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  1. For us that is a long weekend trip with where we live. For those that live in the Twin Cities that of course is different story. We are reasonably close to Chicago and closer to Milwaukee to see some museums. Chicago we generally spent one night in the suburbs and drove into places like Shedds aquarium. Same with places like Milwaukee and Chicago, if you live there plenty is available.
  2. That may be but it is 6 hours away. I haven’t been up there in over 15 years. Stuff is just more spread out in the flyover states:)
  3. Great show and Captain Lee is an interesting guy, we read his autobiography recently. Kate and her Resting b****h face is not our fav;) To bad they couldn’t put Ben in the kitchen:)
  4. I find this an interesting thread having just done our first Celebrity cruise this year after many cruises on Disney and a couple on RCCL and where very impressed With Celebrity. For us after having done Concierge to an inside room on Disney we came to the conclusion that for Us anything more than an inside room or a forward facing oceanview is a waste of money. We have never watched a movie in the room and don’t plan to in the future. I think we have ordered room service maybe 3 times. We happened to think the inside room on the Edge was the nicest we have had with the most storage. I have no clue how anyone could use up the storage space. The cheap furniture was very nice looking, and we look forward to sailing on the Apex. For what we paid, booked early, we got a our monies worth. So for us the E class is a great fit. Still not convinced the other ships will work for me.
  5. I gave this some thought on my walk and really don't think the performing arts are dying in the US, I just really think it depends on where you live. In the 90's my mom and I flew to New York to see Michael Damian in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat and it was amazing! This was also back when you could hang backstage and talk with the performer and we got to meet Michael and had a fairly lengthy chat because I grew up where the Young and the restless was based on (He is an incredibly nice human being). For midwesterners, going to a professional show or a museum is a vacation or at minimum a long weekend. Where as people in New York, LA, Chicago (yes in the midwest), have lots of options every day. What we do have though is lots of state and national parks or just city parks. For example we have traveled along the Mississippi river by car looking at locks and dams and different natural areas multiple times in the last 4 years. So I think it is location, location, location.
  6. Since this has taken so many turns;) I will throw out that Opera would be very intriguing to me. As some may have noticed on my Edge posts music is very important to me and if there is a great singer or guitarist or even a great hook I am in. The Edge was a huge win for us with the music on the stage shows and around the ship, they brought in top notch talent! Even RCCL had Kronos a house band on the brilliance that was must see caliber talent! Long winded answer to say I would probably enjoy opera because it fits the singing criteria I have. I also did say in Vt's poll page that if the ballet is on the Apex we wouldn't skip the show, who knows I might like this better. If it still doesn't do it for us then there would be no more ballet performances in our future. We are mid 40s and if we go to a show it is something like straight no chaser, comedians, or other musical acts. We really don't have any interest in the performing arts, musicals, ballet, etc, outside of cruising (watch all the stage shows onboard). We do however like to visit some museums from time to time, but we fall into the state and national park type people that like being out in nature:)
  7. I was up there once when I was young to visit my Grandma and it was beautiful. The problem I had was I only saw my Grandma two other times, weird family story where we lost touch with her and her second husband. Once I let that go all will be good and I don’t believe cruises stop in anchorage anyways.
  8. Alaska is beautiful and my thing is family memories, Grandma, that I hold against it, probably stupid but we’re all human. I just wish I could find a way to get my wife to fly more places. The Galapagos are a big enough draw for her to forget the water thing, will need to figure out a big draw in Europe. We like our cruise to Hawaii because it weeded out two islands we didn’t like. I loved the rawness of the big island an my wife really liked Kauai. O’ahu and Maui felt too much like big city anywhere with beaches if that makes sense. The next time we go we know what islands to visit. Same with St Marten, we could do a week there drinking guavaberry and toppers rum;), probably our favorite stop of all.
  9. We have done both the Caribbean and Hawaii, not sure if we will ever do Europe. My wife has a thing about flying over water so we will see if it ever happens. I have a personal thing against Alaska so not sure if we will do that run ever. Will do either a full or partial Panama Canal cruise and the Galapagos is on our must do and she will do the flight for that trip. There are still a lot of islands we haven’t seen in the Caribbean, mostly thanks to Disney not having a lot of options in that area when we cruised their line.
  10. Agreed, we do our best to use boards like this to figure out if a line or ship is for us. Celebrity is definitely a different feel for us. Not sure how to explain our style, as we don’t like to drink much or do things like the silent disco. We do enjoy the shows, live music, and some of the activities the ships do during the day. Disney, RCCL, and the Edge kept us busy and interested in different ways. Other Celebrity ships, not sure yet.
  11. When we were on the Edge in January, our first Celebrity experience, we overheard a gentlemen at the table next to us tell his traveling companions to not to judge Celebrity by the Edge. Both my wife and I had the same thought to comment that we hope all Celebrity ships are like the Edge, we held back. Really got us to thinking about whether we want to try the other ships in the fleet. Current booked cruise are Adventure of the seas in 2020 and back to Celebrity and the Apex in 2021. Then we may look for a last minute deal to try one of the other ships to see if we like it.
  12. Since we are only one cruise in and our Edge cruise was not the typical Celebrity entertainment would be interesting to see how much it changes over time. As as much as my first Ballet experience was awful, I would attend at least once along with a dance show to give it a chance. Magicians and Illusionists, nope.
  13. I have just about given up on getting inside reveals. Hoping Eden is different or that they at least forgot the incense thing so my wife can enjoy the area. Just have seen lots of exterior pictures on Instagram.
  14. For the life of me I have never figured out how people allow others to influence how much they enjoy their cruise experience. If there is outrageous behavior near us, I just focus on my family that I am with instead of that behavior. It may of course end up in my trip report lol
  15. This was responding to the poster(s) labeling the younger generation as ruining everything and dragging society down. On CC in general there have been some pretty awful things said about that generation and people that don’t want to dress formally. What I posted has been my honest observations from cruises and trips out around town, do they fit the whole of the world, maybe or maybe not. They are what I have personally encountered. Our best table mates have been couples older than us. They seem to have tons of great stories and we always have a grand time. All I stated was my observations in life and defended the younger generation. I didn’t make generalizations either, just my experiences. Also check the post I replied to, might explain the firmer tone I used. Also in my Edge review towards the end I even commented on this.
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