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  1. Just coming across this now as Trinidad is still showing as a port on the Caribbean Princess for my cruise April 2020. Curious as to why if people can't actually go anywhere or do anything. I'd rather they substitute a different port than feel confined to the ship when it is in a port. I did notice on my cruise planner, that they have a little green blobby thing next to Bonaire (which is not in the lined itinerary for the cruise) so perhaps they are thinking of changing to this??
  2. I am so excited to discover a new mistugirly review, I have been missing them. This trip looks amazing. Can I also just say that your beautiful little girl is turning into a beautiful young woman. She'll break some hearts 🙂 best put daddy on notice now 😄
  3. This review is amazing. I admit I'm picking it up after the live/semi-live but still. Glued for the rest. I am about 85-90% that it'l be the Mera I'll be going on next. I have a few cruise options selected, and when I have the deposit together next Friday (not tomorrow!) I'll be calling MSC - the joys of being an Irish customer - and the Mera is my first choice (looking at going end March, beginning April so classed as last minute) so hoping it's available. If not it'l likely be the Divina, but the Mera has Cirque so...... fingers crossed. As I am going solo I don't think I'll be stretching to the YC this time (going YC with balcony on the Prez in October!) it'l most likely be Fantastica and hopefully an outside but should still be fab.
  4. Loving the frog addition 🙂
  5. I am happy about the more choice of drink, but I am miffed as heck about the gelato. I know soft serve is nowhere near as good but I assume you can still get soft serve foc?
  6. No they really don't. I booked YC, which obviously includes the Premium package. Well I booked before the changes so I expect to get what was originally on the package - room service and minibar were two of the main things - or else I will be looking for compensation on the price I paid for the room.
  7. I'm going on the MSC Preziosa next October :) Can't wait.
  8. I'm re-absorbing all the tips as my body has gotten worse over the years and the pain can be more intense than I can handle sometimes.
  9. I follow this forum for my mother who turned 70 this year, as she's not so savvy at forums. She has mobility issues and what not, but wouldn't consider herself 'old'!. Where as I am 33, and with my health feel 'old' nearly every day! I think old is a relative term tbh. I like mature better. :)
  10. hdowney

    Acqua alta!

    The MOSE has been built and just sits there rusting away. The mechanisms for controlling it were under water so it was inoperable for this recent flooding. A catastrophic waste of time, energy, resources and above all money that has done nothing to help Venice overcome high water.
  11. Ah pity. I'm doing the 18th from Barcelona. Can't go earlier as I have a concert in Dublin on the 10th. I will be sure to keep my eyes peeled for any updates from yourself though. Look after her for me 🙂
  12. hdowney


    And our gain!! I don't think I could sail with someone who picks holes in every little thing. Sh*t happens everywhere, it's how you deal with it and let it affect you that's the more important thing. That's just my feeling on it anyway
  13. Not too strange though as he is your DH!!!! 😛
  14. Me too. As a lot of posters are from America I found a lot of the threads updated a lot when I would be in bed (Irish Chick!). I loved being able to lie in bed and peruse the forums on my phone.
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