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  1. We've been on a number of holidays, land and cruises, at that time of year in the UK , and prefer it. Children and holiday makers are usually home again, and the weather is moderate with some rain, but usually not the heat of summer. Like the previous responder said, it depends on what part of the UK and extended weather forecasts. Hope you enjoy the UK as much as we did. Nicole
  2. When you return, I'd love to hear a review of the ship and how you enjoyed the trip. Nicole
  3. Hi, I had my first birthday on a ship going from Britain to Canada as my parents were immigrating to Canada. My dad was in the RCAF, so whenever we were transferred to Europe, it was by ship and I was not a good sailor, keeping to my bunk across the Atlantic, so I was not a fan when my hubby suggested a cruise for our 25th Anniversary. I finally conceded and told him I would try one but if I didn't like it he was not to ask again. He booked a 21 day cruise through the Panama canal and I loved every minute of it. I was truly hooked and 35 or so cruises since then, I can't wait to get back
  4. Anyone else getting a tan from the light in the fridge? Apparently Covid 19 is named for the 19 lbs. you put on during lockdown! Nicole
  5. I was bored and housebound with all the Covid rules, and found "the Pub" while browsing through Cruise Critic. I started on page one and went through to the end over a few days, and was never disappointed. Although I'm in Canada, I'm originally Welsh, so get a lot of the British humour. I read the jokes aloud to my husband and he laughs so hard at some that he gets tears in his eyes. I just wanted to thank all the Pub contributers, and especially the regulars for helping us all get through this difficult time. Bless you all. Nicole and Dave
  6. I think about 197 for us, but I wish it was earlier with no covid! Nicole
  7. Oh, that's a sad ending to your post, but I'm glad that you had time with your husband to make many memories together. All the best, Nicole
  8. Lots of good info here, even for us "lower class " cruisers. I especially like your responses to chair hogs. Thanks. Nicole
  9. Hi, One of the reasons we prefer an inside room is because I am not a good sailor and a mid ship, lower inside is a more stable room, especially in rough seas. We do sleep in a dark, cool, room at home. We keep the temp down on the ship as well. I've been on over 25 cruises, and don't miss a balcony, although we have tried it. I never let the cruise company choose my location as I want other cabins above me and not anything noisy. Just my preference and my husband is happy with that as well. Nicole
  10. Ours now works out of her home, deciding if she will retire this year, but she is part of a large travel company. She has been terribly busy with cancellations and FFCs but not many bookings. She is not limited to cruises.
  11. End of Oct. and into Nov. 2019 we were on the Sapphire Princess for a cruise to the northern parts of Norway to see the Northern Lights, and were successful for one night with amazing lights. It was cold but no regrets going at that time of year. Nicole
  12. I thought the subject was which cruise was on your bucket list; so how did Las Vegas get such an argument? I spent much of my life in Europe but never got the chance to see Istanbul, so that is on my list. I got close a couple of years ago, but the captain cancelled that stop as it was too dangerous at the time. I've rebooked for 2022 but that is still iffy.
  13. Is it on the Murray or the Darling river? We did a six week overland camping Australia trip about 15 years ago and we loved every minute of it. I just wish the flight wasn't so long from Canada, or we'd go to Aus more often. Nicole
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