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  1. As an example our 12/12/21 12 day cruise out of Cape Liberty on Anthem just went down $71 each for two in an inside cabin.
  2. CDC gonna stop the selling of 8 day cruises in Europe?
  3. A 14 day cruise we were looking at in Asia in 2022 increased by $1,000 for an inside for two. We don't drink alcohol, priced us out of that cruise, probably will never sail X if that is the result for other cruises.
  4. The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, AAA farm team of the Philadelphia Phillies, in 2019 announced that for the fan's convenience the game programs could be downloaded and printed at home before the game. They used to hand out programs for no charge at the park, beautiful, colorful, and informative. Just another case where my convenience really means a money saving move by the provider. Iron Pigs claimed they are saving trees, asking the fans to do the tree killing.
  5. Those of us who don't drink alcohol and enjoy cruising without WiFi will not be eager to pay for other people to do so.
  6. Most recent cruise was May, 2019, Adventure 12 days out of Florida to ABC ending at Cape Liberty. Were waiting in the Philippines to fly to Hong Kong for cruise to Philippines and Singapore on 2/24/20, got switched to RT Singapore and then cancelled. 4 others refunded since, just put a refundable deposit on Anthem out of Cape Liberty 12 days on 12/12/21. Using $376 FCC which must be used by 12/31/21.
  7. Got my third copy of the Captain's Club via email today, been getting at least one email every day. I have looked at cruises on the Celebrity website, have sailed 53 days with Royal Caribbean, but never scheduled a cruise with Celebrity. Is everyone getting this much attention these days? We are Platinum Plus with NCL, never hear from them at all.
  8. The last time I did something for the first time was when I just read my first Throwback Thursday thread. Good video, might do it again.
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