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  1. Sorry for the delay everyone, finally getting caught up on some questions here today. Happy Sunday! To my knowledge my TA offers travel insurance but usually a full travel insurance policy which covers trip cancellation, etc. which we don't need. Plus the cost is so small there is really would be no benefit to my TA to book with her so we find it easier just to book it on our own. Using InsureMyTrip it takes less than a few minutes to get everything booked. We did book Carambola Beach Club in St. Kitts. It's not a typical all inclusive as you are just getting beach chair and umbrella but they have a great full service restaurant, bar, and servers on the beach and its very private. Plus they have water sports available. Everything is a la carte. Another one that opened in St. Kitts after we've been there is the Park Hyatt St. Kitts. I know people on some boards were saying they were not doing day passes, but I reached out to them on social media to check and they do offer day passes depending on how busy they are. This could be a very nice option to check out because well...its the Park Hyatt! The main production shows in the theater were early and late seating, so 7 and 9pm though on a couple nights they did vary. However if you're trying to plan dinner, etc. it's a safe bet to assume 7 to 9pm is most nights. You can scroll back in the review on here and see the daily papers I posted each day. I love this!!! Happy New Year!
  2. Hi Lorie - So yes, we have used Choice Air or now I guess called "Flights by Celebrity" before. Have we ever had any issues with our flights? Well, funny you should ask. We hadn't had any issues until recently. I'll explain the story and to Celebrity's credit they took care of the issue. Our flights for our April Hawaii cruise are booked through Choice Air. We booked our flight there on AA, non stop from ORD or HNL in Premium Economy. This was a non-refundable fair and had to be paid for right away but it was a steal at around $520pp in premium economy which on AA, premium economy uses the same seats as their domestic first class for their 2 cabin aircraft. A little later we booked our return flights with Choice Air from Vancouver (YVR) to ORD. We originally had AA booked non-stop in economy. This was a book now, pay at final payment fareHowever, AA cancelled their non-stop flights so we were automatically put on a connecting flight on AA. No problem. That's fine. A rep from Choice Air called and said that they noticed the change and offered to put us on a United non-stop flight at no additional charge. It was very nice of them, but we preferred to stay with AA since we have status and was probably going to use miles to try to upgrade to first anyway. Well, at some point Choice Air took it upon themselves to book us on the United flight home, but also kept us on the AA flight. So we had 2 different bookings. When we went to take advantage of our price adjustment our TA noticed this and laughed about the mistake. She told us she would call Choice Air and tell them we wanted to AA flight home and not the united flight. Well, when choice air cancelled the united flight they also DOWNGRADED our PAID fare on the way to Hawaii putting us in economy instead of Premium Economy. We were alerted to this only because Edward checked his AA app and noticed the seat assignment change. So Edward called up Choice Air and Choice Air was basically blaming our TA saying that our TA told them to downgrade us, but that made no sense since we didn't get a refund. The pricing was the same. I've used the same TA for almost 8 years, she wouldn't have said that. Edward was on the phone with them for over an hour and got nowhere. But conflict management is not really his strong suit so I called when I got home and got them to at least escalate the situation to a supervisor but they were claiming they had to pull the voice recordings of the conversation with my TA before making any changes. Not acceptable. Through instagram I happen to know a C level executive with Celebrity. I reached out and asked if they could look into the situation for me. This was around 4pm I believe. The next morning I had a phone call from someone named Karen. I'm not sure exactly what Karen's roll is, but she clearly was upper level and was extremely nice and knew what she was talking about. I explained the situation for her and within a couple of hours we had our premium economy seats back and many apologies from her. Situation solved. Obviously I had this solved quickly by reaching out to someone I knew. Most people don't have this option. However, I think within a day they would have resolved it for me either way. What was aggravating was someone was not owning up to their mistake in the reservation system. I like Choice Air mainly for one way international airfare and of course for the flight protection. Especially given we live in Chicago and if we're cruising in the winter time anything can happen. What I recommend for people booking with Choice Air is the following: 1) If you're on the phone with a representative be very specific about what you're booking. Reconfirm your cabin class, flight number, seat number if applicable, etc. 2) Use the airlines app to track your flights and any changes to them after booking. The app will alert you in real time (at least it should). 3) Credit Card Benefits don't always transfer through to airlines. If you're using a United Explorer card for instance that should get you free baggage on flights we've heard of this not be honored by the airline because Choice Air is the one making the payment. We've heard of people showing the card at checkin to get things waived but this is not by any means a guarantee. Your airline status of course still transfers through, along with benefits, no problem. 4) Know there are differences between non-refundable pay not fares, refundable fares, and fares that you won't have to pay until final payment. Choice Air offers all 3. Yes, we will continue to use Choice Air but it is so important you are educated on what you're booking since whenever you're adding another reservation system into the mix, regardless of company, there is a greater chance for errors whether human or technical.
