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  1. If I lose weight on the cruise, do I get cash back?
  2. We will also be on the April 28 cruise. Have done several out of NO. We usually stay on the outskirts the night before and hit the quarter. Hotels downtown are pretty pricey and we'd rather get away from the downtown area. It's pretty easy to get to the cruise ports from about anywhere.
  3. I'm booked on the cruise the week before or I'd be interested. Too bad for me. Good luck with your cancer treatment. I'm a colon big C survivor myself.
  4. Was there last week. Didn't see a platform but the snorkeling was amazing and the young guy who took us out was great. I would go back today if I could.
  5. Just got off the Jewel this morning with an obstructed view cabin 8092. It was fine and you did have some view from the window and plenty of light during the day. I would take it again. Close to elevators but never heard any noise at all.
  6. We will be in the room next door in 2 weeks. Sounds like you had a great time. We are looking forward to it.
  7. Google or Ebay: Diversion cans or diversion safe.
  8. Breakfast is my favorite meal. Where is the best place to have a big breakfast.
  9. Do you get a better rate for sleeping 4 in your cabin than getting 2 cabins with 2 in each cabin and how much different is it?
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