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  1. Warm. Both ships periodically leave their moorings and make short runs. Serenity from Port Klang, Symphony from Sembawang. Skeleton crewed presumably.
  2. TPG, Blackstone, Bain: good list. There was a time when Berkshire Hathaway might have been in the mix. Tons of cash, like to buy their straw hats in December. But Buffett doesn't like bad businesses (got burned on airlines) or things he doesn't understand. Cash free mergers or all stock acquisitions might be doable but growth at times like these probably doesn't occupy much of the boards' agendas. All lines need working capital not more cash burners. Show me the money. Vulture capital at loan shark terms remains my guess.
  3. Perhaps a vulture capital firm. Can't see another cruise line stepping up.
  4. https://thebarentsobserver.com/en/travel/2020/07/hurtigruten-cancels-svalbard-cruise-crew-members-have-been-diagnosed-covid-19
  5. 10/29 and 11/05 canceled. Received notice from Crystal tonight.
  6. Speculation or from the horse's mouth?
  7. Continuing: TA says 10/29 is "Sold Out" not canceled...yet. Time will tell.
  8. Booked B2B with 11/5 cruise. Won't do second one without the first one. Planned to drive to Port of Miami.
  9. The October 29 is for sale again.
  10. Well, the CDC is keeping the USA closed until at least October 1. We are booked on the 10/29 Serenity but now won't make final payment.
  11. Don't mean anything about it. Pre-covid, masks in public were virtually non-existent in western countries, but common in Japan. Different cultures. So not surprised Japanese would wear them on or off a Japanese ship.
  12. FWIW, Azamara just laid up 3 ships in Glasgow. One came from Singapore and bunkered at Salalah and Gibraltar en route. Serenity can do the same assuming that she will head west and transit Suez for Miami. Manning logistics are probably the trickiest part. We are driving 300 miles to board her 10/29, hurricanes permitting.
  13. They walk around Tokyo that way.
  14. Journey was scheduled for drydock prior to her scheduled November 10 Lisbon to Capetown cruise. I assume the cruise won't happen as planned but wondering about the drydock?
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