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  1. That is a great deal overall for sure. It is important to note that October can be a pretty strong hurricane month some years but that is why they offer great pricing like that. All in all we have booked a few cruises during that time and only once did we have to secure the house and travel out on a cruise at the same time! That was crazy as our cruise departed two hours early to avoid the first bands of the hurricane.
  2. HAL is really about music these days. Not really impressive at all for kids or shows imo. Other lines offer much more if those areas are a big priority.
  3. I will hold out until they get to 25k
  4. I would have to agree until the first US HAL NS cruise I was on. Sitting up close to the band in the RSRR it was really loud. I am a Detroit guy raised on Seger, Iggy, Grand Funk and The Amboy Dukes so I have a pretty good resume' of loudness lol. It may have been because it was the first week and perhaps with that low ceiling they have cut it back some because they were getting used to the venue. Not sure if it could have damaged hearing but it was in real loud for that one venue on that one cruise. The four times I have been in the BB Kings it was fine. Looking forward to Nbr 5 in March!
  5. I am really surprised that it has taken this long for so many HAL loyalists to see. BB Kings has been open since 2013. I knew when BB opened and the first time I saw an All Star Band that it was a Game Changer for HAL and would create an almost complete turnover of the client base. Those people who were attracted to the ballroom dancing were not going to stay for this. What was sad was watching some of them trying desperately to ballroom dance to the blues and Motown being played in BB Kings. They were desperately trying to hang on to the experience they had enjoyed for so many years and it looked awkward...…..at best. Yes BB Kings is fairly loud but the RS Rock Room was much louder.
  6. Well said. I think some lose focus on one of the key parts of CC and that is to ask questions. Often those questions (like yours) help many.
  7. But it DOES matter to the OP which is why they asked for a site they can try. Reading along and hearing some good stuff here.
  8. Don't stop Believing that eventually with a few adjustments it can be a good show!
  9. Good stuff Bill. Here is a shot of the original band on NS last year. I notices HAL uses their picture on their website. Not sure if they did another contract but they were excellent! Pretty funny the guitarist closest in the picture liked to run down the hall between sets and listen to the BB King All Stars which are excellent as well! I know they started BB in March of 2013 and we finally got on and saw them in 2014. We have seen different lineups 4 times with Number 5 coming up in March! I realize they scaled back other areas on HAL for the music but we like that change as we move back and forth between HAL and others.
  10. This makes sense as contracts end, people leave etc...….I do know that when they kicked off NS in the US that Memphis group was excellent. First time on a ship I ever heard a set kick off with "Hey Joe" by Hendrix. It was surreal like I had to pinch myself to make sure it was real.
  11. The only way I know how to handle things like this if I am feeling that way is to either cancel the cruise or reduce expectations. I have done both. For me (and this is just me) I am not going on a cruise already planning that it will fall short. If I am thinking that before I even board it is probably what I will get. None of these lines are perfect. I know that MSC has been touted here but they have their issues as well. That being said we board the Oosterdam in a few months for the second time in the last 15 months and we are going to have a great time like we did the last time!
  12. Yes you were a big influence and the one who led me to the B2B and very helpful with other tips prior to the cruise as well. I know you have done 20 plus cruises with O but you call balls and strikes fairly and my Wife and I found the two of you to be "very kind". (@cruisingxpert)was awesome prior to the the cruise/s and it was nice to meet her as well. We ran into her up on the mountain in St. Bart's and it was funny because she helped give me some tips on renting cars there. We ended up there at the same time far from the ship! When I got in my rental car to drive away I had to smile about how information I got from people like the two of you impacted our great trip. Nice to see how this community can really help out when you need it. So if anyone is new to O and wants people who have the wisdom and patience to walk you through it all here are two that helped us a bunch!. And now...…..we know a little bit too!
  13. The Hal Cats were terrible. I knew when BB Kings opened up the transition had begun. Way more talent to put it mildly. We still like HAL and will be back on Oosterdam in March after 15 months cruising others who do things well also. For us the ones we like do different things well so it helps keep our expectations in check.
  14. That is quite the list. I am happy I got to see that original group. I would imagine that all of them or most are gone by now or on Kdam or they all went home together since they were already a band. They didn't read any music onstage they just jammed like they did in the bars in the Memphis area.
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