed about Power strips and towels

    You don't need to go as far as luxury lines. Celebrity allows free use if their pool towels. I've never had to account for the ones I've used. We just take what we need and dump them in the bin when we're finished with them.
  12. mom says

    Hotels in Venice Italy

    You might try checking the Ports of Call Forum https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/464-italy-ports/
  13. mom says

    Reading material

    When travelling, all of my books are on my tablet.
  14. mom says

    Shortest possible cruise

    I wonder if you were on the old MV Bluenose, that used to do the Bar Harbour to Yarmouth run.
  15. mom says

    Shortest possible cruise

    I know of ferries that have sleeping accommodations and dining rooms. Was the trip advertised as a cruise?