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  1. Wait that actually passed? Is it just drones or rc planes too? Sorry for off topic, but this impacts us as much as the cruising. Flying RC Planes and Cruising are 2 things I love to do. We moved our cruise from January 2021 to later in the year, hoping things will be more back to the new normal. I am still not convinced ships will be sailing out of US ports in January. The anti cruise people are loving this, I think people like the Cruise law guy are just hoping that they fail and all go away.
  2. We wanted too, but the only dates that would have worked conflicted with a Constellation sailing or left us with 4-5 days between cruises in different Florida ports. We would have had to cancel one and they weren't flexible letting us lifting and shifting the cruise 1.5 months earlier. While I understand rules are rules, we were trying to preserve 2 Celebrity cruises and not drop to 1, dumb move on their part because we ultimately ended up with a better deal. Thought about cancelling one or both to prove a point, but our daughter is going with us on the Apex and the Constellation cruise was very cheap and the rare 10 day cruise that lines up well to minimize vacation time used along with great ports. We just rebooked our Apex cruise for the time they wouldn't shift to and instead of 3 perks for 2 of the 3 people in the cabin, we got 2 perks, beverage and gratuities, for all 3 of us in the cabin which is close to even or works out in our favor.
  3. Our January cruise was shifted to later 2021 so I will have to read all the trip reports to see how much different she is than the Edge. Looking forward to our trip though, as we were able to keep a forward facing oceanview.
  4. So looking forward to the Apex, was Jan. 2021 now bumped to later 2021. Mostly moved to avoid the paid in full date and keep our money under our control until we know the sailings are taking place. Edge was incredible and we fixed the no forward facing view for non suite guests by booking a forward facing oceanview on the Apex. Looking forward to the Connie unrevolutionized to get a taste of Celebrity prerevolution. We loved the decor and room setup on the Edge, will be interesting to see the old style decor.
  5. I am most curious when we get back cruising if the Connie will still be in the fleet in 2022 when we sail. Just working lots here and trying to not sweat the big stuff. The good news is my wife and I are building up lots of vaca time for our future cruises:) I mostly gave up posting on here because as you say a bit testy and it's all just speculation and not enough facts. To be fair the testiness started with the Edge and taht was about the time I actively started looking at this board.
  6. Nope, no extra due to what is going on. We will tip better if they earn it just as we have in the past.
  7. That is a great place to relax and great spot when leaving ports.
  8. Enjoy it like I would any other cruise. We will have 17 nights within a couple of months with the way we had to reschedule one of our cruises.
  9. Micheal Reddon, amazing singer songwriter. After the trip I bought his album off iTunes. Also Madison and the #1 and #2 male singers from the original edge theater cast. Madison's range was insane, but what was more insane it she knew how to use her voice and never over sang anything. Duets were spot on. Her voice was better than most on the radio now. Glad we got to see them and they were very approachable around the ship, so we got to tell them how awesome they were. Never seen the theater cast out ever on out 15 cruises, compared to the Edge. Kind of nice to be able to interact with them. Madison also did a set in the club and did an amazing job with it. IMO those three outsang Marcus Terrell who was also very good. The singers on our Edge cruise blew away anything we have seen before, except the band below. One in the RCCL family that might fit on the Apex when we are on in late 2021 was Kronus. They were on the Brilliance of the seas and again had an incredible singer and a guitar player that was on par with some notable guitar players I have heard play live before. This group would fill the atrium up all possible levels and many deep on the lower levels during the theater shows. We skipped stage shows to watch them. They were primarily rock and roll, 70s to 90s mostly. I have never seen a house band that drew that kind of crowd.
  10. I really doubt this would happen in the US, it might, but I think a group of people may openly revolt against that. The mask mandate in WI, the impending vaccine is really pushing the limits with some people. If we can get people to use some common sense and not throw sand bar parties with 1000's of people I think we will be alright, but just not sure how to get that stopped. In WI we have certain counties where law enforcement won't enforce the mask mandate, so what good does it really do? We try to live a smart life right now and limit our trips out to work and essentials. Are we helping the economy, sadly not to much, but that is what safe is for us. We have done some house projects and bought a big shed, so maybe we are helping the economy some🙂
  11. From what I have read some are beyond selfish. They see this whole thing as the government trying to control the population. Those people will likely never wear a mask or take the vaccine because that is part of someones plan. What these people miss is this would then be a worldwide conspiracy and no countries get along well enough to pull that off. Some people still don't believe it is a thing. Very strange times, and the science changes daily because they are learning new things about it, not like they had years to study it.
  12. There is a great graphic out there that I see in news stories from time to time. It shows two people talking X feet apart and the difference between no masks, one person with a mask, and two people with a mask. The point is the mask contains it better by a lot vs no mask. Essentially the unmasked ones are protected from masked people, but the masked people are screwed. It is like covering your sneeze with you hands or shoulder. Is it 100% perfect, no, but a heck of a lot better than not covering your nose and mouth at all. There is a lot of science behind all this, the problem is they are learning new things everyday and some past misteps and misinformation from many sources has really confused the issue and caused some to lose faith in places they should be listening to. Heck even I have issues with how the CDC handles cruise lines, but that doesn't mean I tune out everything that they say. Who knows maybe we do need another lock down, seeing how people behave locally there are days I think it is needed. Too many people acting like the virus doesn't exist are just extending how long that we don't get to do nice things like cruising. Hate my comments if you want, but doesn't make em wrong.
  13. I do think that right now there are very few people flying, but that will change. In the beginning of this though a lot of people were still flying, and there were many stories of people that came from Italy or other countries with a high infection rate and were just allowed to walk off the plane into the US without any kind of check whatsoever. I am hoping that if flights pick up they do a better job. I have a coworker/friend who may be flying in September, will be interested to hear how the experience is.
  14. Once cruising starts again NO WAY! The airlines have gotten a free pass this whole time because they are seen as essential and also very hard to track who came into contact with who in the terminals, because the spread could have happened in the terminal and not the flight. We also flew Southwest twice in February, and it would be difficult to figure out who sat next to an infected person because of the lack of assigned seating. Also the comments I have heard from higher ups in this thing tells me they are sticking their heads in the sand on airline travel.
  15. I hope she stays too, but hope they hold off on the renovations till after our cruise. I would like to see the old Celebrity, having only seen the new on the Edge.
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