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  1. We received our deposit and then the rest of our refund from a cancelled cruise within days so we were fortunate. We have been able to lift and shift 2 others. We have tried to be realistic as no cruise line has been perfect but the situation is new to us all totally unpredictable. We will reassess whether we are able to sail in 2021 or 2022 as time moves on. If cruisers don't co time to book there is no hope that these lines will survive. I agree it is wrong to advertise cruises until.cancellation is announced but this situation is, hopefully, unique and totally unknown.
  2. All cruises lines have worked in ways which place their customers at the bottom of the pile. I hope Azamara have treated their staff, the remarkable team who care for us on board, with a much higher level of concern. With such an unknown quantity as a worldwide pandemic no cruise line has treated their customers particularly well as so much is unknown, uncertain and unfathomable. The quality of cruising on Azamara is the best and taking a decision not to try it because of these uncertain times is your loss.
  3. We like to do our own thing and if we want to look at something specific use a local guide putting money into the local economy. We then ask to be taken to local restaurants and bars and shops so that we support local people. Using ship's excursions will not help local economies in the same way. Exploring with a local person, using a taxi is far more interesting than most shore excursions. A taxi to Petra and a personal guide or a tour of St Petersburg in a group of 2 create previous memories and you move at your own pace! Or just to stroll and stop when and where we want to eat, drink and shop.
  4. We have just received it and responded but find some options were limiting. We seem to be on a new emailing list as not often received communications previously.
  5. Confusion at Azamara as I emailed as suggested. My TA and I persisted because we believe the conditions allowed us to change the date. One excuse was it wasnot possible as a repositioning cruise which was excluded from the scheme. There were other similar reasons given for the refusal to lift and shift but then later yesterday a change in the position.
  6. After more than a week of discussion my TA has been told we can lift and shift to 2022. Hopefully it will become easier for people to move to the 2022 or 2023 cruises.
  7. When we found no line and put that on our survey that is carried out after a few days on board within an hour one was fitted. Great service and good to know they respond to concerns
  8. That"s a great trip. Especially if an over night in with ports . We stayed in a hotel in Jerusalem and it was the best eexperience walking round the city before the tourists arrived.
  9. TA after speaking to Azamara yesterday. We are in the UK.
  10. Has anyone been ànke to lift and shift their March 2021 cruise to March 2022. We are booked on Cape Town to Lisbon but would like to lift and shift but told it isnt possible and we would have to.pay current fare.
  11. We are currently in Windermere sat in our garden and watching the small amount of activity on the lake.The towns are packed as the weather is fantastic but it is possible to find peaceful havens outside Windermere, Ambleside and Keswick and by november mstvpeople will be home.
  12. I think you are right Phil. We would appreciate clarity re Cape Town to Lisbon in March but just been told today we can't lift and shift from that one. We are anxious to cruise but SAFELY.
  13. My husband is deaf and his hearing aids pick up every sound in the MDR and sonweest in Aqualina or Prime C every evening so that we can relax and chat. Before the hearing loss he didnt find the MDR a problem but now we look.for ways to accommodate the way hearimgvaids work and have the same problem on dry land.
  14. manc

    Summer/Fall 2022

    As people who booked on a cruise in March we would like to see March 2022 released as we can't believe we will sail.and would like to consider Lift and Shift.
  15. That was a fantastic trip and the following cruise took you back to Bermuda about a week later when their summer timetables had commenced and there were more activities, ferries etc. Docked inthe centre of Hamilyon is a real bonus on Azamara.
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