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  1. True about other cruise lines letting people fill water bottles in the buffet. But other cruise lines also give you water in the MDR. At no extra cost.
  2. I never said you can't get water in buffet at breakfast. What I said was people filling water bottles there block out those who simply want to fill a glass. Some water stations go out of service as well; some stations have out of service ice dispensers. Bottle filling stations should be added. So what that cruise lines haven't yet;they ought to. And tell bottle fillers to do so in their rooms; it is the same water. Or during nonpeak hours in the buffet.
  3. The water thing is weird. After all water is one of the basic human needs. No wonder people were filling their own bottles in the buffet area, thus blocking those of us wanting a glass of water with breakfast. MSC ought to provide bottle filling stations.
  4. I don't think throwing of elbows, pushing people, or flauting crew debarkation instructions should be an acceptable behavior. Regardless of cultural background. Waiting politely? Way to go--just be dismissive of these complaints. If MSC wants to make serious inroads into the American market, and I think it does, paying attention to at least norms rhar promote safety and congeniality would be a good idea. I don't say a word when someone slips in front of me as I wait for my chance at breakfast food. Obviously I missed seeing the hole. But when I am surrounded by people who push and shove, you better believe I see a serious problem.
  5. Our "experience" included bottled water but when I asked for water in a glass at breakfast or lunch, I got it-- but after repeated asks. Now I know why! That is a terrible policy not to provide water!
  6. Toofar, Cowmilker objected to bad behavior, period. And now you have run off someone whose comments I at least found well-considered. Having just come off an MSC cruise, I think the major failure was abject disregard of known crowd control techniques. On my trip this failure led to several near-fistfights during excursion debarkation. All because MSC allowed people whose excursions and bus numbers had not been called to choke the passageways to ship exit, thus blocking those whose buses had been called. Our excursion left a full hour late as a result. But at least there were no injuries despite the dangerous situation. The poor and inconsiderate passenger behavior is allowed and one could say even encouraged by poor management. At another port, a significant one, a huge delay getting off the ship turned out to be largely due to the use of just one card scanner at exit. As for water at meals, I am pretty sure you can get tap water without paying.
  7. These replies are all very much appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Our "cruise ticket" says our "Check-in opens" at 5:15pm and closes at 6pm. We will be on Divina March 14, and we sure as heck don't want to board that late. Or is "check-in" different from actually getting on the ship. This will be our first time on MSC, but we got a gold status match and we did book Aurea. Can anyone help?
  9. We will be on the Divina leaving Miami March 14 and arriving in Genoa in April. This will be our first time on MSC, and we are looking forward to it. I've read conflicting info about the dining room dress code and practice. Can one wear jeans to the MDR? Is it true that shorts can't be worn in public after 6 pm? (It will probably be too cold for that anyway but I thought I would ask.) I've always dressed up a bit for dinner but sometimes the nice top with jeans works well too. What can you tell me? I enjoyed reading your review!
  10. I want to add to my signature to update our cruises.
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