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  1. We're booked as well; convinced one of our friends to join us as well. Still working on getting some more to join up, really make it a party
  2. It can mean (in rough order of likelihood): a) a website glitch b) website maintenance c) the sailing is being changed/modified for some reason and can't be booked d) the sailing is chartered e) the sailing is cancelled
  3. Yeah, I do feel it's overall quite overpriced, but at the same time it feels like prices in general have been going up. We were looking at 2020 Alaska cruises and the shoulder season prices are more than what we paid for peak summer a couple years ago. Other cruises though we've still snagged great deals on, no real rhyme or reason to it.
  4. I mean, strictly speaking you don't have to fly to any US cruise port except Hawaii, you'd just have to add on an extra day of travel to and from. My husband drove from Cherry Hill, New Jersey to PC for a Freedom of the Seas cruise before we were married.
  5. On the Symphony TA we got a certificate to signify that we were on the first TA of the ship.
  6. I've never once had my request for a single bed honored. I suspect it's because I'm gay (note: I'm not saying RCCL is homophobic, quite the contrary, I think they just see two males in a room and assume the beds should be separate)
  7. Depending on how you define inaugural, we were on the Symphony's "inaugural" transatlantic, and on Anthem's "inaugural" Canada/New England cruise. (The first time that ship did that itinerary) This is the first one that is actually labeled as an inaugural though.
  8. I booked Nov 5 as well, and broke my personal record with 5 upcoming Royal cruises in the next 2 years 😄
  9. I don't think studios charge the single supplement
  10. RC shouldn't have said anything; I imagine they get thousands of transfer booking requests, and looking up the exact details of their contract with each individual agency wouldn't be realistic. Plus it would then open up a whole different can of worms if there are policies that agencies have that don't involve Royal directly (i.e. some agencies have cancellation fees, even when Royal does not) If Royal started telling people about some travel agent specific policies, others would complain that their particular situation wasn't warned against. As far as the TA, I feel they should disclose that information (and they might in some super fine print) but I'm not sure if they should have to disclose it. I booked my first cruise through a big box and found out about all their policies the hard way after booking; cancellation fee, processing fee if I wanted a price drop, earlier final payment date. It was a disaster. I went without a TA for a while before finding a local agent and then becoming one myself so there'd be no more nasty surprises.
  11. Looks like studio, non-refundable. The inaugural I still see it for $965 on cruisingpower, but on the 5 night it says non-refundable isn't available and has the refundable rate at close to $2k. Last night I did notice the non-refundable was well less than half the cost of the refundable for studio balconies; I suspect it was a price glitch
  12. I suspect part of it is also due to the Inaugural being over a weekend, while the second cruise is during the week. No actual evidence other than my own personal preference, but I feel more people are interested in a cruise over a weekend than over weekdays. Our 3 night Navigator Friday-Monday was slightly more expensive than the following Monday-Friday 4 night cruise, but with the 3 night I didn't have to take any time off work, so it was a better fit.
  13. Oh, and I'm sure you'll have lobster night. On our 9 night Canada/New England cruise they brought a ton of lobster on board when we were in Portland, and had lobster available on the menu and in the Windjammer like 3 nights after that.
  14. The only difference in the dining rooms now is the design/decor. Menus are all the same and they all have a mix of large and small tables. Like others said, two are dedicated to My Time and two are traditional. re: Wonderland. It's more about the experience than the food. My husband and I went on Symphony and we both were hit or miss on the food (some were great, some not quite up our alley). The experience was a blast though. In all honesty, I don't even remember what food we got; the waiter basically asked if there was anything we couldn't eat and then ordered for us. I'm not even 100% sure why he gave us the menus, other than for the "painting" experience. Ultimately, I'd do it again if we got a package (likely the Unlimited package), but I wouldn't buy it specifically
  15. Selfish, but I'm really hoping November 5 will be the actual first revenue sailing, since I can actually make this one (with a B2B med cruise in May and 2 week Australia/NZ in February 2021, no way I could make a TA work like we did for Symphony) Would be super cool to be on the first actual sailing of a new ship.
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