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  1. The good news is after two bookings that I cancelled and a rebooking for later in 2020 I will not have to worry about this. I have my YC cabin booked and OC will be completely done by that time! In the meantime I will watch for the news instead of being part of it.
  2. ok I got it LOL. You are right technically they don't have to pay a penny.
  3. So it's free? It all comes out of bottom line when you GIVE things away.
  4. Ok then the only other choice is it will be several months, maybe years. In the grand scheme of things none of us know we are just giving opinions.
  5. OK so they do not have to pay the obc and they do not have to honor the 20% off? Not even one penny of that?
  6. This is why I said the delay will not be long imo. MSC does not want to keep paying that.
  7. Nope I said it was going to be a short delay because MSC will not continue to pay out obc and future cruise discounts You put the hammer down on that when I said it. I still think it will be a short delay. And for the record I cancelled a cruise last September on Seaside because of OC. I then cancelled YC on Mera in Jan 2020 because YC the area is not going to be open. Not once did I complain about it I simply booked another Seaside later in 2020. 2 people with similar issues handling things completely different. One is a half full type of person.
  8. Mike, I am not sure about the upgrade question but you are not crazy the search on CC is not very good to be polite. What kills me is when people throw out there "use the search." It leaves me baffled whenever I see that advice.
  9. The positive side of that headwind for me might be more calories burned. Or at least let's hope so!
  10. Thank you LHT28 will be utilizing that track on our upcoming B2B! 🙂
  11. Nope not missing any points. What one wants to call two cruises that happen consecutively is pretty much their own business.
  12. Call it B2B or 2 in a row or be PC and call it an extended journey. It's your money call it what you wish. 🙂
  13. Yep they were wrong. I said that MSC will not be paying off people long and will get it done. Of course Maxwells silver hammer came down upon my head...…..
  14. Great story of kindness that I saw many times! In my days in the biz the majority of the Captains were the best people you could work with! Thank you for all your years of getting us safely to where we were traveling.
  15. As someone who worked MANY years in the airline industry trust me if weather or mechanicals don't delay you the ground crew is more than capable of hitting any airplane and losing or pilfering your luggage. Fly in a day or two before as I have seen all these things countless times with some mighty pissed off people who did not have a cruise to catch. Forgot to mention add late or incomplete flight crew to the list. You have been warned.🙂
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