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  1. That’s what I am thinking too. That they change my existing booking on the Spectrum to the new Wonder of the Seas to Japan on 5/30/2020. We (and my group of 21 people) booked the first week the itinerary came out. The prices were unbelievable good. I will have to wait and see what Royal will change is to, assuming that is what this code Red is referring too.
  2. May 30, 2021. It was supposed to be out of Shanghai to Japan for 7 nights
  3. I think that they will replace Spectrum with Wonder for our cruise to Japan out of Shanghai. Now I wonder if the itinerary will be the same. I am disappointed because I wanted to try a Quantum class ship. We’ll see what they come up with.
  4. This explains why my sailing for May 2021 is now on hold and like the RCL Rep said “code red” for possible redeployment, I guess I will have to wait and see what happens to my booking.
  5. Thankfully I am already booked but RCL has stopped all bookings for our sailing in May 2021. They said it was coded red and alerted for possible redeployment. What does that mean? A possible change in itinerary? Different ship?
  6. This is on Spectrum of the Seas, cabin 7250. First time booking a single cabin as DH and child are staying home. The rest of my extended family is coming along so I won’t be by myself. Can’t wait!!!
  7. Does anyone when this week the itinerary sailings for Summer 2021 the cruises out of China will come out? They said this week but nothing so far today.
  8. This week is when they said that the Asia (first phase) itinerary sailings come out for 2021 and 2022. I checked today and nothing yet. Maybe tomorrow.
  9. I’ve been looking for an interior cabin without the screen and can not find it. Is this now the new standard for the Quantum class ships?
  10. I have been to China before on a land tour and it was amazing! This time we want to go in a cruise to Japan with a group of family and friends.
  11. I see that in a few weeks the China schedule deployment will come out. However I see that it says “phase 1.” Any idea on what that could mean? I am hoping to book for Summer 2021 out of Shanghai/Hong Kong to Japan.
  12. You are right, they are forward cabins. At the very front of the ship. From the pictures I’ve seen not all of those cabins have the pole. But I don’t know which ones do and which ones don’t. Again I’d be going on the Spectrum, if that makes a difference.
  13. I was looking at cabins 11101, 11510, and such from decks 8-11 that are on the corners of the Aft of the Quantum class ships. These are oceanview cabins that appear to have a lot more space than even a regular balcony cabin. What can you tell me about them? Any downside? I heard some of them might have a pole going through the middle of the cabin. Don’t know which ship or deck this applies to. I am planning on booking one of these cabins for 3 people on the Spectrum of the Seas out of Shanghai to Japan.
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