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  1. Well they're behind the curve a bit on this. Other cruuse lines already have something similar, used in place of sail cards. Heck Disney has been using "magic" bands for many years now.
  2. I think our plans would be similar to iancals. We would concentrate on land vacations to areas we deem safe (science based research). Of course we would vaccinate, and we never travel without the appropriate insurance coverage. I doubt that we will cruise again as long as activity restrictions, especially shore excursions, are in place. We normally limit our trips to 6 weeks or less. I doubt that will change much. As to personal precautions - we always travel with sanitizer and wipes.Would likely throw masks into the bag in case they are needed/mandated should a local flare up occur. Buffets don't scare me as long as they aren't self serve.
  3. You've pretty much put into writing what I've been thinking for several months. Those who think leisure travel is going to return to the old "normal" next year are in for a rude awakening.
  4. I've got that ear worm too. And I keep getting flashbacks of Beetlejuice.
  5. Not sure why this matters. It's still a new season for everyone watching. It's pretty much the only "reality" show that I watch regularly. Nice to get a peek at different places and watch some of the cultural challenges that they are given. I'm watching it right now - hint: their first stop is in the Caribbean. Seems like a pretty diverse group.
  6. You can have my pie if I can have your stuffing! Lol. Hope today is a good day for you.
  7. Not a surprise. This announcement came out on Tues. You must have missed it
  8. If people are that desperate for Alaskan cruises, then why not just have closed loop cruises out of one of the Alaska ports? Solves the problem of finding a foreign port and eliminates too many sea days just to get there and back.
  9. But you still have the problem of limiting the number of ships at each island each day. Only now the problem would be compounded by a greater number of ships competing for docking.
  10. I looked at that article, and some of their rankings made no sense at all when you looked at their per day averages.
  11. Then why call it an Alaska cruise? That's a west coast cruise consisting if mostly sea days. You can't begin to compare that to an Alaska cruise out of Seattle.
  12. I'd be hesitant to book any cruise sailing into or out of a Canadian port in the first half of next year. There is no indication that Canada will open its borders to nonessential travel until the COVID pandemic numbers justify it.
  13. It sounds like a World Cruise is not for you. Many do not consider the time required to get the necessary visas a disincentive; and if they receive the visas then it is certainly not an effort in futility. The costs involved are a budgetary consideration and should be factored into the decision to do the cruise, just like other factors such as being away from home for an extended period. There are many things that may deter a person. But there are also many people who do not have serious impediments.
  14. My hope is that failure to follow the protocols (especially testing, quarantine, and tracing) would result in severe penalties. Expecting them to just "do the right thing" may be too much to ask. But the threat of a hit to the pocket book, in addition to adverse publicity, may work. Additionally, I'd rather see them doing the rapid test dockside than accepting a 5 day old PCR. This would also solve a problem for those who can't get timely results before leaving home.
  15. I'm surprised this isn't a thread already. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/10/06/cruise-industry-test-all-passengers-crew-before-boarding-worldwide/3635481001/ No mention of the type of test (PCR or rapid test) or whether it will be done in the terminal or before arrival. Perhaps that will be left up to the individual lines. This announcement appears to be separate from the earlier release of recommendations to the CDC
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