  3. The weather seemed maybe a little cooler than we were there on the Equinox, but besides that it was pretty much the same. The occasional quick passing shower but no issues. It was definitely a little humid, but each port there was a good breeze.
  4. We loved Hubbard Glacier. Thankfully the fog cleared in time to view it or else it would have not been visible. But it turned out to be great! The cruise the week after ours had perfect sunny weather. I did notice people dancing yes! There was not a lot of people dancing but in the evening we always noticed at least a few couple days dancing, sometimes more.
  5. Thanks for following along! I hope you enjoy the Edge. Here is the link to our live blog from the Edge
  6. We have 2 cards with Amex. Amex Platinum plus an Amex Gold card which is an authorized user card under the Amex Plat (hopefully that makes sense). BOTH cards even though they link to the same account, were targeted for the offer. Final payment for us is not until later next month but we called our TA and made 2 separate payments of $500. Both went through and we received two statement credits for $150, so a total of $300 back. The rest of the payment, when payment is due, will go on our Chase Reserve which is 3x pts on travel.
  7. My pleasure and please do! I'm very curious about that program and would love to see it in the works, especially if we could use it plus luggage valet.
  8. Well, lets dive right into the cruise recap. I’ll share with you some comments from other cruisers as well that will hopefully help provide you with a full well rounded review. Questions: There were a couple unanswered questions so let me get to them. Captain: Captain Pappas Are AirPod Pros sold on board: No, they are not selling them currently on board. Extended Stay Question: According to Lara in Michael’s Club she has not heard of them doing this on the ship. I told her that it appeared online but she said her understanding is that it is still prohibited. At the very least she has not had anyone doing it in Suites but she did stress her knowledge is that it currently is not an option at the current time but she thought maybe it was available in the near future and the crew simply has not been briefed on it yet. So because of this she couldn’t answer the question about using extended stay in conjunction with luggage valet. My guess is that you could use still us luggage valet but you still would have to go downstairs and clear customs during the extended stay just like the release that Celebrity put out said. Sorry Jim was hoping to get you a definitive answer! Food & Restaurant Service We were very pleased with the food on board, but with this being said keep in mind we ate in Luminae for almost every meal, including lunch and were only in the ocean view cafe a couple of times. The meat quality in Luminae and at the Lawn Club Grill was excellent. I stress that this is not meant to be subjective quality as I’m not talking about the seasoning or the taste, I’m simply referencing the quality of the meat. Across the board from beef to lamb to chicken the quality was very very good, probably the best we’ve had on Celebrity. This goes for the filet at dinner to the strip steak at lunch to lamb chops, to the burger. They must have switched suppliers recently or are getting stricter on their quality control. Whatever it is they’re doing they need to keep it up. Now I realize the MDR, Blu, etc. may be totally different so I cannot speak to them, only to Luminae. For the meat I ate in Ocean View which consisted of chicken fajitas, beef marsala, and chicken marsala, I found the quality to be very good. The beef which they use in their Indian food or stews sometimes can be chewy but I was lucky with each meal we had in Ocean View. Luminae was run very well. From Claire and Andrew knowing everyones names to all the wait staff greeting us by name after day one. I was very very impressed. They worked well together and at the times we were there they never seemed rushed. I will add that when we were there they always had a good amount of tables (except for a few times at lunch) but never seemed overly packed. Nothing like some of the very busy lumina we’ve seen before on the Reflection. MDR We did not eat in the MDR but talking to some guests they were not overly impressed with the MDR this cruise and the wait times to select dining seemed much longer than usual. One CC reader told me that she usually likes to eat in anytime with a sharing table which barely happened this cruise and even though she was willing to share a table some nights her wait times were up to 45/50 minutes despite being quoted 15 to 30 minutes. I also noticed many more pagers