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  1. If you washed them before hand you will MINIMISE any disruption. If the border officers are of a mind to look at them they have the right and will exercise that right. If requiring cleaning they will take them away for cleaning and return them when complete. One should always when crossing the border anywhere be cognisant of bio security requirements of the country being visited. If you would want a visitor to your country to respect your bio security rules repay the favour and respect theirs. This is a cruise forum do you really need to take or wear heavy boots to Australia. It is nearly summer here now
  2. I have been following this thread and other cruising forums and can only find one passenger ( the OP ) who is unhappy with the Celebrity offer. With over 2600 passengers on board and only one grumpy pax I dont think that Celebrity senior staff are going to lose any sleep over the offer. There are risks associated with cruising hence whilst reading the small print in the T&Cs is most important as is having very good comprehensive travel insurance. I think it's time this thread was closed
  3. Your ship will most likely have shuttle buses that run from the ship into the city. The city stop is near Flinders ST station. To access the shuttle b you will as has been advised need a MYKI card. Below is a link to the Public transport people of Melbourne especially for cruise ship passengers https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/news-and-events/events/2019/10/10/public-transport-during-the-2019-2020-cruise-ship-season/
  4. There are a number of reasons for this: 1. The website is crap 2. The cruise may be full and no cabins are available 3. The cruise has been put on hold pending a possible itinerary change- This happening a lot lately with the revolutionizing of ships changing 4. The ship is being chartered and the cruise is cancelled. These are but 4 reasons but NO 1 is most likely
  5. Without putting a finer point on it, it is people like you who procrastinate after final payment date and end up not paying is why Celebrity brought in Non refundable deposits as a way of getting people to commit or pay a penalty
  6. That is not correct. I have taken homemade Christmas cake across the border in both New Zealand and Australia. Both cakes contained eggs and nuts. What I did do was declare them to border officials who had a look at them and waved me on. Bringing water across the border at both countries has also never been a problem. One must remember that in order to take any liquid through security prior to boarding an aircraft it must be less than 100ml and declared to security in a clear plastic bag. Water on a cruise ship is about as pure as water can be. Don't go looking for problems where there aren't any.
  7. I think Celebrity are trying to copy Air New Zealand our national airline who have a reputation for providing catchy safety videos, some of which have been great and some not so. Its an effort to draw peoples attention to an important part of travelling. By the comments on this thread it is working because where it has been shown it has been watched. Whether people liked it or not is not really the point. The point being the message
  8. The nzeta is purely a mechanism to collect the tourist levy. The few extra dollars are nothing more than the administration costs. Gee I wish some people wouldn't be so picky when an explanation as to what a NZ ETA is given. Before it was decided to institute a tourist levy there was no eta
  9. Whenever I get my invoice from Celebrity either direct or through a TA there are heaps of conditions attached to it. I assume that each T & C would be applicable to the part of the world the booking is made because conditions change depending upon where and how a booking is made. I would be very surprised that any refunds or offers due to a cancellation or other cause would not be in accordance with local regulations.
  10. An ETA is an Electronic Travel Authority, it is not a visa. All visitors to NZ in addition to any visa requirements are also required to get an ETA. The only exceptions are Australians. The ETA can be obtained via the NZ Government website or in some instances 3rd party authorised sites. If using the NZ govt site one pays just the ETA Fee but if using 3rd party authorised sites they clip the ticket and pass on your request to the govt. The ETA is a new phenomenon in NZ. It came into force in OCtober and is designed to pay for some of the tourist infrastructure costs currently met by locals. It can be likened to the bed or city tax that is common in Europe. A number of schemes were considered and an ETA was considered the simplest.
  11. Australia and New Zealand are first world countries and as far as food goes are equal with any country. Your brand of snack bar may not be available down under but if you go to your nearest supermarket you will find a large array of Gluten Free foods including snack bars that will meet your dietry requirements. Your condition is I suspect also suffered by many of us as well. I would sugets you bring just a few snack bars to cover the time until you can get to the supermarket. When you bring them across the border bring only unopened bars so that the officials should they so wish can inspect them . If you have opened a snack bar on the plane drop the unused portion in the amnesty bin. It just save a possibility of hassle by an overzealous border official and/or the beagle who will smell it. If the beagle stops you, you will have your bags checked. Always tick we have food on your arrival card.
  12. One can buy a 30 day sim card for around $NZ30. Typically is provides around 100 minutes of talk, a couple of gig of data and free txts. Txts are also free to receive. The companies offering this service are: Spark, 2 Degrees, Vodafone and Skinny. All four have websites and suggest you check out the websites to see what plan is best for you. They a "Travel sims" and are available at most supermarkets, the airport or possibly the cruise terminal. All four companies have retail outlets that one can also purchase a travel sim
  13. Customs are not in the business of preventing tourists looking after themselves. They are however in the business of protecting their respective country at the border. One should appreciate that what may be permissible in their own country may be restricted or banned in another. My suggestion is to make a list of all meds and items that one may have concerns about irrespective of what is on the website declare everything and if asked provide the list to the officer and make sure that the items on the list are easily accessible normally in ones carry on bearing in mind that no liquids over 100ml can be carried through airport security. When we go cruising we carry a substantial first aid kit with us with everything in that kit listed for inspection if required. We are fortunate being regular visitors to Australia we know what is permitted and what is not. What we were unaware of until recently was that if taking certain drugs like codeine to Thailand for example , whilst the drug is permitted one must get permission from authorities first before leaving. We visit Thailand regularly and always had codeine in our first aid kit. Now when we travel we will leave the codeine at home. Several years ago an Australian customs officer asked my wife what meds she had and she became somewhat flustered trying to remember what we had.. We got moved on relatively quickly but it reinforced us not to take border control officers for granted hence we now have a list .We have never been asked for the list since.
  14. If you have a drinks package every time you walk past a bar grab a bottle of water and store them in the fridge in your cabin if necessary.
  15. Downunder we are finding that TAs calling themselves so called "cruising experts". are generally anything but and for the small amount of savings one gets from them it is often not worth the saving if an issue develops and lately with cruise cancellations and rerouting it is better to deal direct with the cruise line. Our TAs get a 10% commission on the commissionable cruise fare which for a couple is around $NZ3000 on a longer cruise so the money they get is not substantial. We have currently managed to screw 40% of that off our TA but as I cruise more and more I am beginning to wonder is it worth dealing with someone who knows less than I do. When one is spending upward of $!0k on a holiday a $100 cruise discount is peanuts.for loss of control
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