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  1. CrossBluePerchance

    Pullmantur Horizon - ship questions

    Sailed on the Horizon at least three times when it was CDF - for us it harks back to the days when 'ships were ships', love it!
  2. CrossBluePerchance

    Splash Parks in cold weather?

    "....Got a heater in my truck and I'm off to the rodeo.."
  3. Or, perhaps, in this instance, the desiccated driver?
  4. CrossBluePerchance

    Gibraltar and the wild monkeys.

  5. CrossBluePerchance

    Feeling a little guilty!

    It reduces the amount of sackcloth & ashes?
  6. Q: What do you call someone who graduates from medical school with the lowest marks in their year? A: Doctor.
  7. CrossBluePerchance

    Gibraltar and the wild monkeys.

    Actually...they're not apes, they're macaques, and they're monkeys. Oh, and the more troublesome among them were relocated to Scotland: http://www.scotlandnow.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/thirty-mischievous-monkeys-relocated-gibraltar-4443466
  8. CrossBluePerchance

    Cruising after Brexit.

    I thought that was a dead parrot?
  9. CrossBluePerchance

    Passport photo

    Just tell them that, if you have a floating head, it'll make it easier to find you should you jump overboard.
  10. CrossBluePerchance

    How to properly eat a scone?

    Dip the scone in the jam......toss it in the air, catch it in your mouth and swallow it whole. Repeat with cream. Bow to applause from the dining room.
  11. CrossBluePerchance

    Worried about length of cruise

    Oh, oh...he's obviously evaluating your decision making abilities; if he keeps taking notes and going "Hmmm", watch out!
  12. CrossBluePerchance

    Hand sanitiser aversion

    Interesting, thanks. We are both 'A' Negative...which, in this instance, might be a positive.
  13. CrossBluePerchance

    Hand sanitiser aversion

    Is that primarily statistical, since 'O' neg/pos make up ~ 44% of people, while the other types are less common?
  14. CrossBluePerchance

    What happened to all the tv channels?

    One of the things I really LOVE about ship travel is the ability to watch TV. :D
  15. CrossBluePerchance

    Managing travel documentation

    Further to previous observations.....five years ago we were delayed for 6+ hours at Heathrow Airport, (we were among the lucky ones, some were forced to overnight), on our way to Prague from Toronto. Turns out, despite the implausible 'explanations' offered, the delay was due to, (thankfully unsubstantiated), terror concerns; we arrived in Prague late, but the city hadn't sailed without us. Ships? Not so much.