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  1. Keep Jobsons Cove a secret!!--Simply Beautiful!
  2. We were blessed with 8 Beautiful days of Sunshine--The captain took that ship Alllllllll the way out almost to Bermuda, then turned south. We continued south as Dorian moved towards the east coast. We went South to clear weather after 1 night of semi-rough seas. Compliments to the Navigational team!
  3. Switching from Eastern to Western would be fine, I live in NY so I can wait to pack--but my cousin is packing for the Caribbean and bring warm clothes. The temperature in New England and Canada is about 40 degrees cooler during the day and more at night! Off Topic-- I do realize that a storm that stays off the coast will save lives-and that is what really matters.
  4. We are Cruising out of NYC to Eastern Carib on Carnival Sunrise. We are scheduled to sail Wednesday Sept.4. If this Hurricane does not make landfall and breakup-it will travel up the coastline into our path. My Question is how long before sailing do they inform you of change. We could be looking at New England and Canada-"-very different clothes" Safe travels all.
  5. Will get to see Topher for the first time!! Have seen him in about twenty videos!You Tube--he is a celebrity! Making a dog catch sand is sick--glad the word is getting out!
  6. Wow! As the original Poster, I never thought this thread would go to page three. I now feel sorry for the Bartenders that have to explain this over and over to all the customers on day 1. On NCL you sign for the drinks,tax,and gratuity on day 1,but by day #2 only the tax shows on your account. I thank you for the lively debate and wish you safe travels always!
  7. Thanks for all the answers! I will now do the 1st night Specialty restaurant with the Free bottle of wine offer! Then Cheers for the rest! Thanks again!
  8. YES!! that is exactly what I read somewhere. Not sure where- but Thanks for confirmation!
  9. I read "Somewhere" that the Carnival Cheers Package is not available for Day 1 of sailing. Trying to find that again. I know about the NYC Drink Tax until international water-but the Package not available for Day 1 does not make sense???
  10. Jean---It's your vacation-relax!! I am Borderline 250-253 after 2 days at sea. Yes they will weigh you- they must. there is some wiggle room--just be nice and I believe you will be fine---Happy flying--or whatever I did--have fun!
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