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  1. I doubt they will pull out of the UK market, they seem to charge high prices here but still fill the ships. As for us having better offers ('free' drinks and flights) I think we generally pay for those in the overall price. I know many people who don't like to fly so only cruise from Southampton (including my parents), personally I prefer to fly somewhere warmer to start my cruise and it usually still works out cheaper. As for their attitude to their UK customers, I think we've always been second class citizens.
  2. Still only food and diy type shops open here plus our local garden centre. A couple of bakers in town plus Subways has opened this week. One or two ice cream kiosks have opened at the beach and the local boating lake which has felt like a real treat. We were really worried in Cornwall that this weekend we were going to be inundated with a surge of visitors now that people are allowed to drive but thankfully that doesn't seem to have happened, we've been out both days and it's no busier than the last couple of weeks.
  3. In England we are just starting to take the first steps to ease the lockdown, June 1st will be a bigger step when more shops will be allowed to open. Still not allowed to see family or friends apart from one other person in an open public space keeping 2 m apart. To those of you who live in areas where shops, bars restaurants etc have already opened, have you seen a noticeable spike in cases?
  4. We're going to the garden centre this afternoon, expecting a long queue😀. We're hoping our retail business will be able to open on 1st June, not sure what my hair will look like as we have to wait until at least July for a haircut.
  5. Very few people wearing masks around here, I don't think I'll be wearing one unless we are told we have to but then I don't use public transport. There were pictures on our national news this morning from a flight from Belfast to London yesterday and it looked packed with no social distancing. Think they will have to do something drastic before most flights resume.
  6. Oh wow, is there no enforcement in California? The police are fining people breaking the rules here.
  7. Your beach is a lot busier than ours at the moment. Our tourist season should just be starting at this time of year, rarely seen everything so quiet even in winter.
  8. Our local fish and chip shop is fantastic and luckily they are the one that is open, we walked into town earlier and noticed that two other chip shops are planning to open as takeaway this weekend. I'm craving a really good burger right now😀.
  9. No actual restaurants are open here but places that are usually takeaway are, we've had Chinese and fish and chips, both had to be pre-ordered by phone then collected.
  10. I notice that many in the US have said that when they go out to shops that are open they are crowded. Do they not have any restrictions on how many are allowed inside?. Here you have to queue outside until someone comes out and when you do get inside the aisles are very quiet. Even small corner shops have this system with only about 5 people allowed at one time. Generally everyone is very compliant.
  11. Flour has been low but always available, this week in Morrisons they had a choice of plain, self raising and strong bread flour. A couple of weeks ago my mum wanted sugar and they were out but plenty a few days later in Sainsburys.
  12. No, in supermarkets our eggs are never in a chiller. I do keep my eggs at home in the fridge. Toilet paper and cleaning products were low in the beginning but are fine now where I am, the only thing they have constantly been out of is hand sanitiser (I assume that is all going to the health service).
  13. Didn't realise it was still that bad in parts of the UK. In Cornwall it was like that the week before the lockdown but everywhere is almost fully stocked now. Haven't had any problem getting anything I've wanted in the last few weeks.
  14. Currently in lockdown in the UK with the next review date 7th May. Our government are being very reluctant in telling us what might happen when restrictions are able to be eased a bit so it's beginning to feel like this is never ending. Our lockdown is fairly strict, only allowed out for medical reasons or essential shopping and one spell of daily exercise (walk, jog or bike).We are not allowed to gather with anyone from another household.The police can issue fines for people breaking the rules. We live in a coastal town of around 20,000 people which is normally full of tourists in the summer but empty now. We have lovely beaches and countryside close to our home so have had some great walks at least. We have a small retail business which is currently closed so hoping we will be allowed to open whenever things ease a bit, don't know how busy we will be with no tourists though.
  15. My highlights definitely need doing, I've actually started to worry about how difficult it's going to be to get an appointment once the hairdressers are allowed to open, I'm sure everyone will want one🙂.
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