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  1. Spent nearly two weeks in the Arctic on the Silver Cloud in June/July this year making numerous wet landings in Svalbard, Norway. Found using foot liner socks, wool hiking socks and Hot Hands Foot Warmers https://hothands.com/ with BoG classic boots (insulated) worked well (feet were toasty during every landing, trek on land)
  2. Carefreecruise; posted a blog on her Ushuaia to Capetown voyage last year, please see post #24 below: Hopefully, another Silversea cruise critic who has embarked the Silver Cloud/other SS Expedition ship in Ushuaia will post even more recent luggage experiences. Cool Cruiser March 13, 2013 595 posts Arizona Report post #24 Posted February 25 Was concerned about the weight restrictions on the flight down to pick up the ship and with their threatening letter and found it means nothing. Your luggage is picked up outside your hotel room at night and are sent directly to Ushuaia. Your carry-on is also not weighted. You just go directly to the flight with a boarding pass they give you the day before
  3. Carol, answered the Boots question exceptionally well adding wonderful word pictures to pair with her nice Antarctica photo. Also bought Bogs boots (Amazon) this spring in prep for the Arctic voyage on the Cloud in June/July. Very glad I have them to use on USH to Capetown on the Cloud this coming February. Champlain, there are a few of us that plan an informal meet & greet at 6pm on February 29th at 6pm in the Panorama Lounge. You r welcome to join us, pls see this link:
  4. great Jennifer pls https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2703070-february-28-march-20-2020-ushuaia-to-capetown/
  5. Hi Phillygirl3; welcome back to the Silversea board and maybe Silversea. Since 2004, we have enjoyed cruising on both Silversea and Regent (e.g., 35 day South Pacific cruise on Regent last November, and Myanmar, Artic this year on Silversea) On formal nights on board Silversea’s classic fleet (Muse, Shadow, Spirit, Whisper, et. Al) you can dress informally when u dine in the Italian restaurant (La Terraza) or casually when dine outside at The Grill. On the expedition fleet, I wear mostly dress shirts and slacks, and add a jacket (w/o tie) on the Captains Welcome and Farewell. Now until end of March on about two dozen Caribbean sailings Silversea is including at least one free excursion at each port (plus includes economy air or reduced price BC). Since experiencing the expedition cruise experience on Silversea, most likely now, our cruise experiences will mostly be Expedition cruising. Silversea hits home runs and grand slam cruises here—so much so am booked for three weeks Ushuaia to Capetown in February. Tho, also looking very forward to joining Silversea friends like Mr. and Mrs. Silver Sprectre (above poster) on the brand spanking new Silver Moon next November for it’s inaugural Europe to USA crossing. Hope to wish you Fair Winds and Following seas again on Silversea.
  6. SSCAF001; below is a cruise critic link that describes well the many dining (including breakfast options) on board the Silver Muse. https://www.cruisecritic.com/reviews/review.cfm?ShipID=1104&pgtype=dining For a change of pace/light breakfast, you may want to try the Arts Cafe, (pls see below) or head to the Panorama Lounge, Dolce Vita (main lounge Deck 5), or Tor's Observation Lounge for coffee, fresh fruit, croissants/pastries. The Arts cafe serves food from early in the morning to late at night. In the morning, it offers items such as jars of fruit and oatmeal smoothies, croissants, muffins, yogurt and sandwiches, along with fruit- or veggie-infused water. (Really enjoy the Avocado Focaccia sandwich in early morn (about 6:30am if memory serves) And, to conserve your time, if you have a day that has an early morning excursion, you may want to order room service for breakfast vs. taking the time to have breakfast in La Terraza, Altantide or the Arts Cafe
  7. Yes, the truth changed from yesterday(sent by Silversea crew member) as Silver Spectre let me know (he is now on the Cloud). Gilbert will be on WC and Moss will be on the Shadow in January.
  8. Thanks for taking us along on your Central America Cloud expedition voyage Mr. and Mrs Silver. Just found out today our Cloud Expedition leaders for this Feb USH to CPT include; Capt Pontillo, HD Petros, EL Shalk, CD Moss, Rest. Mgr Gilbert and one of our fav Sommelier's Civan.
