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  1. Yes it could be they just cancel and relocate the ship, I can’t think what the itinerary would be if they kept it? here are screen shots
  2. No, she didn’t want to expand on the other details.She hinted it will be similar to the others so I think there will be the option to cancel and you can apply for airfare relief. Interestingly on our website it says to call for itinerary changes on our cruise and the one before yours but not yours. The Syd cruise shows it ending in Darwin. i am not sure what this means for yours? Maybe implies Darwin to Colombo but that seems like a very drastic change to the current itinerary? She told me none of the amended itineraries can be booked at the moment as I did enquire booking your leg to make it a b2b instead of flying to Colombo but was told it might be weeks before they can be booked
  3. The Australian website shows changes on the map and says to call the office about itinerary changes. When you select the cruise it still has the old itinerary. I called the number and was told that Colombo is definitely the new embarkation point but that their systems were not yet updated. We will be formally notified by the end of the week.
  4. Really! So same as Ovation , I am really surprised I thought given it was in Australia it would do a reverse of Sojourn and leave from Fremantle
  5. Hoi An is fabulous, my wife and I stayed there for a month we loved it so much. Small, great architecture, amazing food and a beach nearby and very affordable !
  6. Ok I guess that is ends any discussion.
  7. Oh absolutely, I can’t speak for the other poster but I was genuinely looking for discussion on the differences. No judgement on my behalf, I was just sharing how we think about it. I am interested in those who like suites on large lines and why? Sorry if people took offence. I do disagree with the increasing amount of cordoned off areas as I think it could create an “us and them” mentality between customers and could lead crew to also treating customers differently. My personal view is that service levels should remain consistent in public spaces.
  8. I don’t understand it myself, the majority of our cruises are on the main lines (we are elite on X and equivalent on ncl). When we want to treat ourselves we sail the luxury lines (have tried Azamara, Viking, Seabourn, Regent and Crystal), now on Aza and Crystal basic cabins are very small so if cabin is important I could understand why some want a suite on a large ship but a standard on Regent and Seabourn are better than the suites I have seen on X. You lose the big ship entertainment but the service, quality of food and beverage rises substantially.
  9. Why is this the case? up until there changes booking a suite meant getting a suite not a suite plus a greater portion of public space. Someone tried to use the analogy of flying but this doesn’t work as on a flight you get a better seat not access to more public space. We don’t book suites on main lines we prefer to treat ourselves by sailing on the luxury lines instead, none of those lines have restricted public areas for their upper suites. This is only a phenomenon on some of the main lines.
  10. Very annoying, are you flying from US, could you potentially fly via Australia?
  11. Thanks for correction, certainly played it as close as possible.
  12. I am not loyal to any line and not passing any judgement on the Seabourn offer but I don’t think Crystal has done it any better. They kept sailing in Asia longer than anyone, only offered an FCC to those who wanted to cancel (and its expiry was only one year). They cancelled several mini cruises and didn’t even give refunds until the backlash was so significant that they then gave the option of refund or fcc (only 100% no extra compensation). Now they have just cancelled their Asian cruise itineraries AFTER the deadline they had established for passengers to choose whether to take the limited FCC offer, so if you played poker and called their bluff you get refund and extra fcc. As I said not brand loyal (I have upcoming cruises in both SB and Crystal and have not been impressed by either).
  13. I just did a google search and it states the itinerary is Sydney to Fremantle all Australian stops except Bali. So would not make sense for Bali to deny them based on that itinerary. Perhaps the Captain didn’t want to risk being rejected at Australian ports ?? Do Australian itineraries have to include a foreign port? If so they may have decided to simply port in the waters but not allow passengers off? All speculation on my behalf.
  14. So I just found a thread on the RCCL page (different to what I had read) that seems to suggest it was a RCCL (or Captain ) decision. What I had read and been told was that it was a port decision, so this is conflicting and not sure which is accurate. Either way passengers were not allowed off in Bali, not sure what significance it may have for your cruise.
  15. I was talking to my neighbour who was telling me their daughter was on a RCCL cruise (I don’t know the ship) and No one was allowed to leave the ship when it arrived in Bali. I then saw it mentioned on another thread which seemed to corroborate what my neighbour told me. I will try and find a link but it was a couple of days ago.
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