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  1. Super disappointed hearing this and reading posts on social media. They have this backwards. On a cruise ship, while definitely not a good thing, at least the people with the virus are contained and they can quarantine everyone. There were lots of mistakes with earlier cruises, because not enough was known about the virus. I think containment will get better and more organized with time. What they should be talking about is flying and other mass transit. Someone who is contagious could enter an airport, fly, leave the airport, and will have passed the virus to numerous people who will then spread it even further. Air travel will spread this world wide and most won’t know where they got sick. There really isn’t a good answer, just amazing they are just attacking the cruise industry!
  2. The thing I don’t get, is the idea to not cruise? The same people should be calling for concerts, sporting events and likely businesses to close and every one stay at home till it is under control. Otherwise the argument is just being anti cruising and see this a lot on social media. Who knows it may come to the world being shut down for x days , time will tell.
  3. The thing I don’t understand is the parents goal of suing to make cruise ships safer for kids. If this were a common occurrence I would agree, but to my knowledge this is the first time a child has been dropped off a ship like this. Guessing if someone did the math the percentage of this happening is well below 0.25%. The lifeguards at pools, good change, this was just a lapse in judgement accident.
  4. We did and it was very good. We ended up buying a mixed drink there that we shared. Of the islands we have visited, Curacao and St Martin (also a tough spell I had to google, but then found google was wrong and went with the spelling on the stained glass map we saw in Curacao that I had a picture of) are the islands we could see ourselves retiring on. Would likely misspell my address;), but wouldn't mind the island life at all.
  5. Yup, I spelled it right once when I was looking at the sheet. I guess the years of mispronouncing the Blue Curacao mixer got to me when I was typing, and no I wasn’t drinking it;) Wish I had the ability to edit them, I will hopefully remember from here on out.
  6. Did want to add that we lived up to the thrifty part this trip. Onboard charges were the 4 drinks of the day, tips, and the post cruise excursion. In the ports we got the Aloe, cactus liquor (I goofed this may have been the most expensive at 25$), and some small gifts in a pottery store. Below are some general things we do cruise related to our thrifty ways, when someone asked me over on our TAs forum. We set a number per night per person we want to keep our cruise under before taxes and port fees, for us it is 150. This also doesn’t include tips or shore excursions. We then start researching the cruises that fit that criteria. We have searched multiple lines in the past, but now we are looking to build loyalty with RCCL and Celebrity.Celebrity is a bit tricky to book. You need to be careful to ensure you book a refundable deposit. On our upcoming Apex cruise we broke our 150 rule to book an oceanview with 2 perks vs an inside with no perks. We got the classic beverage package and 300 OBC. We did the math and if we had 3 sodas and an adult drink a day each, the oceanview would be the same out of pocket as the inside. We later used a sale to get the free gratuities making this a very good deal. Our biggest score on Celebrity is our cruise after the Apex on the Constellation. The total cost per night with taxes and port fees and the classic beverage package, free gratuities, and 300 OBC was roughly 130 per night per person. That is a steal considering we will likely have minimal out of pocket on a ten night cruise.To help keep costs low we book shore excursions on sale, and use our OBC to help pay for them. Many lines run sales from time to time on excursions so it pays to book before boarding.After buying a lot of DCL gear on our first trips we have really limited what we buy on board. The shops being expensive on the Edge and RCCL not having anything that caught our eye helps. If you have any thoughts of buying something like a decent watch in port, the best way to do it is to get a piece of jewelry as well. Watches can only be discounted so much, but they tend to give you a better deal overall if you pair the two together. We don’t buy stuff like that often, but my Bulova has saved me money because my skin oils trash cheaper metal watches.On RCCL we generally only get the drink of the day and hope for the 10 drink card allowing you to get ten drinks at a pretty good discount. The card can be shared but is not always available. Our first two RCCL cruises it was offered halfway through, unfortunately this last one it wasn’t. This year we each had two 8 buck drinks so with gratuities spent about 40 on drinks.Flights and hotels are tough nowadays. Southwest used to be the cheapest for us until this year. Hoping when the 737 maxes are back in service their prices go down and they add some more fights. In Ft Lauderdale we have 2 hotels we like, but they aren’t dirt cheap unfortunately. Port Canaveral we have a hotel that has been a great deal but we haven’t sailed from there in a while. Other than that it is the stuff mentioned at the beginning of this thread outside of the cruise itself that allows us to splurge a bit.
  7. I know for me it was amazing to not only have so many options, but to not have to get a chef to achieve those options. It was an amazing feeling to be able to go through the buffet like any other passenger. Probably silly sounding to some, but I am guessing your husband would understand.
  8. Thank you all for the responses. Having just gotten off RCCL that didn’t label the buffet items very well, I realized how Celebrity spoiled me. When I was on the Edge I never got ill, but was very cautious to watch for the signs of cross contamination. We also ate early in the lunch and breakfast times before it got crazy busy.
