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  1. Then we are in agreement 😊
  2. Hmm, not sure I understand your response. My point is that Regent has at least shown an awareness that some of their customers require plant based options by offering non-animal based choices, even if the plant based options they are offering are not the most exciting/healthy choices. I don't think I suggested that it is Regent's job to 'inform' anyone of anything. That would be ridiculous!
  3. Many thanks for this - don't know how I missed this discussion. Oh dear. An Impossible Burger. Not exactly whole food, plant based eating. Neither is it creative, gourmet cooking using fresh, wholesome ingredients to make a delicious meal. At best, I guess it shows an awareness that some people prefer not to eat animal based products and so could be a step in the right direction.
  4. Since our last Regent cruise, my husband and I have committed to a plant based diet (other than one 'cheat' night a week when we can, but don't always, eat whatever we like). We are foodies, so this is a huge change for us. Does anyone here have any experience of vegan/plant based options on Regent?
  5. Uh-oh, I was mistaken. We are only getting the 125% on part of the cruise cost. We booked a cruise in June which we canceled for 100% FCC. We then used the FCC to book another cruise this year, which has just been canceled by Regent and which was more expensive than the original cruise. Regent have given us 125% FCC on the difference in cost between the 2 cruises, and 100% FCC on the original balance. That's fair enough, albeit disappointing!
  6. Ah, thank you. It would seem that TAs, as well as customers, are much better taken care of in the US!
  7. That's interesting. I was categorically told by a Regent person that TAs receive ZERO commission on FCCs (in the UK at least)..
  8. SusieQft - an update... our 30 Aug cruise was officially cancelled last night, and they seem to be offering us the 125% FCC, plus Seven Seas loyalty credit for nights we would have sailed. We think this is beyond generous and we are very happy with their offer.
  9. Couldn't agree more. We cruise on both lines and like both for slightly different reasons. We now make the decision between Crystal and Regent based on itinerary/price/availability of accommodations we like.
  10. Perhaps Regent will supply masks or, for those who prefer to provide their own, set a minimum standard?
  11. I will indeed. This particular cruise was booked in the UK, although I do usually book in the US.
  12. We took the FCC and think that it represented good value for us. We used the FCC to book a cruise this Fall which it now seems is unlikely to sail. The new cruise was more expensive (longer duration) than the original cruise and so necessitated an additional payment at the beginning of this month which we have paid. I'm wondering how Regent will deal with this if/when they cancel, ie will we get a FCC - 100% or 125%, or the choice of a refund. We're pretty relaxed about it either way but are interested to know what they will offer.
  13. Great to hear, and thank you. The suite does sound wonderful, so we are going to go with it - assuming that we survive this crisis and that the cruise goes ahead at all. It's good to have something to look forward to in these dreadful times. We appreciate all the help and advice given on this board, which I read often even though I don't post much. I know it seems weird to be thinking of a cruise right now and I feel somewhat selfish even thinking about something so frivolous. At the same time, it's helping to keep us sane and not harming anyone else, so we are going for it. Thank you again to all those who responded - and to everyone who contributes to this board and gives so much valuable help, advice and information so freely.
  14. Thank you, that is a great idea, I had not thought of that..
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