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  1. Some people are just Scrooges and will come up with any excuse not to tip ‼️
  2. I think they only stare if you don’t tip. They should stare ‼️
  3. Just curious. How far did she carry your bag❓ Did she roll it through customs and to your car❓
  4. Same here, I don’t ever recall any porter asking for money or holding their hand out wanting a tip. And they have always thanked me politely.
  5. Thanks for the confirmation ‼️
  6. I’ve never just left my bags or tried to circumvent the porters to avoid giving them a tip. I also quite often use a porter when I return ... some of the best money I’ve ever spent.
  7. Are you saying there is a television there❓
  8. I have one for YG. My wife and I were just looking at the DP for MotS and saw something on D3 near the PG labeled RCTV. Does anyone know what that means❓
  9. So, if all these abbreviations are pinned, I guess that means those of us who aren’t on here a lot have to open another thread to try to find what the abbreviation stands for, close that thread, and then reopen the original thread❓
  10. I personally think it’s easier to just spell things out. At least for most readers it is, I think.
  11. First of all, obviously you weren’t there and have no idea how close it was. 1500 feet is a quarter of a mile and it was much closer than that. I didn’t see it but it was on us so fast and so loud I dove to the floor. The 50 feet estimate was from me asking where exactly the jet was because she saw it and said it flew beside the ship and from her description of how far from the ship. Maybe it was 150 feet maybe it was 50 but it was much closer that 1500 feet. As far as an announcement, a plane should never come that close without prior authorization.
  12. I totally agree. When you come to the almost always slow loading first page, you have to scroll half way down to get to the first thread ‼️
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