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  1. Fake certificates gonna be made in the USA. Be patriotic, buy American.
  2. There will be a new business sprouting, the "I got the vaccine" papers, which will be fake. Somebody gonna make a lot of money.
  3. Will cancel November after all the final payments are due.
  4. Just can't get into being a Cruise Planner right now, gonna wait until some ships actually sail, see what up.
  5. Expect November to be cancelled first week of September, after final payment just like every other month.
  6. So someone who had taken one cruise could become platinum by continuously scheduling cruises right after the most recent cancel date and keep doing that from April until November using FCC. Nice giveaway.
  7. Our 9 day turned into 13 days by hurricane Sandy, did not get any extra points, did not think much about it then, but 8 years later it means even less.
  8. Every restart date is solid until it isn't. Getting your cancelled cruise refunded to the original form of payment, whether cash or fcc, will not change as it is to NCL's advantage to not change.
  9. Thursday got the refund for a cruise cancelled on 3/19/20, so we have been refunded in full for all 5 cruises cancelled by RCI. Still working on airfare refunds for a 2/24/20 cruise cancelled by RCI on 2/14/20.
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