at the martini bar and I noticed these people with the pagers being able to sit down, order a drink, drink the drink, and even contemplate ordering another one before the pager went off. I’m not sure if they were simply having some management issues in MDR or if everyone just wanted to eat around the same time this cruise (between 6:30 and 7:30). But I definitely think it is an observation worth noting. Bar Service I have no complaints about bar service. The bars we visited were: Sunset Bar, Ensemble Lounge, Michaels Club, Martini Bar, and World Class bar. All bartenders were friendly and out going despite which bar you were at. Even in Ensemble when we were there late the bartender made sure to leave and find me a proper glass for my cognac (even though I did not ask her to do this). The martini bar was not pouring a lot of flights but Kadek was killing it with some great balancing acts and even some magic tricks. The martini bar crew seemed to work pretty well together and even some of the backup staff they brought in to handle the crowds some nights seemed to know all the martinis and poured everything properly. Big shout out to Kadek and I Gede for taking care of us each night. After day one they knew we liked our sparkling water on the side if we had probably finding a seat they’d somehow figure out a way to squeeze us in. I also want to mention Umit and Danny at World Class Bar. Both were excellent at making drinks and this cruise they were making a lot of them. This bar was the busiest I have ever seen it. A couple we met, Bradley and Nate, were going there every night. They drank themselves through the menu and Danny was inventing new cocktails for them. One day Danny saw them at Al Bacio and was all excited to tell him he researched a couple new drinks for them to try that night. That is what you call excellent service and going above. They were absolutely amazed at his level of service, but more so his passion for his job and craft cocktails. Cheers to Danny. My morning Sunset Bar service was flawless. They new our drinks after the first day and I never had to ask again. I just sat down, started chatting with them and the drinks appeared. We never noticed the bar too busy, but when it was moderately crowded they handled the crowds well. In the evening the bar service by the lawn part of Sunset was very attentive which we definitely appreciated while smoking cigars. If anything maybe too attentive! I think we had a bit of a hangover the following morning. We were in Al Bacio about every other day in the afternoon having tea. In some cases I was there doing a little bit of work. I found the service very attentive. One day I was on my laptop and was half way through my tea. The young woman waitress came over, apologized for interrupting me, but told me her name and said she could see I was busy so she would just leave me alone but to feel free to flag her down or come up to her if I needed anything at all or a refresh on the tea. Everyone there was very friendly and always smiles. Shows We did not see the shows this cruise, but I can tell you the shows were well attended, especially the late show was fully packed having talked to some guests. The comedians on board seemed to be a good hit, the violinist not so much. The productions shows I heard a mixed bag about, nothing to do with the vocals or dancing but just the story line. But I’m sure many of you know these shows so I don’t need to explain that any further. Cabin Steward & Butler Our cabin steward was Hamilton. He was very friendly and we only saw him a few times but our room was always cleaned quickly after we left in the morning, with the exception of one day it took him just a little longer than usual, but no big deal. Everything was always clean and he even made a habit of rolling up our phone and computer charger cords we had left on the desk which I thought was a nice touch. We did have a couple flowers delivered to the room throughout the cruise, as well as fruit which was refreshed from time to time throughout the cruise. Never really touch the fruit but did eat the grapes this time. We never saw our butler Alex much but this was by choice. We saw him on the first day and he called a couple times to check in and we saw him when he was dropping off our laundry. I sent shoes out to be shined, laundry out a couple times, and of course asked him to keep our room stocked well with regular water and sparkling water. This was always done, we were never low. In addition our ice bucket was filled twice a day each day without asking. We found our cabin very clean this cruise. I think there was only one afternoon I noticed a slight odor in the bathroom coming back to the