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  1. I'd say not for awhile. Odyssey hasn't even opened for booking and that's due in Fall 2020. Oasis 5 isn't due until February 2021.
  2. How can we board the ship if Royal doesn't even own it??
  3. LLOYD!!! Usually I love your posts. But now I’m quite stressed out. Can you get any further info as what this means for those of us on the inaugural sailing out of Barcelona on April 18?
  4. The lady at Next Cruise seemed to think so.... 🤔 But I want to know when the TA will be and what she’s doing in Europe before!
  5. I'm onboard Jewel right now and asked at Next Cruise if she'd heard any whispers....she said she heard maybe things would be loaded up tonight and ready to go tomorrow. Fingers crossed as it's our last day tomorrow and I've got an appointment booked just in case!
  6. I’m already booked on the Anthem TA in 2020 but will definitely jump ship for Odyssey!!
  7. And Lloyd has obliged: 🙂 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2630232-odyssey-of-the-seas/?tab=comments#comment-56692540
  8. Hi Lloyd, Thanks so much for all your updates and photos. Do you have any information about the restaurants that will be onboard? Somewhere I read that there will be an Asian restaurant called Sichuan Red and something new with Wonderland called Dadong. Can you confirm any of this? Thanks!
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