  9. Before I start, I want to say that we never felt pressured to buy anything onboard. Our server mentioned the up charge items at the bottom of the menu once, otherwise their was zero sale pressure onboard! The good The ship is incredible. It is super easy to get around, and having been on the freedom, I instantly felt at home. It was very clean and well maintained and had a good variety of things to keep people busy. Overall the ship never felt congested, with the exception of the schooner bar during piano or trivia time. The guest performers were very good. Deck 4 our favorite place to relax and of course a mini golf course that wasn’t too tricked up so it was a blast. The So So Food selection. Wife wife really missed her cold fruit soups and RCCL isn’t the most imaginative with their handling of gluten free meals. The fact that the menu and windjammer was so repetitive was disappointing as well. Thankfully my food tasted good, but repeating a supper 3 of 8 nights was a new experience for me. The Bad The theater shows. If the singers would have been better we may have had a different opinion, but RCCL’s theater shows have not impressed us yet. This wasn’t as long of summary as I expected, but I think I covered everything pretty well in the full write up. So overall this was another great cruise and we look forward to being on RCCL again in the future.
  10. Well it’s time to get off the ship. We had booked the post cruise Everglades tour since our flight doesn’t leave till after 5. Our start of the day was a rather rude automated wake up call at 5 am that was set for 6. It turns out RCCL forgot to turn back the clock on the wake up call system. Since I was up I went out on deck 4 and ship watched as we were backing into our dock. Went back to the room around 6 and we went up for breakfast shortly thereafter. Saw the Edge in port and can’t wait to see the Apex next year. we met in the imperial lounge for our excursion and grabbed our luggage, tag number 1, on the way out. Once at the bus the hurry up and wait day started. Took a bit to get all the luggage packed and people on the bus. Once we got going it was off to the gator park. This was a lot of fun. Got to see a ball python, their big gator, and hold a baby gator before the airboat ride. Apparently it had been cold the last few days and the gators weren’t showing themselves, but we were able to see one which was really cool. Also saw a Heron hanging out on shore. After the gator park they added a quick stop because we had time on the way to the airport. It was an area with trees and different plants to show us a different part of the Everglades. They got us to the airport I believe around 1:30. We got lucky and were able to check our luggage right away and go sit in the departures area to wait for our flight. I have to say the excursion was a blast and exceeded our expectations. It was worth the money and also served its purpose off chewing up time and getting us and our luggage to the airport. Once we finally got in the air and got to Charlotte we got to wait almost another 3 hours before our flight home took off. When we finally landed in WI at 11:19 pm, the joke was on us. We had to wait 20 minutes for a plane to clear out of our gate. Then when we went to get our luggage 1 or 2 pieces would show up followed by a wait of 2-3 minutes. Thankfully our luggage wasn’t the last off the plane. We got to my parents at 1:15 am. Long day starting with the early wake up call;) pictures and summary next.
  11. The last sea day was pretty much a carbon copy of Day 7. We took it easy and relaxed during the day. I did enter the ping pong competition and won my first match, but lost my second match to a lady that had the most insanely wicked serve I have ever seen that was pretty much unreturnable. That decided the match unfortunately for me. Lunch in windjammer was changed up a lot from previous days, so while a nice change, wish it would have happened sooner in the week. After supper we caught the farewell show and adult show with comedian Tom Foss. Both of his shows were very funny and a great way to finish off the cruise. After the show we went back to the room and set our wake up call and set our watches back and crashed to be ready for the long trip home.
  12. Well the next couple of days will go quickly. for the most part. Tried to get into pickle ball again, but the courts were full and people were waiting to get on. Generally we spent the day relaxing, wandering the ship, or playing mini golf. We did have a drink of the day, Mai Tai, but that was about the highlights of the morning and afternoon. Seas were 8-10 foot, but the ship was very stable. I had hoped for higher seas with all the wind we were seeing. At lunch I did try a gluten free pepperoni pizza and it was very good. Supper was formal night and I did the poor man's surf and turf with the new york strip loin and the lobster tail. It was a very good supper and I have always found the new york strip to be tasty on RCCL. We did see one person in shorts and a dress shirt, and based on the comments of the table next to us, there was at least one other person in shorts on formal night. After supper we attempted the Invitation to Dance show and it wasn't for us. Had the singers been better we might have stuck it out, but watching dancing is not something that interests us all that much. Later we caught the game show the Perfect Couple, and it was hilarious. In our eyes the downer of the night was the Crazy Quest and it brought out the worst in at least one team. At one point when they said we need 3 bras brought down, one team was there pretty much as soon as the words were said, not a big deal since this is a repetitive game, maybe the crowd just anticipated it. Nope, that wasn't what happened. After their number was called, the lady took the bras to her friend in the crowd and she stuffed them in a bag. Then for the final task with dressing up a guy, they had everything in a bag to accomplish this. This was the first I noticed it, but since they were first or near first on the other tasks, they may have went to their bag of tricks for that too. Bummer the CD didn't bust them, because they ultimately won the whole thing. The crazy quest is supposed to be a fun thing, kind of sad some decide to cheat or bend the rules to win. after that it was off to bed to crash.
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