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  1. Not being in the medical field I hear a lot of good things about the vaccine. Good luck with that. Just came back from my third vaccinated cruise. It was great.
  2. yes, but I am asking if anyone has just used their phone and if they have had any major problems.
  3. can't you just use your phone for the whole procedure? I will not be near my laptop when I need to take this test, only my iPhone.
  4. Walgreens seems to be doing a better job around me keeping appointments then CVS. Has anyone used their results to get on a RCCL ship? I saw that Carnival was accepting them. I have an appointment Wednesday for a Friday cruise and have an Urgent care backup on Thursday.
  5. I thought they are accepting the Emed Binax at home test. Backup option.
  6. Just did the Wal Greens rapid test. CVS has canceled on me twice in the past. Have a backup. Results were back in 30 minutes
  7. Just got this type of email for my 10/8-10/15 b/b on mariner of he seas. Funny part is last time they did this to me on ship last month there was a family of 4 in the cabin right next door. I think it is more of a crew problem where they want to keep everyone together so stewards have all their rooms close by, even though they are saying they want to separate and social distance.
  8. If RCL has changed the protocols since you booked they are mostly honoring a cancellation on those terms and full refund or OBC. I have canceled three cruises with no lies just saying don't want to go now that you changed it up (not an itinerary change) Have not had any problems.
  9. Well, I started this thread and as usual it went a little sideways but that's alright I received a lot of information. Let me start by saying I was on the initial sailing of the Celebrity Edge in June and just got off the Allure last weekend. I also tested negative after both those cruises. The protocols they have in place I thought were very good and accepted the risks based on that. They both had tracelets and wrist bands for the vaccinated. They had separate vaccinated places and were very strict on mask wearing indoors. More so the Allure then the first sailing of the Edge but I think that has since changed also. Having to be tested and wearing masks is not a deal breaker for me. I just wanted to get back to cruising and feel relatively safe. I have been on over 40 carnival cruises so I have no horse in this race. With that said I feel that Carnival is lacking in some safety procedures on their comeback. As some have pointed out, you know what you are getting into and you make your choice and don't complain after the fact. That is what I am doing here. Compared to the Edge and Allure I feel I can wait until carnival gets a better handle on its protocols onboard. The Edge had 1000 onboard and the Allure 1600 and that holds almost 6000 when full. Carnival went big time with almost 4000 out of a possible 6000 and in my opinion the staff is not ready for it under Covid conditions. The self serve buffet is an accident waiting to happen. Just adding a possible noro virus outbreak even though they are doing their best to clean all the time. Its a choice after weighing all the facts and information you can gather without being on the ship. There is no reason to bash someone who feels fine going on at this time and those who don't. Make the decision but don't blame the cruise line after you are on it because you knew before you went. After being on Celebrity and RCCL I think Carnival will have to wait for me. I will cancel my September 11 cruise. I have the Mardi Gras booked for January and May of 2022 and hopefully it will be better for me then. For those who chose Carnival now, happy and safe sailing, and thanks for the responses.
  10. This is interesting. I have been reading the reviews here by St George and others saying the Mardi Gras is crowded with only 3600 and the face masks are recommended but not enforced. Completely opposite of the magic. I have a September 11th Mardi Gras booked that I am thinking of canceling and have a Magic in November that I am looking forward to going on. Who knows. They did say their embarkation was a mess also.
  11. Was the trolley running, or did you have to walk between the two forts?
  12. My understanding is you need a doctor to back up the at home test. Sometimes it is hard to find a doctor or appointment on such a short notice.
  13. Not much chatter from this weeks cruise. Can anyone that is on this week tell us some of the protocols. Seems like first week was a little of a free for all. Then next week got a little stricter but is anyone following the new rules. ie, wearing masks while walking around inside. Are there vaccinated areas and areas for both marked and are they being monitored. Don't want an argument about this just want to know what to expect in two weeks. Also have you heard of any positive covid cases onboard and are they even telling you if there are. Thanks
  14. Have a backup plan. I am cruising Sunday and had a CVS rapid test schedule for today at 4PM. Got a text and email this morning that my appointment was canceled, site closed until further notice. All other CVS rapid places were full or not close. Luckily two weeks ago I scheduled a test at an Urgent care for tomorrow. The just in case is now a final solution. If they cancel I am not going to be able to get a test in time. Glad I had a backup plan. If you have two different places in your area (by area, mine were hour away) I would suggest scheduling them. Can always cancel the second if get the first. Good luck.
  15. I was on the initial Celebrity Edge sailing June 26th. I sail solo a lot and it felt no different then others except for no crowds and low capacity, which was great. Solo cruising is what you make of it pre or post pandemic. I found little difference in meeting people, it is easy if you want to or if introverted that works also. There were no mask mandates for the vaccinated on the ship so if that is worrying you I would try and stay with he 95% vaccinated cruises if they are allowed to stay that way.
  16. I was on the first June 26th sailing. My two cents. I showed up at my appropriate time, 12:30 was ushered in, had my vaccination card and was on the boat at 12:50. Imagine that, I followed the rules and did not expect any entitled privileges and it worked. Try it. Don't make a mountain over a mole hole.
  17. I received the health protocols email for my August 22 AOS cruise but noting was in it about asking for my vaccination status. Was that a separate email you received for that?
  18. I was on last week and of course never having sailed the Edge I had no comparisons in mind but I have been on over 40 cruises and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Maybe I was shaded by just wanting to be on a ship after 15 months, but no complaints.
  19. I am on the June 26th sailing if we sail. Its really pretty simple and novel what X is doing. They call you and ask if you would voluntarily state you have had the vaccine and would you bring your card as proof on embarkation. If not that is fine with them but you go on the unvaccinated list even if you are vaccinated and the penalties which they are allowed to access are stiff. You will not enjoy your cruise and it will be costly. This way they stay within the CDC 5% rule and the so called Florida law. This is not a pro or con vaccination post. It is what it is. Get vaccinated and enjoy your cruise. Don't get vaccinated and you can go on the cruise but you won't enjoy it. Your choice. You are not being denied anything either way, just have to follow rules. What a novel concept.
  20. ...the final frontier, to go where no man has gone before...
  21. I am packing light and carrying on if we sail. I just hope we sail.
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