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  1. Elvisfans

    11/29-12/9/2018 Divina Cruise Dailies

    Thanks so much for posting, TnTom. We've never been on MSC and were wondering what activities were on offer. Seems similar to what we've experienced on other lines. Looming forward to meeting you all.
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  3. Elvisfans

    hot baths/spa?

    I , too have the same question re which is better. sorry I can't help. But I have my own question. What do you do with your stuff while you're bathing? My wife and I would like to bathe together but are worried aboutr someone making off with our stuff ( yes, we're from NY :-( )
  4. Elvisfans

    Packing Tips - From a man's perspective

    Thanks for the post, we're leaving in 2 weeks and I've been losing sleep over what to pack. Steve