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  1. Just got email from SS re cancellation. We were on both legs. Full refund and 25% discount for next new booking. I thought quite generous. I am sad we will be unable to see the Spirit and experience what was a fantastic itinerary. But I mostly feel bad for SS team...I am sure this is creating havoc on every level.
  2. Sued

    Middle East

    Thanks for the responses. I think the sound advise that SS will do the right thing is right. We are actually on both legs as a combined tour. Will give it a couple more weeks to see what evolves. This really was a special itinerary....but a number of ports I suspect would have to be altered. Shall see. I will update with any news we get.
  3. Sued

    Middle East

    Thank you. I am hoping they do something a little more pro active in advance as to what ports will change. Or offer a swap to another cruise. Shall see. It is sold out also.
  4. We are booked on March 15 Silver Spirit with stops in a number of ports throughout the Middle East. Had our TA call SS this morning and they said no change As yet...would likely skip ports if issue. Seems odd to me that they would venture into the area just now. Perhaps I am just a bit paranoid....Has anyone had experience similar to this and how SS handled?
  5. Sued

    Wind staff

    Thanks so much Cheryl and Marc. Safe travels.
  6. Hi...we are headed to Iceland to pick up the Wind first of Sept. Might someone know who is CD, h ead Restaurant Mgr, and head Bartender? thanks.
  7. Does anyone know if there are plans to include Africa itineraries for non expedition cruises? For years there was great choices out of Capetown. Thanks.
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