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  1. Your TA should be able to apply the price drop directly in Cruising Power (the TA website) No need for them to call in
  2. It doesn't explicitly say that cruises aren't included, but it also doesn't explicitly say they are included either. I don't know how exactly to decipher that statement myself, but the cruise lines who have connections, lawyers, and policy experts have access to that same statement and are cancelling/modifying cruises last minute at their own expense. That tells me that most likely: a) The official statement is too vague and they don't know if they are allowed to continue or not OR b) The grandfather clause does not apply to cruises (either because they aren't considered the same as an aircraft since cruises are much more than just a way to get from point A to point B and/or they don't count as accommodation in Cuba since they aren't Cuban flagged vessels) Given the fact that they are only cancelling the most immediate cruises right now, I think a) is the most likely scenario, but b) is also possible and they think they have a chance at fighting it. Option c) would be that they are in fact grandfathered in, they know that they are, and they are choosing to cancel/modify fully sold out cruises, offering refunds and OBC at their own expense, and risking angering thousands of customers just because. I have a real hard time believing that. Some future cruises that are not sold out; sure, but not the immediate cruises. That still leaves a or b as the most likely scenario
  3. A little bit of both, but itinerary is usually our main motivator. We like trying new itineraries and seeing new ports more than anything; although there are some itineraries (like the one way Alaska cruises) that we absolutely love and have no problem doing again and again. There are also ships that we absolutely love; Harmony and Symphony are our favorites in the fleet by far, so sometimes we will repeat an itinerary just to be back on one of those two ships. Other times somethings are more important than the itinerary. Like when my husband's family wanted to go on a big family cruise. For that we picked a ship and an itinerary that we had done before because we thought it would offer the most for the others travelling with us. Our next cruise we picked solely because it was convenient and we wanted a quick getaway. It just so happens that we've never done Navigator or the Bahamas before, so it's also a new ship and a new itinerary. But the only thoughts that went into our decision was a short cruise out of Miami on a weekend my husband had off.
  4. Here was the flyer sent out explaining the change http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Misc/16049473_Cancellation_Policy_2016.pdf
  5. March 7, 2016 was the switch from 75 days to 90 days for cruises 5 nights or longer.
  6. I'm a fan of unwrapped as well, or even better to have both sets available. Wrapped is convenient when you're first getting a plate; it's easier to carry the utensils and the plate if they are wrapped. But there are loads of times where I need a spare fork or knife or napkin and my only option is to go grab a whole extra set. End up with a bunch of extra/unused items that still have to be washed. Seems like a huge waste
  7. I use Dramamine original, my husband uses Motioneaze (https://amzn.to/2WyuwXf)
  8. Yes, they can do it at the terminal. In fact, even if you had taken the photo there's a good chance they would redo it at the terminal
  9. All cruise ship passengers have to go through immigration when arriving in Japan, they wouldn't have to set up anything special for people downlining.
  10. Curious, what do people consider eastern vs western for the Caribbean? I usually think of Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic as the center point of the Caribbean and the Bahamas is definitely west from there, so to me it makes sense including the Bahamas on a western Caribbean. I guess since the Bahamas aren't technically in the Caribbean sea?
  11. Prices constantly change. The general rule of thumb is to buy it whenever the price makes sense, and if the price drops you can cancel and rebook at the lower price
  12. The opposite. Nelblu is saying that their TA offers promos, but only if you originally book with the TA or do a booking on board and then transfer that. If you go direct to Royal Caribbean and book the cruise and then transfer to the TA, that particular TA won't give you the perks for booking with them. I agree with Nelblu, that makes no sense at all. If you book with Royal directly, you can transfer the reservation to a travel agent within 60 days or before final payment, whichever comes first. The perks of this for the consumer is they can get perks the travel agent is offering, the travel agent gets a commission, and Royal Caribbean gets happy travel agents.
  13. For us that was true on Quantum out of Shanghai, but not on Mariner out of Singapore. Both were catered primarily towards locals, but we definitely felt the customer service was significantly better on the Singapore cruise than the China cruise. That being said, both were still enjoyable. Quantum class as a whole does have a lot of nay-sayers just due to how different it is from the rest of the fleet. We did Anthem when it was new and loved it, although at the time almost all reviews were negative because so many people hated Dynamic Dining (while I'm here still missing it and wishing it had been more popular)
  14. Ketchup bottles/condiments was one a couple years ago
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