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  1. Our cabin is on deck 11 adjacent to the Grill Terrace. I'm hoping it is open to all, but the "Grill" implies it might have a reserved status. Will I be able to sun there?
  2. My wife will love the library since it has quite a bit large selection than other ships.
  3. I assume the theater areas at night might seem more crowded. Am I wrong to think there are plentiful and uncrowded lounges to have a beverage and listen to live music?
  4. I have seen those game tables and also some seats with small drink tables with that water level view. We love sea days. I love BIG waves and storms. I am so hoping for a few such days TA to sit there and wonder at the might of nature. We are booked in a deck 11 balcony, the last such room before the deck 11 rear deck. I hope to view the fyjods from there. This is a bucket list 50th anniversary gift to ourselves.
  5. We are booked for a double TA and Fyjods cruise next August. With luck and a Vaccine we suspect we will enjoy the QM2. This will be our first Cunard cruise. As we have viewed YouTube QM2 videos it seems that there are never crowds during the day. Also, the pools never seem too crowded. We have read that passenger size vs public spaces is why it looks less crowded. What are your experiences? Is there always a quiet nook to hang out at? Is that covered pool uncrowded? Also, should we assume the outdoor pool will be heat by just the sun?
  6. I thought Cunard was a Carnivalised line? Or do I have the ownership wrong?
  7. By the way... are the pools and hot tubs closed after 6pm? Will I be able to walk from hot tub to my cabin in swim trunks?
  8. Jesus! As OP I just wanted to think about what I might pack so as to fit in. I did tweak noses a bit. But this has evolved quite a bit since then. Carnivalised? I will enjoy my cruise. QM2 is not my destination, it is my ride. I'm glad my cabin is aft and near hot tubs and pools!
  9. I like being in torn jeans and graphic t-shirts after 6pm. Nothing class based about it.
  10. These premium penthouse, suite, and Jr. suite with exclusive dining and facilities were spreading across all CL new builds. That does not bother me. I actually like that there is only one cash added Restaurants. There are other CL with new divided class facilities and associated exclusive dining. I'll adapt. As long as there are pools and hot tubs and an open ocean view I'll survive.
  11. Most CL seen to have gone to premium added restaurants. The one cruise we had on RLC they had dinner in the buffet area with table cloths and drink service. We thought that was nice. Supper premium areas were making their appearance on other lines. I know there are the Queens and Prince categories and they have separate dining rooms. Are their any lounges reserved for them?
  12. Not your dressing up. Requiring that all others must follow your lead.
  13. Nah! Frankly I get the sentiment. I understand that for many, this is their chance to put on the Rizt which is not their normal atire. Cunard for them is a bit like an upscale Holiday Camp. I hate the idea that I may need to have a couple of sports jackets [Tweed I suppose], a 3 pieces suit, a recently purchased used tux, and me normal 2 suit quality vests and a fist full of ties. I'm intrigued by the notion that there is a class of cruisers self identified as Cunarders.
  14. But I might. The costume expectations are, imnho, classism. To express, "One not able to conform to these standards is not desirable company." is classist. I'm the same person n in t-shirt and jeans as I am in a tux.
  15. I'll be 72 she 70. This will be our 50th. I am not one of those that have saved each cruise like a knotch, but we have 15+ cruises to our credit. 2 TA. A Hawaii TP. Several 10+ day cruies. This will be our first Cunard cruise. As noted, we know what to expect, mostly. My OP was mostly about how to pack. On other cruise line I pack a suit, two dress slacks, and 2 suit quality vests. Only once did I rent a tux, and that was for my first cruise. I guess at heart I am a "punter". We selected this cruise for the double TA and the bucket list cruininf thr fyjods. Cunard
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