  9. Hi Belfast Taxman; Recommend you send an email (or your can call Jennifer) to the Regent Groups Coordinator, Jennifer Bartlett. Please see below. Jennifer will get the roster of registered meet & minglers from your voyage about 30 days prior to embarkation. She works with the Regent ship's staff to arrange the meet & mingle. We had terrific support from her before & during last November's Mariner 35 day South Pacific voyage. I recommended the day/time for our meet & mingle and she agreed. We had our meet & mingle late morning during the earliest sea day but since u do not have any sea days, think 5pm on the second day of your cruise may work.. WE had over 50 Regent cruise critics attend our South Pacific leg from Hawaii to Tahiti last November on the Mariner. Jennifer Bartlett | Group Coordinator P: +1 402.962.0292 | M: +1 402.493. 2351 JBartlett@rssc.com | www.rssc.com Regent Seven Seas Cruises
  10. Thanks very much for your kind words and your Silver Cloud USH to Capetown well wishes turtlemichael. On board the Muse now is a superstar Silversea Guest Relations crew member Ryan--he normally works the night shift (11pm -7am, I met him on the Silver Cloud Arctic voyage in June). He will still be on board in February when you board the Muse. Ryan let me know the leadership now on board is Capt Marco Sangiocomo and Paolo is the HD. In Febraury, most likely you will have Capt Zanello and Flavio as HD. Wishing y'all Fair Winds and Following seas for your terrific February 2020 Sydney to Sydney Silver Muse voyage.
  11. Observer; pls see Mark Conroy’s reply Col. Wes, Great suggestion I will pass it to the persona who runs our Facebook page and Cruise Critic relationship. Mark Mark Conroy, Managing Director, The Americas Silversea Cruises Wells Fargo Center 333 SE 2nd Avenue | Suite 2600 | Miami, FL 33131 +1 954 468 3036 Direct | +1 954 562 0229 Mobile mconroy@silversea.com | Silversea.com To: Mark Conroy Good Tuesday Morn Mark, Pls see the first post in this active Silversea cruise critic thread (cut & pasted below). Believe this Silversea cruise critic (Observer) makes a good point to give Silversea crew members who earn employee of the quarter/month honors coverage on the Silversea Facebook page. Your former cruiseline (Regent) and Crystal does this well. thanks for listening. Best, Wes Many of us believe that the crew are the special sauce for the Silversea experience. One CC member has given us wonderful portraits of crew encountered during his voyages. But otherwise there is little formal online recognition of crew of which I am aware. Another luxury cruise line apparently designates an employee of the month and posts photos of the employee with officers and his/her recognition certificate on Facebook. I imagine there may be a monetary recognition as well. I find these photos to be quite touching. I am certain that the crew members' family members proudly pass the Facebook post around, etc. Why doesn't Silversea do this? Is anyone from HQ reading/listening? 🙂 1 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2703043-crew-member-recognition/
  12. Thanks Brian, yes--tho booked as a single, Ida may join me if our elder pets cross over to Rainbow bridge.
  13. Hi Brian, since Wellseasoned and you are exceptionally & gently persistent; having your/our TA run the numbers (if SS will approve just four days Barca to Funchal), to extend Moon voyage from Monte Carlo to Funchal. Will keep u posted.
  14. Booked this Silver Cloud expedition voyage Ushuaia to Capetown today. Happy that I will get use of my Cloud July Arctic voyage BOG boots and wet weather gear again. Will start a roll call for those interested Silversea cruise critics. Hope Petros (now the HD on board the Cloud) will be on board for this voyage too.
  15. Thank you Observer for expressing a wonderful desire to have Silversea provide formal recognition to their above & beyond serving crew members. I do know about once a quarter on board the Silversea ships they have a crew recognition dinner, often held in La Terraza (formal notice announced in the previous evening’s Chronicles that La Terraza will be closed to guests the night this crew dinner is held). However, I do not know the details of what happens during these crew dinners—for example, do they recognize a crew member of the month. Having sailed equally multiple times on board Regent and Silversea, believe you are referring to Regent in your post above. Often over the last decade, when I do behind the scenes crewmember profiles (i.e., in coordination with the Hotel Director (Silversea) or General Manager(Regent) I ask for their help to identify volunteer crew members who work behind the scenes (generally do not get told thank you by guests (e.g., galley crew, provisions staff, dry cleaning team). On Regent often the GM has had me profile their crewmember of the month. Interestingly during one profile on Regent the GM asked me to profile a father and son on board the Seven Seas Mariner. I post these Silversea or Regent behind the scenes crew profiles not only here on cruise critic but (with the crew members permission we become Facebook Friends) on my facebook page. I then Tag these crewmembers in the profile photos, so the crew member’s family and friends can read of his or her duties. Very often the Silversea or Regent crew member family or friends post on my crew profile Facebook post that they are proud of their crewmember for winning this employee award 🙂 Regent also has a dedicated Corporate sponsored Facebook page that post the photos I think you are describing about the crew members of the month and photos with wonderful captions of those crewmembers who have reached seniority milestones (10 year, 15 year, 20 years). Believe, Facebook is a terrific forum for posting these photos of outstanding crew as most likely the crew members family and friends will enjoy learning of their superb performance. Believe Silversea could also do something similar on their facebook page as well. If you agree with this, will copy your post and send it to the Managing Director of the USA, Mark Conroy and suggest SS Facebook pro’s do something similar for worldwide Silversea crew members. Thanks again Observer for your post, your sentiments reflect sincere caring for the welfare of our beloved Silversea crew—kudos!
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