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  1. Neither of us likes the long, drawn-out meals in the crowded dining room and I particularly do not care to be served in the fawning manner often found in the MDR. I am a very particular eater so the buffet is a more diverse option for me. Plus, we can almost always find a quiet table by a window for just us.
  2. Working toward minimalism, we buy nothing permanent. If we get hungry in port, we buy a meal to support the local economy.
  3. This is good to know as we have a Deck 8 aft cabin on our next Grandeur cruise. When we booked there were just a few desirable (to us) interiors left. Plus, with meditation apps on our tablets and earbuds, we are prepared should any noise occur.
  4. Stairs, always. We are pretty fit and slim and aim to stay that way for as long as possible via diet and exercise.
  5. I absolutely detest the taste of ginger in any form😠 but I have to say these sure work for us despite having an awful taste. Having been extremely seasick en route to Antarctica, I wish I had taken these. They worked great on other ocean trips. Solaray Ginger Trips Chewable tablets. https://www.vitacost.com/solaray-ginger-trips-chewable-60-chewable-wafers-1 I have tried other forms of ginger that don't work nearly as well for us.
  6. We never book forward cabin as we can sometimes be prone to seasickness. We book mid or aft interior cabins and have never had motion problems there. I LOVE interiors for the lack of morning light and the considerably cheaper price.
  7. I don't ever suffer from boredom but I feel that's because I am always reading, learning, etc. and I love my own company and never need to be entertained. Though it might at first appear counter-intuitive, meditation is a great way to be "in the moment" and appreciate things that some might never notice.
  8. Because we want choice of a midship or aft cabin, we book about 18 months out which also gets us a better price. We booked almost 2 years out, for the same reasons when we went to the Galapagos.
  9. I would not sail Empress again, regardless of circumstances. Our trip on Empress was full of sewage smells (well-documented in reviews), broken cabin bathroom fixtures and air conditioning, very disorganized My Time dining, poor clean-up for norovirus mishaps on the stairs and near the elevators, etc. Cuba was very impressive and we will return. Empress, for us, is a never again experience.
  10. Carry-on only with a dry cleaner bag top and bottom is a good way to go. We had clothes get very damp but not soaked once - hence the carry-on only.
  11. We give a hard pass to almost all ship entertainment but we'd see Michael Grimm. We saw him on the AGT tour some years ago and he was terrific - no cheesy gimmicks or patter, just that incredible voice and excellent song selection.
  12. Visa gift card that he can use for whatever HE wants.
  13. Expedition ships to remote places are hard to beat. National Geographic, Hurtigruten, Celebrity's Xpedition, etc. are small ships the lack (in a good way!) the bells and whistles of mega-ships but focus on zoology, geology, etc.
  14. If non-refundable, toward gratuities as we buy almost nothing on a ship. If refundable, we take it as cash.
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