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  1. Will be spending the night in Nice before boarding a cruise that starts in Monte Carlo and thinking of bringing a couple bottles of wine on board. Does anyone know of any good wine shop sin Nice?
  2. I got to this schedule but it does not let me plug in a date so I don't know if this schedule also applies to November.
  3. Does anyone know a website that shows all the different company ferries that would go from Sorrento? So far I have only been able to access the schedule for Caremar and the only option back is a ferry at 1:30 PM, which only gives me about 3.5 hours in Capri. This would be for Nov 14, 2019.
  4. Our cruise ship is in Mallorca on a Friday, so should not be a problem. Has anyone also taken the tram to the Harbor from Soller?
  5. If I want can I book the beverage package for just the last few days of the cruise? Is the departure day counted as one of the days and do both people in the cabin have to book the package?
  6. Do both people in the cabin need to purchase the beverage package if purchased onboard?
  7. I had read somewhere that Concierge cabins could order hot breakfasts for room service, but I do not see it listed anywhere on their website. Wondering if anyone has recently cruises in a Concierge cabin and was there a special breakfast menu?
  8. Looking at the Red Ginger Menu I noticed many dishes are shown as spicy and my wife does not like a lot of spice in her food. Is it possible to tone down the food or is the food not all that spicy to begin with?
  9. The 4th one I booked later in the cruise all at the same time. Polo was the last one I booked.,
  10. What I meant to say is I booked 3 of my allotted 4 during the first part of the cruise so if I really like one I can hopefully get another reservation later in the cruise.
  11. I booked 3 out of my 4 the first part of the cruise so if I want to go back to one can hopefully get another reservation later in the cruise.
  12. Does anyone know what the cancellation policy for tours is once onboard?
  13. I did book it, when I made my initial payment about 6 weeks ago and it was reserved and showed as one of my excursions until on Friday I got an email from my travel agent that the tour was not confirmable. The tour only takes 14 guests and we were number #15 and 16. The excursion was also no longer in my account.. I called today about another excursion and the explanation I was given was that I was on a waitlist when I booked that I could not see, nor informed of, and when everyone ahead of me made final payment I was knocked off. Also for people that may want further details on excursions I called and asked about another excursion and the agent had no further details than what was in the O listing on line.
  14. It was the small boat tour listed above. My main question is why was I able to book it originally and 6 weeks later told it was full. Does this happen often with O as this is my first O cruise.
  15. This was one of the included O Life Tours- It was in Santorini a small boat tour to another island . I wonder if they had a bigger boat scheduled first and then changed to a smaller boat. I asked my Travel Agent and she said O does not do a waitlist. This was the only O excursion I really wanted and if I knew this was not available upfront I would not have chosen the O Life credit and would have just taken the extra $300 of the cruise fare per person.
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