room, almost like a sewer odor but that didn’t last too long. Easy to happen if water is not in the traps and air gets through. Cabin Noise 2115: We did hear some noise. It never bothered us, but if you’re very sensitive it might bother you. We did hear the wheeling of some carts above us. That was evident, but only a few times but on a daily basis. We never heard it at night or never heard it early in the morning. More so mid morning or middle of the afternoon. On a windy day when there was some movement we did hear some creaking in the cabin and in our tender port of Grand Cayman the room was vibrating a bit. Was it the perfect cabin in terms of noise? No. Was the noise to a degree that it was disturbing? Not for us. Michael's Club This cruise we were in Michael’s Club a few times. I must say that Lara is very personable and at least from my interactions with her, she is in the right position. She loves to talk and makes you feel like you can approach her with any issue. That is something I appreciate in a Micahel’s Club Concierge. Her messages on the voicemail were long winded, but that was a good thing actually. She would explain the daily events in Michael’s and would give her thoughts on the evening show, etc. Sergui the bartender in Michael’s was awesome. We’d see him if we stopped in there in the evenings. We were there the second night of the cruise and he made a point to ask us what we prefer to drink, what brands, etc. and said if he didn’t have it he would surely get it for us and have it stocked. As new guests came in he knew everyone by name and their drink orders. He was extremely personable, talkative when Michael’s was dead and really seemed to care. If Michael’s had been busier we probably would have been in there each night. Public Restrooms / Public Area Cleanliness I always like to comment on this because if a restaurant or hotel can’t keep their restrooms clean then I fear what is not kept clean that is hidden from public eyes. No issues at all on the cruise. Towels were well stocked in all the public restrooms we used and the floors were clean. Again some slight sewer odor in one of the stalls one time but that was it. I do remember a few years ago always seeing someone outside the restrooms that would hit the door button for you to enter. Don’t see that anymore now, but I still see people in there cleaning. My guess is just a slight staff cut and now they’re responsible for more bathrooms so there is just less downtime. But everything was clean and well stocked. You have the people that wipe down the railing, buttons in the elevators, etc. Usually we see them occasionally, but this cruise I saw them much more than usual. Maybe it was just our schedule on the ship that we’d run into the same people cleaning, but they definitely seemed more present than before. As always they were very friendly and smiling and always overly apologetic if they thought they were even remotely in your way. Officer / Manager Visibility There were a few bar managers that we always saw out and about checking on things, especially in the evening. One in particular I saw around probably 3 or 4 times a night. I saw the captain out a couple times in the evening walking about by the martini bar. We did see Nina, the hotel director around the ship numerous times. She was always talking to a passenger and seemed very approachable. This is one cruise we never really saw Sue, the CD, out and about. We saw her during the helipad sail away but I don’t think I ever saw her around the bars or passing through. Usually she is more visible, but I know she was opening all the shows and doing some numbers on stage and given our schedule of having a drink and then dinner we probably just missed her. Live Music / DJ Shanty was the guitarist on board and I really liked her but there were some days she wasn’t playing much. The house band I thought was very good but I wish they would have played more in the grand foyer. There was a gap I believe from 6:15 to 7:45 (sometimes even until 8:15/8:30) in the grand foyer when no music was playing at all except for what was piped through the speakers. Given how busy the martini bar is at this time as well as Passport bar even a DJ would have been welcome to keep things lively. Now I’m not talking about the DJ playing club music, but each night could have been a slightly different theme like they had in the past or he could have taken requests and kept the music volume loud. I know not everything can fit my schedule, but given how busy the bars were around this roughly 2hr gap I would like to see them work on more live music or at least less of a playlist type of music during this time. My Thoughts In the past couple