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  1. When we make reservations upon boarding at the table by Windows, will the person who is manning the table be able to tell us what nights are White Nights and the Azamara special night so we don’t book those? also, we have OBC to use. Can I get some feedback on the Chef’s Table dinner? Thank you for your willingness to share. Mom c
  2. We are booked in a Continent Club suite and wonder if we get complimentary dining at the specialty restaurants. Or is it just the higher suites? Thanks for your input. CC members know more than the cruise agents on the phone!😊 Mom C
  3. How about those cabins under the Windows Casual dining on deck 9? I believe that dining venue is carpeted and should be quieter. Any opinions or experiences in this area on deck 8?. Mom C
  4. We are looking at a cruise on the Journey and wanted to book a suite, but the only choice in our category is on deck 8 under the pool deck. I have had this type of cabin on other cruise lines and I could hear the chairs and tables scraping above my cabin. What experiences have you had on the Journey? How about under the buffet restaurant on the same deck? Any suggestions for a quiet suite on deck 8? Thank you for sharing your experiences. CC is the absolute BEST source of information. Mom C
  5. Thank you for your honest impressions. You have made me feel positive about the ship’s condition. This will be our second cruise on an R class ship. We love the size of the ship and the number of guests. Cruise critic people are the BEST!!😊
  6. Can someone who has sailed on the Regatta RECENTLY please discuss the condition of the ship? I know the major redesign is coming in 2019, but I have booked an April, 2019 in a penthouse 2 category. I won’t go if the ship is allowed to deteriorate because of the upcoming redesign. Also, do they have wi fi in the cabins or only in the computer room? I am always so grateful to Cruise Critic people for their willingness to share their observations and advice.
  7. MomC

    Caviar in the Surf

    One of the most decadent experiences of the cruise. It is beyond special!
  8. I hear great things about the Disney Cruise Line—and it’s much more upscale than RCCL or Norwegian. That being said, we took our grandchildren on Royal Caribbean and they loved it. Great kids program with age appropriate activities—children divided into groups by age. You can always book one of the big and very nice family suites.
  9. MomC

    Seabourn Sojourn Alaska 2018

    Looking for someone who has sailed this year and can comment on the binocular situation in cabins. I have read that you must request the binocs in advance; that those provided are not of good quality; and finally, when I called and requested them for our cabin, the res agent said she didn’t think they were providing them in cabins this year. Can someone who sailed this year please comment on this?
  10. MomC


    Julie, thanks so much for the information. You have relieved my worries!
  11. MomC


    Quick question on excursions. How difficult is kayaking? I would be in a tandem kayak with my adult daughter who is very fit. Just wondering how strenuous it is AND how you get in and out of the kayak?😊
  12. Does anyone know when American Cruise Line’s American Song debuts? Or has it already? I am booked for 2019 but can’t seem to find information on this ship. I looked at the website, but can’t find any date. I want to read some reviews on this ship. It looks incredible. Thanks for your help.
  13. MomC

    Questions on kayaking in Alaska

    I too would like feedback on these excursions. How strenuous is the kayaking? I have never done that. I am curious as to why you are not seriously considering the zodiac adventure,
  14. I agree abut Antarctica. My husband and I had no real desire to go there, but our daughter asked us to go with her. We said, anywhere you want us to go with you, we will. BEST DESTINATION—cruise or land trip—EVER! It’s the closest you will ever come to experiencing another planet! The beauty, the pristine land, the wildlife (oh the wildlife—whales, seals, and dare I mention the penguin rookery where we saw 250,000 penguins at one time—as far as the eye could see) and the incredible ice bergs—breaking the icy water as the first ship of the season in one part! If you are worried about the weather, it was 28 degrees most days—warmer than back home. Find out what your husband’s reasons are for not wanting to go, then let us help you dispel those concerns. If you are a true traveler, you owe it to yourself to see this incredible place.
  15. MomC

    WiFi and Cellphones

    Just got word that Silversea is offering unlimited WiFi to all guests on their cruises. What a great perk!