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  1. Of course group pricing exists. I didn't think we were discussing that. That's why I said "completely different discussion"
  2. One of the reasons I take big breaks from CC is the confusion on discussions like this. Someone says something that is misinterpreted in print and it takes on a life of itself.
  3. You know … you and I are on the same side of this discussion. I agree with most everything you say. I guess you are just saying it more succinctly
  4. I'm not talking about group pricing. Completely different discussion.
  5. Hmmmm … have you ever gotten conflicting pieces of information from the cruise line reps themselves? It happens. It's frustrating. I get that. But alluding to the person as being "less than" is just not nice.
  6. You, as a former TA, should understand the "back office" dealings that cruise lines offer to larger agencies (online and brick and mortar). Probably volume based. I also believe the cruise lines work with these humongous agencies to give them good pricing that no one else can touch and the agencies do NOT pass along the entire savings to the client. In my experience, I've found that once the cruise get booked, the humongous TA's monitor the pricing the cruise line gives (watches for cruise line price drops), rebooks the voyage for their client at the new lower price and KEEPS 100% of the savings. The client never knows there has been a price drop they could/should have benefited from. I'm aware of at least one small brick and mortar TA who does the same monitoring of cruise line pricing after getting the booking and gives the client 100% of that savings. Probably not considered "good business" as her commission goes down with the lower price. But, worth it in customer satisfaction. I'm not a fan of the online, big box store, or humongous agencies … can you tell?
  7. Understood. But it's not the same as an agent "discounting" the price. There are actually several ways an agent can give you perks. If you want to consider it a discount, that's okay I guess. By the way, some OBC is given directly by the agent out of their commission (out of their pocket). If you are on a very low-end cruise, that commission can be only $50. Can you (not speaking to ed01106 here) expect the agent who has done much more than $50 worth of work for you, to give up their entire commission?
  8. Not sure what YMMV means …. but the rest of your statement is offensive. My goodness.
  9. No cruise line allows agents to discount the cruise line price.
  10. They will deliver your ordered dessert to your stateroom. 😀
  11. -Ocean Blue on the Bliss this past April. Wonderful! Two things I remember …. the bread drenched in butter (oh my goodness!), and the brussels sprouts with pancetta. I know we had main dishes, but these two items stand out. Looking for a repeat on the Joy in December.. ~d
  12. Can you all let us know if a child's booster seat is required for coach (bus) Shore Excursions? Child is 5 years old. Thanks.
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