of months there have been many very differing reports regarding the Silhouette. Some have talked about lots of little misses and others have had bigger problems. Some people have had no issues at all and found everything to be perfect. We had a great cruise and didn’t really encounter any issues with the exception of just a few minor things here and there. It’s important to note that this cruise were in Luminae so I can’t speak to the food in MDR (with the exception of my Escargot and Edward’s French Onion Soup). It’s obviously no secret, I am more of a “glass is half full” type of a person, but this is by choice. I can’t control what the person next to me says or does. I can’t control the cooks in the kitchen or the weather for that matter. All I can control is how I choose to respond. I do my best to show up as the best version of myself in any situation. Don’t let the happy facade fool you, there are plenty of times I might be thinking sometime different in my head or feeling totally miserable! haha, but I look at it like this: I just want to be happy and I find it much easier to be happy when people around me are happy. So even if I’m not, I’ll fake it until I am. On a cruise it’s so easy to be happy I think. There are usually no cares in the world and most cares on a cruise are trivial in comparison to others. There are times when some of the staff are not in a good mood. Sometimes you catch them on a bad day, on a rough day, or on a sad day. While as passengers it is not our responsibility to uplift the staff or try to “turn their frown upside down” as people, as part of humanity, it is our responsibility. You never know what kind of day that crew member is having. What bad news they received from home or what stresses they’re dealing with. You never know when that crew member needs YOU to show up as the best version of yourself. This transcends of course into all walks of life. It truly is remarkable how situations can flip from a negative to a positive solely based on you react to something. It really is amazing, that when problems do arise, how a positive attitude and a positive way of dealing with a situation can get issues corrected immediately. So with this I’ll end the writing portion of this blog. I have some videos to get up on YouTube from the martini bar and Lara’s birthday surprise in Michael’s, etc. I’ll get those up and post the link here. I also have some other photos too from around the ship I’ll post on here as well. Also feel free to ask questions and I’ll still happily answer. Our next cruise is April 20th on the Eclipse departing Hawaii and ending in Vancouver. Someone also asked when we will hit Zenith. Ah its so far out! But, at our current cruise rate (if we average the same mix of cabins we book and numbers of days a year) I’ll hit Zenith around 45/46 years of age. I can only imagine the program changes that will happen by then! As always thank you so very much for following along and being a part of our cruise. Your comments, your questions, your sharing of stories of staff members is what I LOVE about writing these blogs. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a spectacular new year!
  9. While the $16 is not worth your aggravation, I do agree with the principal of the matter and also think that we need to hold any party responsible for their mistakes otherwise we can't complain when they make the same mistake again. In this case, I think it was just a clerical error and not intentional. Refunds of OBC or anything of the sort must be handled by the accounting department on the ship. What seems like happened here is Tuscan initially put in the $20 credit first and guest services then put in the other, some how one got over looked or when they made the refund for the $20 it closed out the issue. Not sure how their back end systems work but I assume this to be the case. If I were you I would simply send an e-mail with the details. You don't want to wait on hold on the phone for $16 and I would hope, that while taking longer, the e-mail route will get it cleared up. As far as the bad experience in Tuscan that cruise, the fact that they only offered you a credit for half the cost after the experience you had shows that the leadership in Tuscan on the Infinity needs an evaluation. While the leadership cannot control what happens in the kitchen each time, ANYTIME food is sent back, a manager should know about it instantly. Your fries should have been made again, etc. Tuscan on our recent cruises has been outstanding, much better than previous years but each time I noticed the manager was on top of his game, helping out his staff, and extremely involved in the operation. That's why it was better.
