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  1. Details on the cathedral website https://www.ishavskatedralen.no/en/the-arctic-cathedral/concerts/
  2. Yes I thought it could be the old territory issue. Seabourn could extend the offer to all territories, regardless of the cancellation matter. As plane7c quoted seabourn saying, it is to “repay that loyalty”. We are all loyal if we have made future bookings. Why not backdate for all.
  3. I can’t tell you how annoying this variation in treatment is. Different territories or travel agents... i don’t care and just wish it didn’t happen
  4. Thank you. Haven’t checked yet. Just assumed they wouldn’t be there
  5. We’re booked on an aurora cruise next July/August and I’m trying to get an idea of likely excursions and costs through P&O. I know they won’t be released until 12 weeks before but has anyone been to these ports this year who could help? The locations are Grundarfjordur isafjordur Reykjavik Akureyri Alta (summer) lofoten islands Honningsvag tromso thanks
  6. Just trying to give an example so you could find the website. Another DEC example
  7. Looks to me like the/some itineraries are loaded on a popular TA website in the uk. Eg
  8. As I mentioned above, it is not a given it will be offered, especially not from day 1 and it isn’t 15% off the purchase price, it’s a set price for the 10 or 20 and so some beers are therefore better value than others, ie UP TO 15% off depending on the normal cost of the beer you choose. Hope that helps
  9. Beer cards definitely on the 9 July sailing. We had one. Not good value for all beer but definitely peroni. Note that they were only for sail from day 3 and no coffee cards all cruise (market demand assessment!!).
  10. The costanera Centre is great if you want s birds eye view of the city from the tallest building in South America
  11. Ditto. Ritz Carlton Club floor. We’ve now stayed three times and consistently good
  12. And it may arrive minus a wheel like mine did last time, or minus the brand badge the time before...
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