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  1. Just read this and think it's actually good news for us. We are on Quantum in Feb, a 9 night sailing and we were expecting to have to pay for Ripcord and Northstar but looks like there will be no charge for our sailing😄.
  2. We've sailed both, like P and O but prefer Royal. I think the main reason for that is P and O is just a bit too British for us, even sailing out of Southampton Royal has a mix of nationalities and a more 'international' feel. There are a lot more activities on Royal, ice skating, flowrider, skypad etc, but out of Southampton the entertainment does have a British slant. One complaint that we always seem to hear is that the drinks are much more expensive on Royal which is probably true. All things considered though it's a cruise and there will always be more similarities than differences. Go with an open mind and enjoy (and remember that on both lines the 3 night crowd is very different from the 14 night crowd!).
  3. Thanks for all the lovely photos. We were last in Singapore in the late 90s, can't believe how much has been built since then, looking forward to seeing it all now.
  4. Yes, I probably will do a 'live from', I think it will be especially helpful with so little info on these cruises.
  5. A link to your pics would be great. There seems so little info on these ports, I suppose because the ships don't sail there that often.
  6. At the Da Nang/Hue port we are planning on a beach day at a resort hotel nearby. DH saw someone had done this on one of the FB groups and we thought it would make a nice relaxing day. What did you do in Nha Trang? We're thinking it will be easy to get a bus or taxi into the city and explore on our own. We've been to Bangkok a couple of times previously on land trips and it's one of my favourite cities in the world, just don't think the time there will do it justice on this trip as we don't have the overnight.
  7. We took these pics of Stromboli from the balcony of 1394 on Navigator
  8. Thanks for the reply. Was it just that Ho Chi Minh was so busy? I've seen the videos where it seems almost impossible even to cross the road. We're leaning towards a ship tour (doing the other ports independently) because of the distance and the traffic.
  9. Did you not like Ho Chi Minh? It's one of the places we're really looking forward to. Can someone tell me if there were formal nights on the cruise and if so did people dress up? I've read somewhere that the cruises out of Shanhai don't have them so wondered about Singapore cruises.
  10. Glad you liked Southampton. Slug and Lettuce is a national chain, they do some great cocktails! Enjoying the review so far.
  11. Thanks, that's good to know about the debarkation tours, think we may opt for one of those.
  12. Thanks for the review. We are doing a 9 night Singapore to Hong Kong in Feb but on Quantum. I think your itinerary may have been a bit different as we do not have the overnight in Bangkok, just a day visit (we've been before so not going into the city). We then have 3 stops in Vietnam. Did you happen to notice if the ship offers any excursions in Hong Kong? We have a late flight and not sure how we will fill the time. It's interesting to hear the passenger mix, I was expecting mostly local people onboard. Were the MDR menus that you saw similar to the usual or were there a lot different foods?
  13. Are you getting really cheap prices for this? We currently have a cruise package with flights and hotel stay for next year with a TA and have paid £200pp deposit. Normally if it's just cruise only we've only ever paid the standard cruise line deposit. RCL rarely give compensation for just one port change a long time before departure, last Nov we got a complete itinerary reroute just 2 days before departure and we still got nothing at all.
  14. Great to see a live review from Indy, I'll be following. Are you at the Holiday Inn?
  15. Just remember that even if your cruise has lots of port days you don't have to do long, tiring excursions on all of them to enjoy the area. You could just get off the ship, wander into the local town, have a look around the shops/ walk along the beach/ go to the local market/ sit out and enjoy a glass of wine and take in the atmosphere. We often do this anywhere we go in the world and it makes for a nice relaxing day and can give you a much better 'feel' for the place than an organised excursion.
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