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  1. Hi Julie Then I recommend Sea Lion Island in the Falklands. I took these in early October. Eleanor
  2. Quote ”standardize the classics to provide guests with the same perfectlybalanced and served cocktail throughout theircruise.” ie pre mix
  3. Just ask when you get onboard if stocked or type in the blank field for other
  4. Same for us. No drill in second week. This was Odyssey and Barbados, so same ship and location as for the OPs query.
  5. We loved ours on Odyssey. Here at Carambola Beach. FullSizeRender.mov
  6. Chairsin - Britain is still physically in Europe, in spite of recent political events!! I agree, though, that our smoking habits may be a little different to our continental counterparts!
  7. On Odyssey they had both but Perrier was substituted when pellegrino ran out
  8. Yes. I requested Evian. It came in glass bottles but it did mean I couldn’t drink as much water as usual. I drink lots anyway. The bottles were glass (recyclable good) but therefore not portable. My drinks containers were quite small so I couldn’t take much with me. Previously I would have just used the bottles from the gangway. ( odyssey dec 19).
  9. Thanks for your post. I really couldn’t drink the water on odyssey . It upset my digestion. I brought chillys bottles with me.
  10. I’ll start off with Odyssey. Robert Brendan.
  11. Noticed that too, last two weeks on Odyssey (edit - crew tats). . Previously they were covered by plasters or bandages.
  12. No but you can buy it yourself. We came through using it a couple of hours ago
  13. There has been growing concern about cheaper quality items. I can see the benefit as I also don’t get on well with the usual sort https://www.bsac.com/news-and-blog/growing-concern-full-face-snorkel-masks/
  14. Please be wary of full face snorkel masks.
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