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  1. You are so right about the Windjammer. We were on the Yankee Clipper in 1982, Antigua. Jimmy Buffet came up on the beach and played his guitar sitting in the sand. I suggested Amazing Grace for the motor yachts instead of 1492 but it never happened.
  2. It always puts tears in my eyes. Not quite the same on the motor yachts but still beautiful. We actually watched the 1992 movie "Conquest of Paradise " on Amazon this year. One of the worst written, acted, and produced movies ever but great music! It was a rainy day!
  3. We were on Surf in Greece this summer and had a tandem sailaway with the Star. It was so much fun, passengers waving from the two ships, 1492 playing on both ships and a beautiful day.
  4. We're boarding Saturday and will post as soon as we find some wifi.
  5. If you bring it to Amphora there is a corkage fee. If you open it in your room and drink it in your room, nothing. I would not pour a glass of wine and bring it to Amphora to avoid the fee. That's just me.
  6. The only thing that you will pay for in the gym or salon are personal services. The rest is free. We have brought bottles of wine on in just about every port where the wine is interesting. The wine on board is well priced so unless in a great wine region or there is something unusual that we run into, we jus order onboard.
  7. Thanks for posting. Looks lovely!
  8. Thanks. Yes there has always been a seating area but it looks like it's configured differently.
  9. The outdoor restaurant is Candles and on the Surf, gorgeous outdoor dining. Have personally encountered chair hog once in 20 plus sailings. We walk the deck. Never have liked treadmills. They seem very pointless to me when I can walk in the beautiful fresh sea air. The sails are up when the wind is right to help, not impede, forward speed and navigation. The people on the bridge can explain this to anyone who chooses to spend some time up there. If people want to do jigsaw puzzles it probably relaxes them. I try to not be judgemental about what people do on their holidays. If I sit in a corner and read all day it's really none of anyone else's concern. We all have different expectations on our cruises. I'm sorry yours were not met. Not every cruise line is meant for every person. There are some that sound like horror shows to me which is why I am content to keep coming back to a really lovely sailing ship.
  10. We will be boarding on 1/18 and staying on until 2/10. We spent a month on the Surf in August and it was wonderful. I imagine anyone could take a photo of something bad on any ship. We use the gym every day and have never had a problem with broken equipment. The food is consistently great, the crew wonderful. The Capt was the same as this cruise and he is fully competent which is all we care about. There is always someone who focuses on a few negatives. We prefer the 98% positive and are looking forward to next Saturday. Windstar has never disappointed us and we have been lucky enough to make several life long friends on our journeys.
  11. Why don't you call Windstar tomorrow and see if you can book into their precruise hotel. And ask them if they have any updates for you. If you used a TA ask them to do it for you. I don't think this group can do much for you but Windstar can certainly help.
  12. Thanks. He was our captain in Greece this summer.
  13. Who was the captain and do you know if he was getting ready to get off or had just come on? They usually switch around the first or second week of the year.
  14. Call Windstar and select the option for already booked. The person you talk to will be able to attach your requests for bed configuration to your information and it will be sent to the ship. I pack personal bathroom items in my checked luggage which allows more than the 3.4 oz TSA limits. Any particular requests must be sent to the ship 7 days in advance so you should do this sooner than later. There is actually a link embedded with the travel documents email that will allow you to do this but I think it's easier to call. Library hit or miss. Depends on who was there before or after you. I've read some interesting books onboard that I never would have selected in a store. Umbrellas in suites and available at reception. Binoculars furnished in the large suites, not the regular suites. Hair dryer ok. I prefer a travel dryer that I take everywhere. Outlets are both voltages. Plug converters available at reception but not voltage converters. There is an outlet next to the bed in regular suite. It is hidden two prong Euro. Your cabin steward can show you where. In the big suites outlets available pretty much all over. Tea is Twinings. I would bring my own decaf as it's easy to pack and they have limited supplies and there might be lots of decaf drinkers. Superbowl will not be available. They have a very limited TV service package. My "tip" is relax and enjoy and don't spend your cruise comparing it to another line. Each one is a different experience and there will be some things you like more and some you will like less. The crew will do anything and everything to make you happy and that is the true joy of Windstar.
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