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  1. Not sure that is the case, as shof515 mentioned, it is allowed on other lines. Personally I've done it on Carnival post 9/11, but cameras were not allowed on those tours.
  2. Um wow, I had trouble finding the crabcake in there for a minute. I paid $38 at a local seafood restaurant last week and got a much bigger crabcake with my meal.
  3. Just need ship card and govt issued ID, so the DL will work.
  4. What do you do, if anything when they give half of it to pax2?
  5. I've found them inadvertently, figured a kid left it by mistake so I left it where it was, lol.
  6. Same happen to me, but I was hoping to get a CruiseNext cert to make it just a bit cheaper, but then it was sold out 😞
  7. What were you expecting? If the entertainment was that important, you might of researched it before booking? Some people enjoy the shows so much that they might watch the same exact show more than once on the same cruise! Personally I think it is great opportunity to take advantage of other offerings the ship has, for example there are shows in The Supper Club and Comedians that will more than likely different from your last cruise.
  8. Booked less than a week in advance and was able to bid. Think it depends on how much remaining availability they have. If they already all booked up then there isn't anything for you to even bid on.
  9. Double checked my email, but don't have it. Wonder if it is targeted at certain folks. What is the expiration of the offer?
  10. Didn't get the email, their website still says 2 only for balcony+ when booking 6+ months in advance https://www.ncl.com/cruisenext
  11. I disagree, balcony is much larger than an inside. They have a whole area for the couch that an inside room does not have, plus the outside balcony too. However, I feel like the teens should be able to make it work and not spend that much time in the cabin anyway. There are many parts of the ship for them to hangout.
  12. What are you looking for? Some shows have a fee and some don't. The meals change around, but seems like everyone is served the same thing for a particular show barring allergies or something. The acts also change around too, we saw The Knights (UK male singing group) that was complementary and good.
  13. For travelers who have already departed, their flights if they can even be changed would probably be in excess of $300? Or they have to spend money on last minute accommodations in a foreign country they hadn't planned spending? Anyway, I was asking as I didn't know, but this seems to be a more unusual case of a vacation being cancelled/interrupted.
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