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  1. Hi everyone, I planned this cruise for my parents anniversary. This is there first cruise ever, and I want to make it special. I chose this cruise out of Charleston, because its convenient to drive from where they live. I am from LV, Nevada, and am flying into NC. We will be driving down and doing the park and stay special at one of close hotels. It is the 7-day cruise, with stops in Nassau Bahamas, Half Moon Cay, and Grand Turk islands. I was not able to buy the Fast to Fun pass, it sold out. I was bummed because my parents are in there 70's (both healthy) but I didn't want them to have to stand in line long. Our ship sets sail at 4pm. !. How early should we get to port? Is it well organized? Is there a huge difference if you didn't buy the Fast and Fun pass? we are being dropped off by hotel shuttle. 2. Any suggestions or tips on what to do on board. What shows or activities are the best? We are doing anytime dining, any advice concerning that. I read there is only one pool, how early do you have to be there to have a spot? Anything extra I could ask, for there anniversary onboard? 3. When you get off at each stop, what items do you take with you? I know the obvious, bathing suit, sunblock, sunglasses and clothes over bathing suit. How much as far as cash? cellphone, what other personal belongings. I read some postings concerning theft. On each excursion, or resort like Atlantis are there lockers to put your stuff? 4. What excursions or places were your favorite? that one should not miss out on and would be age appropriate for my parents at Nassau Bahamas? Which ones to avoid? Also for Half Moon Cay and Grand Turk. As far as Nassau, are the local beaches better or is one of the resorts like Atlantis a better deal? I thought about a dolphin excursion also. I'm sorry for all the questions, but like I said I want to make it extra special for my parents. I want them to have an awesome experience, because I would like to take them on another cruise.:) Thank you all!!
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