  10. Umits drink at World Class Bar Last nights menu Christmas decorations fully up in the grand foyer
  11. The last day, is always the sad day but we were lucky with good weather (albeit a bit windy as the day went on). Our morning started with drinks at the sunset bar and then we went to do a little shopping. We had some on board credit to spend, in total we had $160 non refundable to go through plus an additional $250 of refundable that we could get back if we wanted to. Originally I wanted AirPods but they were sold out. They sold out the last cruise and hadn’t gotten any new ones in yet. FYI for those of you who are asking they do not carry the AirPod Pro, at least not on the Silhouette. We then decided to look at watches. Nothing expensive, but just something new for us to have. We actually fell in love with this Bulova with a rubber band. On sale it was $347 so we decided to get it. I’ll post a photo of it later. It reminded me a little of the Hublot Big Bang but with out the $15k price tag. After this we went to Luminae for lunch. The plan was for a bunch of tables to get there at the same time (around 12:15) and have Claire call Lara with a fake problem. You see it was Lara’s birthday and they were going to have a cake ready for her with candles and we were all going to sing happy birthday. The plan worked well! Everyone was on time and Lara came by at 12:30 to tend to the guest “questions.” I’ll have a video posted of this. For lunch Edward had the chicken flatbread which he said he enjoyed and I had the Luminae burger, the first time I had it on this cruise. Again I’m impressed with the meat quality on this ship. It came out close to rare which is what I ordered and the toppings all tasted fresh. The bun was especially good. After lunch we walked around a bit and then went back to the room to pack. We wanted to get that out of the way. We did our packing, I did a little writing and tended to a few work issues and then we took a short nap. We ended up getting ready early this night and made it to the Martini Bar by 5:15/5:30pm. The plan was to have a drink there and then meet up with our new friends Keven and Cedrick. We ended up having a martini at the martini bar and then meeting them at World Class bar after. The martini bar was especially packed that night and everyone was in a great mood, a better mood than usual on the last night of the cruise. Maybe it was the holiday season helping things along. Well, after our martini we left and went up to World Class Bar which was also busy but definitely quieter. We chatted with our friends and ordered a Zacapa old fashioned. Before we left Umit the bartender came over to see if we needed anything. Then he remembered I posted a photo on Instagram showing him balancing a drink on his arm and Kadek at the martini bar balancing multiple martinis on his head. The caption was “Who was more impressive.” Clearly the answer was Kadek. So Umit wants me to post something different. So I told him how about he makes a drink and I’ll post him versus Kadek and we will see which drink “tastes better” and see what peoples responses are. So he made something special off the menu you’ll see pictured below. It was actually very good. It almost tasted like a mix between egg nog and a pina colada. A pretty good drink to have at seas during the holidays. Dinner in Luminae the last night was great. I started with the salmon sashimi and then had the escargot. Edward had the french onion soup from the MDR and we both had the Moroccan chicken that I raved about last time. The breast portion of it was a bit dry but besides that everything else was excellent. We skipped dessert and just finished our wine and said goodbye to everyone. Gave our cards to Velimir, Dev, Claire/Andrea and then headed to the martini bar to see our friends for one last goodbye drink. We were in bed by 10:45 or so. As I mentioned earlier today debarkation today was pretty painless. Not as painless as debarkation was on the Edge with facial recognition but not bad. Being in a suite with suite/zenith luggage tags got us into a priority line to go through passport control and the cab wait wasn’t too long. We had a good cab driver who was old school, meaning he took care of all of our bags going into and out of the cab. We had some traffic leaving the port and by the airport but overall it was a relatively quick journey. Total cab fare was $19.75.
  12. It definitely is! It’s a zoo but pre check was a breeze. No one in line.
  13. Just a quick debate still update while we are on the way to the airport. We waited in Michaels Club until about 9:30 and had Lara escort us off the ship. It’s 10am now and we are in a cab. Not too bad of a process but earlier, around 8:50 or so they did stop debarkation due to over crowding. We gathered our luggage and a port agent saw we had the suite/zenith tags and escorted us to a priority line for immigration which was nice. The line moved fine. The wait for a taxi was only about 5 minutes or so. Some traffic leaving the port area today. Let’s see how busy the airport is today!
