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  1. I agree, perfectly safe, except...watch the traffic when you cross. Personally I’m glad I don’t drive there but we’ve walked it many times. Most drivers are very pedestrian friendly and Monday we were in a cab there and I noticed several Police vehicles along the route. Just use your common sense and you’ll be fine.
  2. Yep I get it and I always appreciate your perspective. I do remember the $2pp cab cost now that you mention it. You’re right, it’s always been just the two of us. We used to take that tram several years ago. Now we just go out the gate to the cab station. Last visit the first gate next to the stairs was open and we ignored the signs and went out that way since it’s lots closer. This trip that gate and all the other ones had zip ties on them so we took the long walk through the shopping areas. I feel sorry for folks that don’t know their way around and wind up going in circles. We did notice a lot more construction on the route to the beach than there was as recently as March. A good sign for sure.
  3. I was thinking about all the conversation about who is affiliated with whom and honestly I consider it a non-issue, even none of my business. I suppose if there was evidence of some activity I didn’t approve of, drugs, human trafficking, prostitution, that sort of thing, I would reconsider. The fact is I’ve been all over the Caribbean, Central and South America and Mexico and there are lots of unfounded accusations motivated by money. Most of it is none of my business. I completely understand about changing prices being off-putting. I remember when the cab fare went from $4 to $8 I was mad as heck. They doubled the cab fare overnight! I had words with the guy that runs the cabs and he asked me how long since I had a raise. The cab fare, he explained, had been $4 for literally years. I calmed down and came to the same conclusion as you have. I have choices and my choice was to pay what the cab cost. Same with Blue Key. They were $5 for years. Then started the rate increase but including one or two drinks. I really hope they are settled on it for a while. But really I love that place and will pay for it until they price themselves out of the market which I hope they will not do.
  4. Honestly, my wife is very particular about what she eats. For a funky little beach bar their food is awesome and my wife always comments about the presentation as well. I saw some other dishes being served and they were well presented too. The folks ordering them were eating them up so I presume they were good as well.
  5. Yes we had mats in the shade of a man made shade arbor made from palm fronds. The $12pp was including the chair and mat as well as one drink. I didn’t take a picture of the menu but it’s the same one they’ve had for a long time.
  6. Large ceviche and guacamole. We each had a non-alcoholic drink as well. It was plenty of food for two.
  7. Yesterday was another awesome day at Paradise s the first time I’ve ever seen the water down at the beach as clear as Costa Maya. Chest deep and I could see my feet. Still $3pp entry. Still amazing service. Still good food. Still lovely pool. We arrived before 8:30 and had the place to ourselves until probably 11 when a Carnival ship arrived and more people came there. It rained off and on. We left around 3 and it was a great day. Cab fare was $15 each way. All tolled I spent about $100 including 6 smoothies, 4 fish tacos and guacamole.
  8. Just back onboard Enchantment. Sargassum was a non-issue today at Blue Key. Standing in chest deep water I could clearly see my feet. There was some floating along but not much. The beach was completely clean. Lots of families there just as there always are on Sunday. Ate ceviche and guacamole at the little bar/ restaurant right across the sidewalk. As I have reported in the past, it was over the top amazing. With 2 drinks our bill was $42 US. Entry fee to Blue Key was $12pp and included 1 drink. Taxi is $8 for 2 each way. All tolled I spend right at $100 all in. Had a great day. Will be back in October and definitely plan to revisit Blue Key. Probably not for everyone but definitely our speed. YMMV
  9. Yes. You’ll need to use one of the cups they provide to fill it with ice and whatever but I see them a lot.
  10. I seriously doubt those of us who know Paradise Beach will even notice a difference when we arrive. They may pitch the AI option but I suspect a polite no thank you will result in the payment of $3 each and the excellent service we have known now for over 20 years. Their menu will still have non-alcoholic drinks and all the great food we love. I’ll let you know next week after we visit Monday.
  11. Welcome to Cruise Critic. I think by reading further here you may get a different perspective as to whether to take a ship-sponsored excursion. This particular port might have some other things to offer depending on your likes and dislikes. Incidentally, Costa Maya is on the mainland of Mexico down toward Belize. Personally we love going to the Malecon and enjoying the beach. There are other activities so read on. And get ready to be a cruise addict.
  12. I used Falstaff today for the first time. Very easy to get to. Personnel on site were very friendly. The shuttle was parked right there and let me tell you the shuttle’s A/C worked very well as it was quite hot. I sat on the front row and for those that care there are lap belts. Easy, stress free drive to the terminal and they have a specified parking space right in front of the terminal. The driver told us that is the pickup point upon return. I usually drop drop off my wife and our luggage, drive to one of the close parking facilities and walk back. Today I dropped her off, drove over and took the shuttle back. I gotta say, I’ll probably never walk over again. I certainly didn’t get as sweaty today (or wet when it’s raining). So far I have no complaints. I’ll report on the return next week.
  13. Three lane drive with terminal 2 on the right. You can stop on the right wherever you need to when you’re picking up just don’t doodle and go slow. I took this one one as I was leaving headed to the parking garage. The shuttles use that driveway to the left and passengers walk across to the terminal.
  14. Then you’ll come to the drop off lane along the sidewalk of the terminal. I actually stopped right by those two yellow posts to drop off my wife this morning but for picking up you’ll go a little farther down.
  15. Then you’ll pass a guy directing you to the right and toward terminal 2. Stay right like the silver car in this picture.
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