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  1. I don't think anyone can predict when the next excursion sale might happen, other than to say one MIGHT happen before November, and it MIGHT include the excursions you're interested in ( neither are guaranteed). In any event, you can book them now, then if they go on sale you can cancel and rebook.
  2. We've had land vacations on several of the Caribbean islands that we first saw as port visits on a cruise. We have firm plans for a return to Thailand for a month as a result of our last cruise. Singapore and Vietnam are further in the future. That cruise was a B2B on Celebrity Constellation- 29 days with the turnaround port being Singapore. We had 4 days in Abu Dhabi pre cruise (I'd return to the UAE in a heartbeat) and 4 days in Shanghai at the end (more than enough for us).
  3. We do both land vacations and cruises. It depends on what we want to do at that time. If we really want to explore a region, obviously we opt to do it by land- usually on our own but in Asia we have opted for group travel. When we cruise, it's for 2 reasons; either to chillax for a couple of weeks in the winter, or to try an itinerary in a new to us part if the world as a sort of scouting mission to search out places for future land trips. The latter was the reason for our Dubai to Shanghai cruise last winter. And we came away with plans for future visits to at least 3-4 new places. This winter our cruise is strictly in the former category. A Caribbean B2B where we will likely only get off the ship to check our emails and the local duty free. Our next land trip will be a 3 week driving trip around Scotland.
  4. Please don't. So you waited too long, instead of jumping on it and now you're out of luck. That's outrageous.
  5. Definitely cutting off your nose to spite your face, not to mention ruining your daughter's day because of your inflexible attitude. You could have had a perfectly enjoyable day if you had booked the transfer to and from Paris and bought the Louvre tickets online, as was suggested previously by multiple posters. I've visited the Louvre several times and have never needed an actual guide to lead me by the hand. They provide free maps. Guidebooks can be bought and/or audio guides rented. Docent led tours in English are provided by museum staff. So don't come whining here that you have no options. You have plenty of options, but choose to opt for the "woe is me" route as usual. Your daughter us the one I pity most. Her, and the poor unfortunate crewmembers at Guest Relations who will no doubt be dealing with you every day,.
  6. A) cruises over holidays are usually fully booked. Then again, MOST cruises nowadays sail full or close to it. B). Have no idea, since we've never been there at that time. But you could try doing a few dummy bookings with the local operators you might be interested in to see if they will be running their excursions.
  7. Your question would get more attention from your fellow cruisers if you posted this on your Roll Call.
  8. I've been cruising for decades and have never worn a lanyard. Spend too much time wearing them at work to want the same on vacation. You will see a few people wearing them - usually the pocket deprived or those prone to losing their sea cards.
  9. Agree with Sea Dog. Unfortunately the chances of getting ripped off are very good unless one of you is well versed in examining stones to determine their quality.
  10. I posted on the Hiding Ducks thread a couple of times, but walked after seeing the number of posters who seem to have a terminal lack of whimsy or sense of humor. I'll watch this thread with interest. If anyone is making popcorn, I like mine with extra butter.
  11. Another complaint from this poster. Quell surprise. OP, your link is nonfunctional. I neither know, nor care, just how last minute this cancellation is. But if I was you, instead of kvetching about it on a forum I'd put my time to better use looking for a different excursion either with the ship, my Roll Call, or a new independent provider. Is the cancellation frustrating? Undoubtedly. Outrageous? Apparently only to you.
  12. Not sure why you think a change fee is ridiculous. It appears you did not use a TA when you originally booked. Did you read the T&Cs before you paid the deposit? A good TA would have warned you of this. Now you're stuck. Personally, I would not want my 15 yr old DD on a ship with a bunch of college spring breakers. An expensive lesson learned, perhaps.
  13. I'm guessing you aren't referring to the smell in your cabin when the bathroom drain dries out...
  14. I don't find that hard to believe at all. That isn't public information. What is public information, are the cabin reviews.
  15. Exactly. I'm not sure why the OP is surprised by this. Similar thing occurs in hotel and Resort gift shops, especially if they are located away from an urban area. This is precisely why I pack a carefully curated mini pharmacy and first aid kit as well as toiletries. Ever notice the markup on many items in a convenience store? You're paying for the convenience.
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