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  1. Aus Traveller One cannot assume that a poster has done any research at all prior to asking their question, many of which have been answered many times on different threads if one chose to look through the previous threads. Some posters will do some research, some will do a lot and some will do nothing and expect others to do the work for them.
  2. My comments are even stronger for the above post. Only a country's immigration dept can be truly relied upon to determine whether or not a visa or ETA or ESTA or any other requirements are needed for access across the border. Principally because we don't have all the facts pertaining to a reason for a visa. An example is a citizen of one country may not need a visa to enter another country but if that person is not born in the country of which they are now a citizen, they may need one. The relationship between India and Pakistan is a case in point and Israeli passport holders going to certain Arab countries
  3. Experience dictates that this cannot be guaranteed. Conflicting advice only guarantees confusion and unnecessary stress
  4. When facing Visa concerns irrespective of which country one is from and irrespective of where one is going to asking questions pertaining to such visas on forums like this and Trip Advisor and other such forums is fraught with danger.. Correspondents on these forums are not immigration experts, nor are we authorised to comment on behalf of any government on immigration matters. If someone has an issue go to the immigration dept of the country involved. Most have detailed websites where the information can be obtained or at least a contact email address on the site. If one relies on advice given here and it is wrong caveat emptor
  5. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence via cruising forums of passengers having bought items with "International warranties" having difficulty getting these so called warranties. Watches, cameras are a couple of items where complaints have been received. I note on all Celebrity ships I have been on there is a trade through the shops of second hand Rolex watches. I have never bought one as the asking price was too rich for my blood but I did read the T & Cs and no warranties are provided. Here is NZ we allow Parallel importing of goods. These are goods legitimately purchased from authorised persons overseas and imported into the country. Not Counterfeit but the real item. The catch with these items is that the official licensee for these goods is not obliged to warrant the goods and should anything go wrong one has to go back to the importer. I am sure a similar circumstance operates with some cruise lines.
  6. WE didn't do the tour as we didn't have enogh time and my wife is somewhat claustrophobic. If one suffers from this condition this tour is not recommended
  7. Suggest the following if you want to bring on more than your two bottles. Put a bottle or two in each checked case. Carry additional bottles in your carry on. X normally use shore based security so the two never meet up. I normally put my wine in my checked luggage as its too heavy to carry around the ship. Never had to go to the naughty room yet. With around 86% of passengers having a drinks package of some description these days the days of rum smugglers is now pretty much non existant. One can now even get drinks packages of repositioning cruises
  8. Cruising from the Mediterranean through to Asia via the Suez Canal is now a common route for Celebrity ships. A question for those having done cruising through this area on Celebrity ships can you please advise what procedures Celebrity operates for on arrival visas. Do they embark immigration staff prior to arrival and it gets processed on board or do we have to queue up upon arrival thus delaying the start time of time ashore. I have written and asked this question of Celebrity and as is quite normal no response
  9. For an additional fee it is also possible to go down into the Crypts under St Peters
  10. Establish a very good relationship with one of the waitresses in Al Bacio and you never know what will result. We always do and always rewarded during the cruise just as she is at the end
  11. The full Vatican museum tour takes around 3 hours minimum
  12. Due a medical emergency we are having to reappraise our future cruises as well
  13. She has made the point on social media that she just wants to be referred to as Captain for the points that you raised but she has for some reason especially amongst women contributors been elevated to some demi god status purely on account that she is a woman. It should be noted that Celebrity also have women on their Galapagos ships as Captains but they just get on with the job. McClure has also not been backward in promoting her social media profile so it is a two way street. Get on with the job and drive ships or become a media personality. If the latter is prominent then a degree of flak some deserved and perhaps some not is going to flow in that direction. Being very photogenic improves her profile and the fact that she is an American also increases her profile. If one reads the comments about her nearly all are from women correspondents, perhaps that says something . I guess the words of the Tammy Wynette song have some truth about them : "sometimes its hard to be a woman."
  14. Someone will be starting a Kate for President campaign next
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