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  1. Assuming it hasn't already been allocated on the backend, right now CruisingPower shows 44+ available balconies and 3 available obstructed balconies. That makes it seem like your odds are pretty good; but they could have already set aside some obstructed to cover the gty rooms; they may offer upgrades to people currently in obstructed, people in obstructed may choose to pay for a non-obstructed, etc. Really no way to actually figure out likelihood.
  2. The $82 is on the inaugural Odyssey of the Seas cruise next November. Possibly a placeholder since it's the first scheduled cruise of the ship, or maybe priced high for real for the same reason. It also doesn't mention any sale at all, so if they do something like a BOGO 50 in theory that would make it $62 or so, which is about on par with the next highest I've seen.
  3. We've never had a problem. We've taken deserts back to the cabin dozens of times, and full meals several times as well. Sometimes if one party member is feeling seasick the waiter themselves will suggest it, other times we've asked, but it's never been an issue. They bring the plate covered with the plastic topper for you to take back to the cabin.
  4. If you want the package, buy it. You can always refund and rebuy if the price drops later, but if you wait and the price goes up you can't go back and get the earlier price. I've had cruises where the drink package went as low as $39 a day, and cruises where I never once saw it drop below $63 a day. One cruise for next year has been $82 per day since the day I booked the cruise
  5. There are some rooms that sleep 4 by having the main bed (two twins that convert to a King) and a single sofa bed, others have 3rd and 4th pullman beds (beds that come out from the ceiling). There may be some that have a sofa bed and a pullman, I'm not 100% certain. You'll want to be careful of what you pick to make sure they won't have to share a bed (or book whatever and tell them they can either share a bed or not get a vacation)
  6. I believe what the agent was saying is there's no way for you to enforce a no charge setting. Since he's an adult he can change his own charging privileges on board or at check-in, vs. with a minor the parent or guardian can set it and ensure it won't be overruled.
  7. Always take reviews with a huge grain of salt; especially when it comes to subjective topics like food quality. We absolutely love Symphony
  8. Jewel has 6 affected sailings but they're all in the fall (August to October) at least as of the last info I received
  9. I would personally be more comfortable coming in at least 1 day before if possible if only for the jetlag and a little bit of a safety cushion. I'd say 90% of the time your plan would have no problems at all getting to the ship. However, I do fully understand limitations for taking time off work. If this is what your schedule allows then do it, but be prepared with a "what if" plan of attack. If your flight is delayed and you miss the ship will you go to Malaysia to catch the ship there, or will you just extend your time in Singapore? My husband and I do short trips all the time, and we have a bunch of people who think we're insane, but it works for us. We are getting ready to leave for a 3 day weekend in Costa Rica, we're doing a 4 day weekend in Panama, we're considering a 3 day weekend to the Galapagos islands, we did a three day cruise where I was working from the car on the drive to Miami. I'd rather be rushed and get a taste than always putting it off and saying "we'll go when we have the time to do it right"
  10. I'm assuming you have a non-refundable deposit or are booked under no-cancellations booking rules? Royal hasn't given any indication that this will qualify for any sort of refund option or waiver, and honest opinion I wouldn't expect it to. It's the closest possible port and they are offering free transportation between the original port and the new port. To me there's no real impact on the sailing other than the hour transfer required. Usually to offer refunds or change waivers the cruise has to have a major change, like being shortened by a few days, losing multiple ports, etc.
  11. My personal experience has been that we don't notice the crowds as much on the bigger ships like Harmony and Symphony as we do on the smaller and mid-size ships (we've only done Royal Caribbean, though, no other lines) Harmony also seemed to do better with the smoking filtration in the casino compared to smaller ships (many of Royal's smaller ships don't even have a non-smoking section, the entire casino is smoking) Harmony and Symphony are my two personal favorite ships, but it is definitely a "depends on the traveler" type of thing. I am really surprised they didn't take roll for the muster drill. We have always had to sign in with our seapass cards when we arrived. I do agree with wishing they would ban smoking in the casino, and bring back the free movie channels on the stateroom TVs. That was a huge disappointment when it changed.
  12. In this case the person in the room over 21 is the "responsible" adult for the child, so I can't imagine Royal doing anything that would allow you to prevent changes your sister makes to your sister's reservation. That reservation is owned by your sister so any changes that are or are not made are up to her. Your options are to either work it out with her pre-cruise, or get a 3 occupancy cabin yourself and let her friend take the place of your daughter in her reservation.
  13. When we went 2 years ago, Royal Caribbean auto-charged us for a Vietnam Visa, it was $6 per person when we went
  14. It's a series of curved plastic platforms and protective netting on Harmony in the Boardwalk area for kids to climb on.
  15. Generally the best time to book is as soon as you can make the deposit (assuming US booking rules) If there's a price drop or a sale you can reprice and get it. We got an absolutely amazing deal on an Australia/NZ cruise in February 2021
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