  14. Good Evening Everyone! Well, tonight is our last night. I have plenty to review and some questions to answer. But as I’m back now in our cabin I’d just like to take this time to reflect on a few thoughts and tomorrow while I’m sitting at the airport or on the plane I’ll cover all the other details. VTcruising (Marylin): It really felt like an honor to order her golden margarita. Which by the way the bartender knew straight away so no issues there. Even though Edward wasn’t feeling well he still had a sip for her. Personally the taste wasn’t my thing but as I continued to drink it I liked it more. I was chatting with everyone around me and before I knew it the drink was gone. I shared her story with those around me and the bartender I Gede who looked confused when I changed from my normal greyhound drink this morning. So even though I never met her, I’d like to think that she was there enjoying the laughter and smiles while breathing in the fresh sea air. When Edward and I walked away from the bar to head to lunch I felt light hearted, satisfied and not the usual bought of depression I feel on the last day of the cruise. I’d like to think VT had something to do with that. Or maybe her drink of choice was just really that good. Haha. But it really was a pleasure to order that drink and I did so with a if smile. She went way too young and even though I’m in my 30s I realize that could be me any day. So I think from now on, this will be our new tradition on every cruise. One golden margarita in her honor. Why not?! Friends: Each cruise we find ourselves meeting wonderful people. And regardless of small things like the quality of the food or cabin attendant quality, it’s the people around us that we find to be the most important. Each cruise we go on we meet people we enjoy talking to. Each cruise we meet some that help our days pass by quickly. On some cruises we meet people that are great drinking companions and others we meet people that we feel could be both. Ok this cruise I must say we’ve met so many people my head is in a whirlwind. So many people from CC have come up and said hello (even though we didn’t attend any CC events) I felt like a celebrity....pun intended there. I’ve done my best to keep track of names but I feel like either I’ve met too many people or met too many martinis; probably a combination of the two. What I do know is that by the end of the cruise we would sit down at a bar or at dinner and it was so easy to find someone we knew passing by. Sitting down at lunch or dinner we found the same thing. It was lovely. We didn’t become best friends with many this cruise but we enjoyed the company of so many and as always learned a lot from all of you. MrandMrsBee we saw you this evening by the elevator but I was too busy thinking about what I packed or didn’t pack that it didn’t kick in it was you until the elevator doors closed! There were then some that we spent more time with. Evie and Jeff, thank you so much for your lovely conversations at lunch and dinner. We enjoyed it more than you know. Bradley and Nate it was a pleasure meeting you at world class bar and seeing you in the mornings as well. We look forward to keeping in touch. Our last couple evenings were spent with Keven and Cedrick, a couple our age from Canada. Even though we only met in the last couple days of the cruise it was such a fun time to hang out with them, drink with them and share life stories, even the embarrassing ones. Thank you for making our last night, one that is usually so sad or me, one that had me smiling all night long. Each cruise is filled with wonderful experiences and also some let downs. Tomorrow I’ll review everything as well as comments from other guests as this cruise I did my best to ask people around me about their thoughts so I could report back. But at the end of the day one thing is clear, there is no place I ever have felt more comfortable than on a ship. And it’s not because of the warm weather, or the drink package, or the cool destinations. Sure, all those help I won’t lie! But the people. My goodness, it’s an incredible how any cruise, with the proper perspective, can make you fall back in love with humanity. So as I get ready for bed I’d like to thank you all for following along on another journey. I think about how lucky I am to have enjoyed this trip with someone I love so much. The next day will bring the review of today as well as my full thoughts and others thoughts on the cruise plus the answers to some questions you’ve asked.
  15. Well as we get ready for one last evening on the Silhouette I wanted to share the below photo with you all. We have gotten into the habit of bringing our own stationary and writing letters to the staff when we do our usual end of the cruise tipping. I just mention this because I think it’s such an easy thing for all of us to do that can be personal. I once had one bartender even mention he still had it and showed me a picture of it in his cabin. So for anyone on upcoming cruises I recommend it! Especially when they’re away from their families for so long or maybe just had a very stressful cruise. I think it can go a long way.
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